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Reid: My God, you’re relentless.

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News and Updates | 23 November 2010

Wow! Eric Sheffer Stevens in TV Guide Canada poll!

Okay, now is the time I start jumping up and down and lamenting why oh why each show is only allowed one nominee for awards – keep an ear out for me – I’ll be the one weeping when Eric, Van Hansis, and Trent Dawson are duking it out (among voters, of course! not with each other!) for Supporting Actor Emmy pre-noms.

On today’s TV Guide Canada Soaps home page there’s a poll on the left hand side if you scroll down a bit that asks: “Who should name Entertainer of the Year?” TV Guide Canada polls last a week and generally disappear from the home page without fanfare, so check in frequently for updates. The candidates are:

  • Katherine Kelly Lang, ‘B&B’
  • Crystal Chappell, ‘Venice’
  • James Scott, ‘Days’
  • Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo, ‘GH’
  • Melody Thomas Scott, ‘Y&R’
  • Eric Sheffer Stevens, ‘World Turns’
  • Michelle Stafford, ‘Y&R’
  • Bradley Bell, ‘B&B’
  • Susan Flannery, ‘B&B’
  • James Franco, ‘GH’

Oh. I take it back – I just looked at the list more closely as I was formatting it above. Y&R and B&B both have two names on the list.  @#$%@#ing list-makers – how could they leave Van off?  Time to go tweet Nelson Branco @SudsReport.

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