Katie: I hate that I lost Brad. I hate it so much. So if I can be tougher and meaner and — I’m gonna do what you do.
Reid: Become a brilliant neurosurgeon?
Katie: I’m gonna use my grief to fight for Brad’s daughter, and I’m gonna win.

— Katie and Reid

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Interview Liveblog | Van Hansis on BlazinRy (BlogTalkRadio), 7 December 2010

Here’s the link to download the podcast version from iTunes. Or you can listen on this embedded player: Listen to internet radio with BlazinRy Radio on Blog Talk Radio   A complete pseudo transcript (unedited, full of typos, and created listening through only once) follows.

News and Updates | 7 December 2010

News Flash! The organizers of the ATWT in the Netherlands event have posted via Twitter and Facebook (in English no less!) that Van Hansis and Paolo Seganti are confirmed attending the January event in Utrecht.  Woot woot! From Facebook: ATWT live in NL For English people: Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi) and Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) […]

News and Updates | 6 December 2010

The top story today is a reminder to tune in for Van Hansis’s interview with Ryan Holmes of BlogTalkRadio’s BlazinRy tomorrow night at 8 PM EST. listen live and join the fun by calling in if you can via (917) 388-4131. I’ll liveblog it, assuming I’m awake (it’ll be 1 AM local time here!). I […]

FanFic Update | Simple Gifts Chapter 28: Shreve, Crump & Low

Luke receives a mysterious package… Chapter 28: Shreve Crump & Low In case you want to start from the previous chapter, you can find that here: Chapter 25: Deal Chapter 26: One New Message Chapter 27: Where Does it Hurt? If you want the complete Cliff Notes, spoilers for Chapters 1-27 contained below: [spoiler]The entire […]

Transcript | 3 March 2010

Despite Henry’s protests, Luke’s testimony convinces the judge to dismiss the charges against Reid, so he is free to leave. Bob asks what would be necessary to get Reid to stay and he rattles off a list including a “state-of-the-art neuro facility.” Bob wishes they had more money and Katie puts two and two together […]