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Reid: I’m the best, actually.

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Eric Sheffer Stevens on Body of Proof | Official Air Date Announcement – May 17th

Thanks to FutonCritic, via the crew at, ABC Press release gives air date for the episode with Eric Sheffer Stevens’s guest appearance:

BODY OF PROOF — "Broken Home" — TUESDAY, MAY 17 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) — When Nikki Parkson, a philanthropic young socialite, dies, Megan suspects foul play, despite the fact that Nikki suffered from a terminal illness. Nikki’s grieving mother (guest star Jill Eikenberry) and brother are devastated that their attempts at a dignified funeral are halted by Megan’s investigation. Frustrating Megan’s team is the fact that Nikki’s body holds few clues, since she was embalmed before the autopsy. Meanwhile, Kate’s personal life interrupts the investigation, and Lacey suspects that her parents are getting back together.

And BTW, in case you missed it (and if so, where the heck have you been? just kidding!) – Eric plays “the brother.” I’ll be back closer to the airdate with viewing options for those of us without access to ABC. 🙁

Meanwhile, TV Guide has published a gallery of images from the show. Surprisingly (as in, “most of the gallery consists only of series regulars,” though not surprising to ESS fans!), Eric’s picture is featured, despite the fact that he’s a guest star.

Clips from the Italian-dubbed airing of the episode have been available on TheESSCrew’s YouTube channel for awhile now (sorry for the late post). If you want to view it, click on the spoiler link below.

For more info on Body of Proof and this episode, click here.

Last, for anyone who has seen the episode or wants to know more, a plot summary is available on the forum thread. I am trying to stay unspoiled until I watch it (it IS a murder mystery, after all!), so please, NO SPOILERS in the comments on this page until after the show has aired. Thank you!


Incidentally, have posted a gallery of screencaps from the Italian YouTube clip. In it, he has three costume changes (all suits! *thud*) – which I thought meant decent screen time, but the YouTube clip is only 5:48. But, I guess, as a LuRe fan, I’m used to getting a lot out of not-very-much screentime. LOL.


6 Responses to “Eric Sheffer Stevens on Body of Proof | Official Air Date Announcement – May 17th”

  1. mmc says:

    Van posted on his facebook last night and i was one of the lucky ones who asked some questions and he specifically responded to me and some others.once again, it only proved what a sweet and caring man he is! .After that i was checking for my pulse because i was over the moon by his comments to me. No news about parts but he said he’s getting used to LA .Thats not such good news for those of us who live on the East Coast and want to meet him.But if LA is good for him then that’s where he has to be and i wish only the very best for him. All i can say is i’m missing LuRe like crazy and i want to see Van and Eric working and acting up a storm! I don’t think i’ll ever stop missing Van and Eric and the beautiful story of LuRe!

    • lovelure says:

      Lucky you! He’s got a great new profile pic as well, though it’s much harder to pick out his posts now compared to the photo with his red shirt. 🙂

      • mmc says:

        A little girl drew that profile pic of him and he was so nice to post it.i miss the red shirt because I could see it a mile away( that’s how I noticed he was posting and I nearly broke my neck to run to my computer!)But this kindness is what I love about Van, along with his gorgeous face, his beautiful smile and his wonderful acting!I’m still walking on air and I hope I stay here for awhile!Missed you when you were on holiday but hope it was good for you!

  2. can you put it in engish that we can understand it not in intalian

    • lovelure says:

      The show will not be broadcast in the USA until May 17th, so unless someone can find a bootlegged copy between now and then, the Italian version (unless Russian, Spanish, Polish, Bulgarian, or Hungarian are any better for you!). Body of Proof has premiered in all those countries and so they are any where from a couple of months to a few days ahead of the US and you may be able to find someone if you troll fan sites in those countries if you’re really desperate.

      • mmc says:

        This is good news for Lure least this airdate is a lot closer than Vans’ Psych episode which won’t be on until October and not even sure of the airdate.These two actors are so wonderful I would watch them stand still and breathe!i love Van and Eric….and will always love LuRe!!!!!!

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