Reid: Hank.
Henry: You’re smiling. You never smile. What’s the matter with you?
Reid: You tried to make trouble for me, Hank. You shouldn’t have done that.
Henry: Me, make trouble for you? I don’t know what you’re talking about.

— Reid and Henry

News and Updates | 24 November 2010

  • Eric makes TV Guide Canada’s list of “hottest newcomers
  • Eric and Jenny send their thanks for the fan support in this weekend’s charity run to benefit God’s Love We Deliver
  • Van NOT confirmed for RTL event in Holland in January

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Nelson Branco has been busy these last few days in his campaign to be frontrunner as ESS’s biggest supporter in the press. Following on the heels of putting Eric on TV Guide Canada’s “entertainer of the year” poll (Eric currently in 4th place at about 7-8% behind the heavy hitters), today’s home page features a new list of the year’s “hottest newcomers” and a photo of ESS.

In the intro, Nelson writes:

…soaps did manage to find a few standout, promising newcomers that caught our attention this past year. From World Turns’s mind-blowing Eric Sheffer Stevens to General Hospital’s emergency recast Chad Duell, presents the best new additions.

To get to Eric’s listing, you can click through every one else (a lot of young guys), or you can just click here.

In the meantime, following this past weekend’s race to benefit God’s Love We Deliver, Eric and Jenny have converted her individual runner page into a donation page for Team Sheffer Stevens. On it, they wrote:

Thanks so much to all who have supported us in The Race to Deliver! God’s Love We Deliver is a unique, beautiful and very important charity. Your contribution is deeply appreciated by our team, and more importantly, by those who will continue to receive delicious, healthy meals because you gave. In this season of Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all we have, and are reminded how crucial it is to share with those in need. It was a GORGEOUS sunny, crisp, Fall morning in Central Park, where the trees are still glowing crimson, orange, and gold. As always – our family had a great day at the races! And remember – There is still time to donate! Thanks again – Eric, Jenny and the kids.

Last, contrary to widespread posts (I’ve seen them on forum, LRO, and multiple FB forums), Van posted on his Facebook earlier this evening:

happy day before thanksgiving, everyone! i am not sure if i am attending the event in the netherlands in january, when i know i will let you all know

Hope he can make it! This is in reference to an ATWT fan event in Utrecht scheduled for January 2011. Confirmed guests included Martha Byrne, Elizabeth Hubbard, and Billy Magnussen. For more information, visit:

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