If Jacob’s sister needs a bone-marrow transplant, then she needs one now. You wringing your hands and dreaming up worst-case scenarios — it just wastes time.

— Reid (to Katie)

Interview Liveblog | Van Hansis on BlazinRy (BlogTalkRadio), 7 December 2010

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A complete pseudo transcript (unedited, full of typos, and created listening through only once) follows.

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What a treat! I’m looking forward to liveblogging Van for a change! Assuming I’m awake and cogent, I’ll be back tonight….Everybody, enjoy!

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Once again, Ryan’s interviewee is one of Today’s Picks (see the picture in the right column below). Of course!


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Michael Fairman has picked up on the interview as well…

8 Dec 6.51am GMT/1.51 am EST

Oh, bleep.  Sorry, folks. Exhaustion won last night. As my penance, I’ll do a real transcript this morning….

9 Dec 3.50am GMT/10.50pm EST

Okay, I lied. This is more like a liveblog than a transcript. This was done listening through the interview once, so there are once again a million typos. But I will correct them at some point. Again, it captures about 90% of the responses and most questions this time as well. Enjoy!

Welcome to Blazin Ry radio it’s Tuesday December 7th.

You know him from the new film Occupant as well as Luke from ATWT. That’s right – you know him, you love him – Van Hansis. Here we go!

[theme music, I think, plays – where’s my Podcast when I need it?]

All right, what’s going on everyone? Thanks everyone for tweeting me an dmessaging me all your questions for Van. Much appreciated.

Thanks for joining us in the

over 100 users so far and we’re just in the first minute of the show. Don’t miss your plane today, Nicky.

Wnat to give everyone a shout-out – to Norway and the Netherlands and Brazil and in the United Kingdom, and where else, in California. Now that he’s in Los Angeles. My friends in New York…., Florida and Texas.


I’m really excited for Van. So, let’s see, I wanted to start, while I have your attention, I wanted to start a BlazinRy contest.

At the place wehre I work

I want to start his “prank Jilly” contest….

What people have been doing is downloading songs onto his phone and putting it in o

The first song that they chose was "”Barbie Girl” by Aqua.

That was great. The next one was what do you call it, Backstreet Boys. “Tell me why…” and it was hilarious. ….I said, Mmm Bop by Hanson should be your next song. So here’s the contest: anyone who wants to send ridiculous songs that will embarrass my co-worker will win a paper towel signed by Jason…

Tweet me at BlazinRy – the songs that you want me to hear go off in my office. [5 minutes have elapsed already]

Nadine said she will find a stupid song. Yes, excited.

This is exciting.

The day that we had Eric Sheffer stevens on, I went to pick up my dry clenaing, I said to the lady at hte dry cleaning. There wer eso many clothes that I brought in I had to take two trips.

She goes – diames – apparently “two old people to help me pick up my dry cleaning….” We ar enow joined by Van Hansis [6:20]




The switchboard is lighting up like crazy

Oh wow.

VH: I thought I was hearing my voice – wait, is that me from an earlier interview because it sounded like me to me

RH: People have been tweeting.

VH: I don’t think it’s twatting. I think you can get into some very bad terminology with that one….I’m not on twitter. If i were to be in it I would gcall it tweeting.

RH: People were tweeting me constnatly

VH: Really? That’s very very kind.

RH: Somebody tweeted at me

VH: Yeah, I think that’s the terminology

RH: Somebody tweeted can you get Van to start tweeting

VH: I don’t think so, honestly. I think that I don’t know what I would hav eto tweet to be honest with you. I think there’s enough inrows in the internet with Facebook and everybody seems to know …maybe down the line.l As for now I’m going to be tweet-free.

RH: Are you aware you have one of the coolest sounding names ont he plaent.

VH: It’s a unique name. In elementary school and high school it wasn’t the best name to have. Even now – you sound pretentious…I played soccer “Van Gogh” Van Helsing. Van Halen. I’m Van (liek the car or the shoe, or Van Halen). People always think it’s Dan. It’s a small price to pay for having one oof the coolest names int he world.

RH: I wasn’t aware that Van Gogh played soccer.

VH: Also, it’s 14 year olds so they’re not exactly known fo rtheir wit

RH: Running after a

VH: You know, I did cut my ear off playing soccer once. That’s a lie.

VH: I slammed into the goal post once and hurt my head but I kept my earis intact.

RH: I hear tha tyou’re in a creepy thriller.

VH: I think that it’s going to ber eally really cool. I talked to one of the producers about a week or two ago. It’s getting its final tweaks 0- not to be confused with tweets – it’s getting itsf inal tweaks done in editing and they’re adding some special effects…it looks fantastic! Once they get eveyrthing finally edited and ready to go….festival circuit. Unfortunatelym because we want to make sure the product is as good as it can be for this year we missed a lot of the deadlines….best possible version rather than just getting it all done ot make the deadline. Hopefully…I will put anything on FB that I hear.  Hopefuly soon it will be in some feativals.

RH: I know your fans are clamoring to see it.

VH: It’s exciting.

RH: Did you make it a point to dosomething diffferent.

VH: When I was working on the soap it was always improtna tto me to do other stufff. I loved being on the sopa. Soaps work a certain set of muscles acting-wissse and there’s so much that needs exercise….so I would always try to do other stuff while I was doing the soap. As far as ….I love the genre so doing one was a dream come true for me but it’s not somethign that I soiught out – you audition for whatever. It’s like whatever kind of respoinse you get kind of dictates where you go. I would have done a movie about being on a soap. I was exicted to do a film b/c I’ve never done a film. So I was excited to see how that part of the industry work.s

RH: We had Amarica Del ____ – big slasher star. When you’re doinga horror film, does it cause you to be more scared of things in real life.

VH: For me, I always try to keep a distance between myself and whatever I’m playing. Wehenver you’re going through those emotions, you…healthy way…circumstances warrant …tricky line to not completely freak yourself out but to make feeelings look real and honest. It messed me up a little bit mentally for a few weeks, but that also could have been because I was just SO busy. I literally shot for 12 hours a day ont he omjvie and right when that was done I had to make up all the work I missed on ATWT. In one week I had to do 4 weeks of stuff on the soap I had to do. By the end of eveyrthing I had worn myself out. That being said, I wouddn’t trade that expereience at ll.

RH: I just learned alst night that you did a show called Dance Dance Revolution….What I’m imagining is 57….playing a vifdeo game anbd cursing at the audienc.

VH: That’s close. It was a nmusical. 57 actors dancing, and doing songs and cursing at the audience.

RH: giggles

VH: It was DSO much fun. The guy who directed that, the company that put it on, Alex Timber is a buddy of mine. He now has two shows on Broadway – the Pee Wee Herman show and Bloddy Bloddy andrew Jackson. I saw BBAJ years ago – I urge anyboyd to go see those shows.

RH: I’m in NY and a lot of my friends have seenb both shows and they’ve all said positive things. That sounds like

VH: No, I’m teririble

RH: But you were in a musical

VH: I can chek that off my list. I’m really a bad singer. But I was in a musical. I think I got a little tougher skin. I’m terrified of it. Being put in a musical. I had my own song that I had to sing. I’m proud that I did it. I probably will never have a chance to do that again because most people don’t want bad singers….and I’m glad that I’ll never have to sing in public again. Never say never, though.

VH: A couple years into being otn the soap one of the producers called me up and asked me if I could sing. Not evena  little bit? No. Luke wa sNOT going to start singing.You could leave that to Jack or Martha. They can sing. But me? Mmm mmm.

I started in music theater and stuff. It was juts realy fun. It was just something taht I fell into and kept going into ti.

RH: You played a gargoyle.

VH: Yeah, I would love to play a gargoyle. But now with all these vampires and gargoyles, I’m going to put my money on gargyoles. I’ll be leadaing that charge.

RH: I can’t imagine gargoles being this sexy?

VH: Hollywood has this way of mturning everything sexy so I’m sure they coudl find a way…when they turn into people they’re sexy people.

RH: You went to a HS that specialized in the arts. Can you share one of your favorite memories or favorite plays.

VH: I did the Seagull when I was there which was the first Chekhov…most of us didn’t even know who Chekhov was…I was one of the leads in that and that was really awesome. Granted I was also 17 years old so I didn’t really know what I was doing. But being at such a specialized HS my HS experience was so different. There were no sports, there were no clubs. In the morning it was academics and int he afternoon we would split up and do …arts. A third of our student body was international students. Itw as a very differnet school than what normal HS does. FFor me it was such an important place to be at tha ttime. The friendships that I made and the mentors that I studeidd under. On eof the drama directors….outside of my parents had the most infouence on me in my entire life…Everybody’s there to pursue the same thing that you’re there to pursue…Really unique fllavor. I really enjoyed it.

RH: I heard you talk about that’s how you learned to trust yourself as an actor. Doing Chekhov as a 17-year-old has to be incredibly difficult.

VH: As you get older, I think activin becomes easier. When you’res 17 an your charafcter is going to shoot himself, hoepfully you don’t have the reservoir to get to those emotions as capably as someone who’s in their 20s or 30s or 40s who has lived thru terrible times nad great times. As you get older, you’re able to tap into other things. At 17 I couldn’t really tap into what my character was going through. So you had to really dig. And I thinkt hat’s what I was talking about. It wa sa huge =challenge. and a challenge I wasn’t fully capable of meeting so I had to find othre ways of doing that.

RH: Did you have any tricks? [25:00]

VH: Not anything that I really remember. But one thing that I had to really focus on…It’s not about the product. Luke’s breaking down crying. What if I’m NOT breaking down crying and I can’t focus on the outcome. Ont ehsoap it wasn’t really a problem….really going through what Luke was going through. But if you focus ont he result you’re gonna be in your headyou’re gonna mess yourself up. Trust my process.

RH: That’s really interesting. There were ….James Franco….GH…context…do I have to be a soap opera actor….everything that happens aroudn your character.

VH: I don’t think there’s a thing as a soap opera actor. There are actors wh ohappen to be cast in soaps. Different muscles are necessary fo rht different genres. I was ignorant about this. When I started, I thought soap actors are really dramatic and they like to look at each other….but you’ve got to find a way to fill that so it doesn’t look like you’re just staring at someone for no reason. Whatever cirucmstances your characters are in…soap circumstances are often very very hyped. There’s a style, but it’s not a style of acting. It’s a style to handle the scirpt. Sitcoms are very very stylzed. But the best actors manage to transcend whatever genre they’re in and show you the honesty of hte genre they’re in whether it’s a soap opera….

RH: Like making out with your grandmother’s husband.

VH: You gotta find the humanity in it. Even though most people aren’t gonna be making out with their grandmother’s husband… You gotta make them understand why your character would.

RH: You did that and made it believeable so kudos to you.

VH:L Thank yo.

RH: Before you were cast on ATWT and became aprt of one of the most talked-about soap stories in history…violent….fightsthat break out every day with Rosie and the other one….lot of negative energy.

VH: It wasn’t the best experience in the world, I’ll tesll you that. It was a reality show. Most people who auditioned for that – you submit something online. It wa sa really dead week and pilots had wrapped up. And my agent called me up – and I was like, sure, hll, I’ll do it. So I went to the producers and did some soap opera scenes and I had to go back the nexst day ant hey would bring you up – I was the hsortest guy an dthe least well built and Iyou had to say why you wanted ot be a soap star and I don’t think I said anything b/c at that point I don’t think I wanted to be asoap star. I got cut pretty quickly. It was ane xperience. Chalk that one up to a strange afternoon of my life. So I got cut and then like within six months I was actually on soaps so that was kind of funny.

RH: I AM A SOAP STAR. Spekaing of that, let’s talk about that a little bit. Jake regreted that he never pulled a prank on you liek taking a agralic tablet before a scene,.

VH: I thought he always did that! Is there something that you wish. I don’t really play pranks in my day to day life. I can’t think of a time I really pulled a prank on anybody. I guess I”m boring. I never really wanted to pull pranks on anybody. The distractingstuff is that somebody will start laughting then I’ll start laughing. There’s a term for it when you can’t stop laughing when you know you’re not supposed ot be laughing and you know nhobody thinks it’s funny but you. The producers’ probably in the booth mad at you b/c you  …the bad thing is I like that feeling…great feelign to get swept up in somebody else’s energy. Jake and I had days like that….usually outlandish things.

RH: Right now in amaginary-land, what do you think Luke is doing?

VH: Probably whining about somehting. I dunno. I hope that he’s got the foundation going. Maybe he and Noah are talking. I dunno. It’s been lik e3 moths. I’m sure lots of dramatic stuff has happened in Oakdale. Maybe Lily and Holden got divorced and back together. I hope he’s happy.

RH: Do you think that somewhere down the line that LUke and Noah would be back together again.

VH:> Yeah, I think so. Or very good friends, btu I think they will be in each other’s life forever.

RH: Before the Rock the Soap Cruise….Mexico….debauchery.

VH: We didn’t actually ahave  a beach paryt. Jake and I went out and got tacos and then wen tback tot he boat. We were probably on mexican soil for like an hour total. So sorry. No deabuchery. No fun (just like Dallas).

I don’t think we even got a beer or anything. We just got tacos, and Mexican sodas. We’re wild and crazy guys. I’m not even gonna try.

RH: So you had to play a drunken Luke – did you have to do a lot of research for this storyline.

VH: Oh, I’ve done research my whole life for that storyline….If I was drunk, not for Luke, but I woiuld think for other things….you kind of hijack your life. I remember years ago I was crying about something and I ran to look at myself – what does this look like – it’s borderline unhealthy behavior. Rather than getting drunk, I read about what other actors do. It’s so easy to play drunk badly. SI rip off the technique. Soebody, i forget who, they were in a play – they just pretended that their character didn’t have any bones. THat’s kind of what I did b/c it gave a really cool physical – if you can think it you can kind of physicalize it. Also when I’d go out with friends, I would NOT be drunk and pretend to be drunk and see if htey would think I was drunk or just __ing around. And that would work. It was an amalgamation of different things to get to drunken Luke. If I had my way he woiuld be drunk all the time b/c he was fun…definitely more fun to play that. And he could definitely be very mean, but I liked playing him when he was wrong. When I dissagreed with his point of view. In a way I had to play him – I couldn’t condescend to that character. I had to say I see how he could be right in that and play it.

RH: You were nominated for 3 dt emmies…bigest storeis of all times…affected a lot of peoples lives, favorite memories? What was the whole thing like?

VH: Huge. I was there for 5  years. It’s like how any time you’re in a situation for an extended period of time, that situation…what else will I be doing…I have so many fantastic memories. There are just too many to even begint o pull one out of a hat.

RH: Been friends with Jake for a decade – went to colelge together. We were in the same drama dept.

VH: I didn’t know that. Wow.

RH: So when I heard that he was going to be on a soap I thoguth I’ gotta watch. And then when I heard the story

You did an amazing job – it was really important to have a character like Luke on for a long time and I’m really glad you paid him.

VH: Thank you very very much. I was so proud to hvae played him.

RH: So this is going to be the shortest edition of hot or hot mess so your fans don’t kill me.

VH: And hot is good and hot mess is bad?

[hot mess theme?]

VH: was that just the intro music  or do I say hot or hot mess to that?….No comment.

[Ethel Merman impression – there’s no business like show business]

VH: Wow. I guess that’s hot. I dunno. That’s pretty cool – I couldn’t do that.

[someone’s Rip Torn impression – somebody owes me a martini]

VH: I’m gonna say hot again b/c it sounds like Rip Torn to me.

[???] 43:33

VH: I think I might be too nic eor somethign so I’m gonna say hot again. also who am I to say if other people’s impressions are good or bad….I’m not gonna do any right now.

[Jake and Ryan singing]

VH: Oh, oh boy. It’s all hot. It’s good….I’m working on my niceness.

RH: Now let’s open up the BlazinRy mailbag. ClubCar Ambush – also Lovelure on FB.

VH: Some friends of mine were startgin up this kind of production group to do some cabarets, I dunno, other types of theater things. I guess they shot a series …had some of their friends shoot little videos…The one I shot they decided not to use…a year later it got on the internet a couple of months ago. It’s not a very interesting story.

RH: From shannon on twitter. She askes – what is your favortite movie you’ve been to?

VH: Like int he movei theathers? I resaw the Graduate. That’s probably my favorite movie.  I hadn’t seen it i nabout 4-5 years and I was astounded by it.

RH: This is fro VHDaley on twitter. is there a role that you wish you could have played that would have been perfrect for you.

VH: That must be arole that somebody else is playing or that I might be too old for now. You know, I don’t know. I can’t think of any off teh top o fmy head. I kind of think this career is abotu the journey, the steps that connect tothe other things you ‘ve done. Whatever role I play….a lot of roles in my mind I would hav ebeen great at….didn’t happen or I’m too young or too old….I wouldn’t say there’s anything I’d be perfect for.

RH": Naomi from Scotland – balck band aroudn your wrist. Holland?

VH: I’m going to Holland for an ATWT event in the middle of January. Martha, Billy, Marnie, paolo, Liz Hubbard…awseome. Very excited. The band – I started wearing years ago – in my mind – living in NY if you look on the ground but nobody really looks for them then I started actively looking for them…it became a metaphor for actively seeking out what you’re looking for – what you want. It’s a way for me to….I dont’r eally do it so much nay more. I still believe it…what you want to find.

RH: We have a ton of people who want to talk to you. Talk tot hem?

VH: Of course.

440: Stephanie from Cleveland. I’m gonna try to make it fast b/c everyone in chat is freaking out. Hysterical.

VH: I haven’t seen it. It was the same thing with CCAmbush. I shot that either right as or right before ATWT. It was a student film that I shot….fiveyears…now it’s online. It was fun. I really enjoyed shooting it. I should watch it. I will watch it. I did it about the same time as I did Time Machine. I did a bunch of stuff to get a reel before I got ATWT. Did it over a weekend or week. The place we shot at, last year, I went to a restaurnat that a friend of mine worked at …turned into this restaurant. Weird deja vu.

440: It’s posted on your FB

VH: I saw it and I was like “Id dunno if I want to watch this now.”

440: I’m in finals week. Hsyteriacal. I’m a gender studies major. My friend Lindsay wasn’t abel to call in and asked if you would ever work w Eric again

VH: I woiudl work with him again in a heartbeat. We haven’t really kept in touch. We email a little bit but I would work again with Eric in a heartbeat.

440-: shout out to her?

VH: Hi Lindsay, this is Van and I’m giving you a houtout.

RH: W ewill stay on the line until Van has to go.

?201: Hi. I just want to tellyou how much I appreciated journey with Luke….every day is hilarious (?) I just want to see you do something totally different maybe something dark a serial killer.

VH: Occupant is very different

201: Woiudl you be willing to do a serial killer?

VH: Yeah! Of course! IU hope at some poitn to do a serial killer….People say I look like that guy (Dexter?) so maybe I coudl be the brother.

201: What would your ideal role be. What genre woudl you like to go into.

VH: At this point right now…it always changes…my genre is whatever genre I haven’t explroed in a long time. Right now that would be comedy.

201: Thank you.

VH: My pleasure. Thank you very much.

RH: This caller has been

NYC: This is Jackson from Annapolis (bad accent). I’m in NY now but I’m orignally from Annapolis. I had a question about Occupant. Can I ask it. I don’t even know what the question is….When you were filming it, did they put cameras all around like they did….you know….all black and white on that home video camera like paranormal activity….was it

VH: Is this Jake? Is that Jake?

JS: Did you really know it was me?

VH: Yeah, dude.…..I didn’t know whether to be rude. How ARE you? At one point I was like, this sounds like Jake, then I was like I dunno.

JS: You got me

VH: Did you think that I wouldn’t?

JS: I went a little too far….I realized when I was calling – you guys are over the time .

RH: We have one live minute let.

JS: I hope you’re doing well in LA, man.

VH: I hope your show is going awesome> I’m gonna be in NY for abit over xmas. I’m going to check it out.

JS: We’re goin gto previews on the 14th.

RH: What show?

JS: Dracula..Off broadway..>Schubert Theater?

VH: Do you have to be British in it?

JS: Yeah

VH: Awesome.

JS: I’ve got family coming. Can’t screw up….where’d I get Annapolis from?

VH: Is Annapolis in DC? That didn’t sound too MAryland to me….for 30 seconds that was incredible.

RH: People love the character in the chatroom. 60:06

JS: You didn’t know Ryan went to school with me

VH: I had absolutely no idea

JS: YOu didn’t get the Van Gogh

VH: I think eveyrbody got that one but you

RH: I was a little slow on that one. Do you guys miss each other.

JS: I miss Van terribly


VH: You got me. You surprised me.

JS: I read an interesting article and immediatley thought it would have led to a long conversation of ours. This year there are no xmas movies coming out.

VH: I didn’t really think about that either.

JS: You’ve interviewed me before. What is one fo your favorite if not favorite xmas omive.

VH: I was just thinking about this yesterday. Of course I have an answer prepared – The Peanuts xmas movie, of course! I give my answer and he judges me for it. You asked me a question and I answered it. What’s your favorite, Jake.

JS: Bruce?

RH: Michael Keaton was in something. Th evoice of ___ in Toy Story 3.

JS: Did you see that?

VH: No, but Jake woudl be happy to see MK.

JS: I liked that movie veyr much and I turned to my friend….and literally said “Michael Keaton was Ken!”

VH: Yeah well you love Micahel Keaton.

JS: And he wa s ahell of a Ken. You seen anything else recently.

VH: Lots of Walking Dead. I love it of course. What do you think.

JS: I’m a few episodes behind.

VH: There’s only 6 episodes and then it’s gone until October


VH: Works really well for being a TV show. The comi’cs perfect for the comic. Do some cool stuff on the show.

JS: We did have fun in Mexico….we had a late night. There weer still appearances to be made….mihgt have been a bada idea. Everybody else going…five shots and a beer for $25.

VH: It was called Senor Frogs,r ight?

JS: It woudl not have been the best idea given what we had to do and I kind of wish we had

VH: They were really good tacos and they were really cheap. You were like ‘Ola, une taco por favor” They’d speak back in English adn he was still trying to do the Spanish.

JS: I remember i tdifferent.

VH: The way you rememebr it is called WRONG.

JS: [something about a gargoyle]

VH: There’s a dearth of sexy gargoyles

JS: When do they turn human?

VH: Isn’t it at night? Do they ever turn human?

JS” They were like gargoyles. It was a good show.

VH: If tyou’re the one writing the script this is somethign that you need to figure out. How about, they’re gargoyles by day. 67:37 i’ll figure iyt out and get backt oyou….they’re cursed.

JS: Okay, all right.

VH: They’re peopl ewho have bene cursed ot be gargoyles.

JS: The whole point of the gargyles thing isthat they’re gargoyles that fightcrime.

VH: You’re the one who said they fight crime. I ddint’say they fight crime. Theyd don’t do anything. They sit there.



JS: During the day, the show takes place with them forzen in place on the roof and at night they turn into reguora people.

VH: When you put it like that it doesn’t soiund so good. Maybe you can think about it.

JS: We got our work cut out for us.

VH: Then I guess that’s something we’re gonn ahave to think about. It’s gonn abe very expensive. Gotta use all that make up.

JS: Indi film?

VH: TV show. It c/b an indie film.

JS: I didn’t reali it w as a TV show.

VH: A great idea.

JS: Let’s go pitch it right now.

VH: I’m not going to listen to the sarcasm in your voice right now. Nut since I live in Los Angels right now I’m oing to drive over to Warner Brothers and pitch it right now.

JS: I hoep to be on the other side of that audition with you casting….and Ryan too. How was both oftyour thanksgivings?

VH: Great.

JS: Not as wonderful as talking to you guys. Van I would love to talk to you. I miss you buddy.

VH: I miss you, too.

RH: Thanks, Jackson from Annapolis.

VH: Take care, Jake.

RH: Well that was a nice surprise.

VH: Right when he started I was like this was Jake this was Jake then I got sidetracked.

RH: Maybe subconscioulsy you wante dto see how far he would take it.

VH: What time is it there?

RH: 10 after 9.

VH: Yeah, I’ve got time.

724: My name’s Suzy. I’m here with my mom Jen and we’re from Pittsburgh, PA. We made the occupant pumpkins so we’re HUGE fans.

VH: Thta was awesome. That was SO cool.

724: You’ve talked about how glad you were that your parents ecnourged you…schoool…favorite college memory.

VH: Kinda like – hard to pull out specific memories…like when on soaps….such a huge point of my life. Aw shoot, I can’t think of any one thing in particular. We had a clown class which was awesome – develop your own personal clown. With tuition the way they are i dont’ know if all their money was going to me creating a clown. It wa sjust syuch a cool class where you created your own clown for 2 hours a day. It was kind of like preschool….lot of cool classes…sorry can’t be more speiccif.

724: Thanks. Can you say high to Angela. She’s coming to Pittsburgh to see CMU b/c you went htere.

VH: Thank you very much.


VH: We lost ‘em.


VH: Hmmm. Dropping like flies.

267: Oh yay! I got thru. Hi, Van. It’s Jammi. Hi, how are you?

VH: Good, how are you doing.

267: I’ve seen your interviews with Roger. You look good. LA is treating you well.

VH: Oh, thanks.

267: Listening to you and Jake, I love you guys. Really excited for Occupant. Thorsten has a lot of great things. It will be really big for you.

VH: If that happens, that’s great. But no matter what happens, I’m very very proud. I’m not one for counting issues until they’re hatched but that’ sreally nice of him to say.

267: Now that you’ve been in LA for a couple fo months – o you have anythign tat you sepciically like about LA vs NY or are you still an east coaster at heart? You had your debates about LA vs NY int he past?

VH: I really like it out here. east coaster at heart? Yeah, and I probably always will be. But that being said, LQA has a lot to offer. It’s easeier to have a healthy lifestyle out here to be completely honest. The pace of your day to day life is calmer- to me it seems a lot less stressfl. NY is very fast-paced. I dunno that they’re slower, but there is a difference in pace. I dont’ think any body is as brisk as nY walkers are. That being said, it takes a bit to adjust ott hat different pace. …really good qualities about going slower…NY’s not going anywhere….the place where I want to be is LA.

267: You definitely look good.

VH: Thank you. [sounds so surprised!]

267: I’m gonna follow you whereever you go.

VH: Thank you.

267: Anything in the pipeline? when tlaking to Roger.

VH: Certain people out here do know who I am but a lot of people don’t know who I am since I’ve been in NY for 6 years. SO a lot of these mjeetings have been “hello’” so a lot of it is just so they kjnow who I am when things come up. Nothing in the pipeline right now but came very very very close to a show that I didn’t get a few weeks ago. Getting close. But time shall tell.

267: Very proud of you.

VH: Thakn you very much.

267: Holidays?

VH: For a littl ebit.

267: Have a happy holiday.

VH: You as well.

267: We’ll be looking out for you.

937: My phone i about to die. Hi Ryan, hi Van. I’m trying to remember my question. AFter the you and Jake covnersation my head exploded. I think what I wante dto ask you 0- if you could play one Shakespearean, one comic book character, and one character on ATWT other than you, who would they be.

VH: As far as Shakespearean – I’d like to take a crack ata ny of them. There’s so so many. I coiuld be cliched and say Hamlet, but I dont think I’m going to…..ah, Hamlet. Comic book caharacter – I want to play bad guy. Batman has a really cool villain. I think his name is zazz zazz – cuts himsle.f I think playing Reid might have been fun b/c he got all those good lines. Or maybe Damian.

618: Hi!

VH: Hi!

618: This is Megan from IL.

VH: You made it!

618: When I heard Jake on the line I thought he was high.

VH: I don’t hink so.

618: I can’t remember what question I was going to ask. Me and Annie from England were talking. I can’t

RH: From the chat room?

618: From FB a couple of weeks ago. Happy to hear you and glad you’re doing well. Can’t wait to see Occupant.

VH: Thank you. I can’t wait until it gets out there and people see it.

618: How di your cats take the trip from NY to LA?

VH: They both died [deadpan]. I’m kidding. They’re fine. They’re enjoying it. Sorry, that was a ean thing to say.

618: I’m a cat lover.

VH: I apologize. I guess I do play pranks.Sorry oyou had to be the first person pranked.

618: I love chatting with you on FB hwewnever you’re on.

VH: Thank you very much.

RH: Annie’s question – what has Van learned the most about his profession that you didn’t learn in school.

VH: That’s a fantastic question. I think what you learn that you can’t be taught is just perseverence. B/c when you’re out there in ther eal world and you’re not in school and no one’s paying your bills nad you have no set schedule….once you graduate colleg,e it’s like being taken out of the cocoon and you have to learn reliance, perserverence. That’s probably what I learned most – perseverance and self-reliant.

608: Hello? Hi! Oh, wow! Okay. Am I on? I feel like I won some kind of prize. I doin’t really have much of aquestion but I told my friend and jazz band director that I’m having family issues so I could listent ot he interview.

VH: NOw if they hear the interview they’ll know you’re lying.

608: Are there any question like what’s the question that’s made you feel the most uncomfortable.

VH: I dunno if it’s uncomfortable. A lot of times when tehs oap was on I’d be asked a lot of questions abotu story content and what I’d say woul dbe held in some kind of regard, which it shouldn’t have been….you can ask me anything you want, but I can’t tell you why the did it or why they’re writing tit this way. There was no point asking me about it b/c I can’t do anything about it.

608: I’m Devin BTW. The other people probably want to kill me b/c I’m taking up time. I really enjoyed watchign you on ATWT.

VH: Favorite zombie movie recent is 28 Days Later.

VH: TY very much. Thanks for calling.

RH: Van, you’re a troper for sticking aroudn this long. Gotr 1 or 2 more in ya?

VH: I can do like 2 more.

956: H! Isabel from TX.

VH: Hey, how are you?

956: We miss you on TV. Looking forward to anything you do. Wanted to ask you – Luke and Reid fans are still devastated. Alternate ending?

VH: For Luke and Reid? What didn’t happen on the show? [sounds bewildered] You want me to say something haapper? How ‘bout he didn’t get hit by atrain.”? Then things would be a lot happier for Luke and Reid. [laughs]

956: The walking Dead is a great show.

Philly: This is Sabrina. My hsuband – what was the most interesting thing abotu working on the set of a horror film.

VH: What I can’t give away….The apartemnt itself is its own chracterer. When I walked thru this HUGE apt. The people who were living there were there. And it looked like a nice apt. We bought somebody’s apt for amonth. They turned it into this creepy creepy apt. For me the most interestin gthis was the apt that we worked in. It was really really cool. ….My character’s grandmother. To see the attentoin to dtail was so so good.

The people who lived there they put it in a hotel for a month so they painted it and changed all the stuff.

I think they got paid. Id on’t know if they were like “Sure! Take our apt” and of course eveyrthing had to be returned tot he way it was. I would have a hard time saying, “take my place.”

PhillY: My other question – hardest part gong from soap to horror, two completely different genres.

VH: Not sure if it was the hardest part. Soaps are shot with 3 cameras at once and the entire scene is shot …edit as you go….Set up, relight. Each scene takes so much longer. Thta was really interesting. It wasn’t really hard…but interesting.

Phily: Gonna go to college for film. Miss seeing you on my TV – highlight of my day. Would sit watching all excited. Glad get to see you again – not interact, but be involved with watching you on screen again.

VH: Thank you. Thank you for calling.

RH: All three of you guys have been awesome.

VH:> Thank you very much for having me.

RH: Your story on ATWT – very inspirational. Affected so many people’s lives ina  great way. Glad it was you playing that role. Can’t way to see what you do next. Always been a Jake fan but when I started watching you became a fan.

VH: Thank you for those really kind words.

RH: Have a happy holiday. Great to talk to you.

All right, that was Van Hansis from Occupant and ATWT. So awesome. Such a great guy. Thank you so much for listening. I’m sorry if I didn’t get to your questions or calls. And what a great surprise from Jake Silbermann.

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