Reid: You broke your date to defend my honor?
Katie: Something like that.
Reid: You didn’t have to do that. I already paid him back.
Katie: I know. That wasn’t so nice, either.

— Reid and Katie

Kiss #1: It was 365 days ago, today

Can you believe it was exactly one full year ago today that Reid Oliver and Luke Snyder melted hearts with a little kiss. Oh yeah, and Dr. Oliver finally called Mr. Snyder “Luke”…and all bets were off.

Unrelated reminder for NYC area fans

Not sure if I’ll have time to do another post, so I’m throwing this in here. Don’t forget – Vermont Shakespeare Company’s FREE reading of Taming of the Shrew (in honor of Shakespeare’s birthday) is TOMORROW NIGHT in NYC. Among confirmed guests (according to their Facebook event page) are Sheffield Chastain, Parrish Hurley, and Tracy Liz Miller and many more familiar names are on the invited list.

In the beginning…

Many of you have crossed paths with me in the fandom know my story. I was a lifelong Guiding Light fan. My mom was a CBS watcher, and GL was the only one on reliably after school. As the World Turns came before GL, and so I tuned in often enough to become familiar with the citizens of Oakdale. I haven’t watched religiously since high school (my roommates were ABC girls), and I got out of the habit. Over the years, though, I frequently followed by recaps. When I moved to the UK almost six years ago, American television was my “comfort food” and I would glance a the weekly updates when I needed my “fix” of familiarity. It was only now, as I was writing this recap when I realized that the last time I remember following the recaps so closely was about 15 years ago, when I had taken a summer job in a new city with no one I knew – at the time, the world was still largely pre-Internet, so I had to follow via phone recaps!

At any rate, it was only when Philip Spaulding returned to GL in early 2009, followed closely by the April Fool’s Day announcement of GL’s cancellation that I took things seriously – this show that I’d loved for 20-some years would soon cease to be. I soon caught the buzz on Otalia and watched much of their storyline, along with Philip’s return and bits of Bill and Lizzie’s story via YouTube. And while I was at it, I caught up on the weekly recaps ATWT, Y&R, and B&B as well.

So when ATWT’s demise was announced as well, history repeated itself. I started by following the detailed daily recaps of ATWT on until I came across this one:

Reid laughed and then punched in the medical board number. He listened to the person on the other end for about twenty seconds and then hung up. He took Luke’s face between his hands and gave him a big kiss. When Reid came up for air, he was chattering about going back to Oakdale, getting in an operating room again, and other plans. Luke appeared stupefied and did not move. Finally Luke asked Reid if he realized that he had kissed him, because it would be "weird" if they pretended that it hadn’t happened. Oliver said he knew exactly what he’d done, and it had nothing to do with the phone call. He said he had wanted to kiss Luke for a long time, and he called him "Luke," not "Mr. Snyder."

Aside: Looking back, I have to laugh because one of the problems with the SoapCentral recaps is that they kept mixing up “Reid” and “Oliver.” At the time, it just confused me, because I’d be thinking “Who the heck is Oliver again?” Now the name problem is like fingernails on a blackboard (note to self – avoid giving characters surnames that are first names!). The end of the April 15th episode particularly irks me, when Luke and Reid are preparing to leave the hotel for the hearing, and Noah calls and Luke tells him flew to Dallas with “Dr. Reid”…and they obviously didn’t have the budget (or interest) to reshoot it! Arrgggghhhh! Talk about a buzzkill (though I guess Noah already accomplished that by calling, so Van’s slip – or the script’s – just added insult to injury!).

Back to my story. At this point, I don’t recall if I read the recaps of the March episodes where Reid is outed. If I did, they didn’t stick (probably in part because of the Reid/Oliver name confusion), certainly because I’d never seen Reid (so I pictured him more like Jon Lindstrom or Larry Bryggman – neither of whom really float my boat – sorry, boys), and partially because I couldn’t see the chemistry and the setup. So the kiss, for me, came largely out of the blue. But it was the part about calling Luke by his first name that stuck out for me. For some reason, I found that incredibly compelling – so compelling that I had to take a look.

After a brief Google/YouTube search, I came upon HappyInChintz72’s YouTube channel. The rest, as they say, is history.

So, in honor of the one-year anniversary of that first kiss, if you’d like to remember it the way I first saw it, I present to you The Reid Oliver Story, Parts 36 (April 15th) and Part 37 (April 22nd):

[tubepress video=IwDxVY_2b-0 title=false description=false]

[tubepress video=AEkk97kk_NE title=false description=false]

LuRed in – hook, line and sinker

How quickly and hard did I fall? Well, let’s put it this way. I read the recaps daily, but usually not on the same day, so the earliest I could have watched the clips was April 22nd. My LRO account says I joined on April 27th, and I posted my first fan video (I Can Be Your Hero) on YouTube on April 29th. Keep in mind that I had NEVER joined a fan forum or made a fan video and started from scratch with finding software. It probably took me a day or two to find software and another 2-3 days to make the video because I was so bad at it. So I had it BAD. This is actually a slightly modified version of the original music video (higher res, better editing and a few better clips – I didn’t realize at the time that you can’t swap once you’ve posted). So in case you’re up for a trip down memory lane, here it is:

[tubepress video=rHOx6ubb6uk title=false description=false]

So this obsession all started BEFORE the next episode, Near Kisses aired on April 28th. Looking back, these were unquestionably the best three LuRe episodes ever aired back-to-back: April 15th , 22, 28. These were my favorite clips from April 28th. Or you can click here to view Part 38 on YouTube.

[tubepress video= j3WY6TtP-1w title=false description=false]

10 Responses to “Kiss #1: It was 365 days ago, today”

  1. sonia40 says:

    LL – how could you? You brought me back to a wonderful memory. I forgot how much time we spent in witnessing Luke and Reid getting to know one another (long, and lovely drawn out scenes — something that was quite lacking in the last 4 months of the show whence we only received a few minutes of LuRe once every 2 weeks or so…ughh, those were rough times; the last month does not exist for me). I loved the scenes you posted as there were some of my favourites. That first kiss was amazing and the music they used in the background was perfect – I still can’t understand how the writing can be so well-thought out at the beginning of LuRe’s relationship and then end up so horribly wrong by the end (well, I do know, but it still amazes me how wonderful LuRe’s scenes were – especially at the beginning of their relationship; then again, it was all due to the wonderful talents of both Van and ESS). I also thought the first video you ever did was beautiful (along with the others you have produced).

    • lovelure says:

      Hello, my postcard-sending buddy! Thanks for stopping by! And thanks for the nice comment about my videos!

      I’ve often thought that I hated He Who Shall Not Be Named as much for leaking the ending as for choosing the ending itself because it ruined not only the last four months of the show, but it changed the character of our fandom. Back in May, we were a carefree, lovestruck, optimistic, and (I now see) naive fandom. After a few months of worrying how it was all going to end, the gutter squeeing largely disappeared (some of the funnest posts on LRO – I used to have to read with a hand over my mouth lest I literally LOL and startle the people around me) and instead, the bitterness started creeping in (*raises hand* – acknowledges that I resemble(d) that remark).

      I recently went through a few of my fandom contributions from last May (including the utterly ridiculous Ode to Luke and Reid by Dr. Seuss, and the Want To fanvid, and even What If I’m Wrong and I was reminded just how “innocent” I was at the time.

      The one thing I’m grateful for is that the Vermont Shakespeare (mid-August) gathering occurred before the nosedive to the….end, so at least there could be gleeful squeeing at the midnight pajama-party LuRe-to-date DVD marathon, without the bitterness that ultimately went along with the beginning of the end (Chris’s stubborn stupidity).

      I don’t get to watch LuRe videos nearly as often as I used to or I would like, but I do like to watch once in awhile to remind myself why I am still sufficiently interested in these guys to keep blogging (and for anyone wondering, no I haven’t forgotten about Simple Gifts!). And I’m generally not disappointed. Glad to have contributed to a wonderful memory!

  2. mmc says:

    Hello Lewis, i knew nothing about the greek god, but I always commented that in some photos of Reid he reminded me of a sculpted greek God.It was the way his curly hair was and the lovely profile.thanks so much for this info.As for all the times they mentioned ‘heart’ now that I think back it was said so much more often than necessary!I still miss them and wonder what the writers were thinking when they killed off Reid and left our beloved Luke alone and i said many times on many posts they are my favorite couple of all time and will continue to be!I loved their story (except for the disgusting ending of course)I still think that only Van and Eric could have brought Luke and Reid to life for us. They are two incredible actors as well as being two beautiful men!I still watch some of their scenes but i’m trying to look toward the future for both of their careers.Even though sometimes i go back in my mind and relive their story.This is why I love lovelures post.Because this is where we can always come and remember LuRe!

    • Lewis says:

      Hi mmc, I feel the same way you do and continue to watch repeats of their episodes because I’ve never seen anything comparable to match their chemistry. The ending could have and should have been much different – but the writers seem to have been unable to adjust to viewer reaction and shift gears in order to avoid a predetermined outcome. Watching Luke and Reid now and knowing the ending makes it that much more frustrating and upsetting. But it is also even more possible to pick up on the nuances of their evolving relationship which allows one to appreciate their interaction even more. As for Jean P & Chris G, as well as some of the writers and tptb who were all involved with ATWT, with the cancellation of AMC and OLTL, they have nowhere else to go and won’t be able to ruin any more gems with their antiquated attitudes. Meanwile, the careers of Van and Eric continue to thrive and have an upward bias; and if Eric wins “Best Supporting Actor” that will be the cherry on top of the whipped cream. Here’s hoping.

  3. Lewis says:

    There is something that I’ve wanted to share with other LuRe fans since the first time that I saw ESS. As an art historian and specialist in Ancient & Oriental art, RO looked so familiar; and then it clicked. For those who might be interested, I invite you to look at a photo of a famous Greek statue titled the “Hermes of Praxiteles” from the mid-4th century BC (some consider it a later work). Look closely at the face, the hair style, and the overall physique. Yes, folks. It’s Dr. Reid Oliver! And the Greek god Hermes is often associated with medicine! He is the Greek counterpart of Mercury and his attribute is the Caduceus which is currently used as the medical symbol. If you would like to see a possible counterpart for Luke, look at another contemporary 4th century Greek work titled “Boy from the Bay of Marathon”. How’s that for archetypes? Hermes is marble, the Boy is bronze. Make what you will of all that.
    In the meantime, I miss the two of them but, like so many of you, I continue to watch their episodes again and again except for the horrific ending. The 1950s writing of LuRe’s romance and its non-love making combined with Chris’s stupid selfishness re his “heart condition” still leaves a bitter after taste. One final item: the idea of killing off Reid was pre-determined well in advance. Just look at how many times the word “heart” is mentioned in episodes involving Reid and/or LuRe starting with the court hearing that freed R from medical servitude in Oakdale. It’s a common thread that is repeated ad nauseum until Reid’s final comment when he said – “Who knew I had one [a heart] to give” – to Luke while he lay dying in the hospital.

  4. mmc says:

    I remember that day so well.that was the true start of my love affair with Luke and Reid.i have never loved a couple as much as I loved them and still do to this day.i still watch their scenes on you tube and i still cry because they’re not on TV anymore.But I’ll always be thankful that we had them for as long as we did.Van and Eric made us fall in love with Luke and Reid because they are such incredible actors.Just looking at each other, smiling at each other, and kissing each other we watched them fall in love and we fell in love with them!

  5. Karen says:

    Thank you so much for this trip down memory lane. I still miss Luke and Reid so much. Their story was only just beginning and to have it end so tragically is something I just can’t get passed.
    Instead of being able to watch August’s episodes with enjoyment, I feel only dread for the ending that is to come. I so wish the writers had gone a different way – maybe having Damian go after Reid for helping to expose him and put him behind bars.
    Any way – any time I watch their clips I grin like an idiot!
    By the way, I also watched Guiding Light with my mother. I watched both shows for over 30 years. It has been terribly hard having them both go off the air within a year of eachother. I think I am going through soap withdrawal.
    I guess it’s a good thing Luke and Reid didn’t go over to One Life To Live being that it has been cancelled as well.
    Maybe we can hope for a reunion show!
    Thanks again for the clips.

  6. Karen (limeybird2) says:

    I can’t believe it’s been a year also. This was the 1st couple that i became this engrossed with on this show & i’ve watched the show for over 20 years.
    I can’t wait for the anniversaries for all their other kisses.

  7. Karen (limeybird2) says:

    I also can’t believe it’s been just a year ago that Reid first kissed Luke & rocked his & our worlds. I was watching it live too & thank god i had a dvr where i could keep rewinding it & replaying it over & over before i moved on with the rest of the show.
    Can’t wait for the anniversaries of the other kisses.

  8. Vanessa Musgrove says:

    I can’t believe that kiss happened a year ago. I remember like it happened yesterday. I remember when I actually watched it when it aired, my mouth hung open and I was very happy. =) I miss Lure.

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