Henry: Okay. Oh, and before I forget, would you ask Dr. Big Brain if he studied babysitting at Harvard?
Katie: As a matter of fact, he did tell me he was part of an infant study.
Henry: As the control group?

— Henry and Katie

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Transcript | 25 March 2010

After Bob tells Reid he’s going to have to slash the budget for the neurology wing, Reid chases down Luke at Java. After trying to make small-talk with Richie Rich, Reid doth protest too much that nothing happened between them the other day. Luke tells him to just spit it out and much to Reid’s […]

Transcript | 17 March 2010

Mr. Judd gives Reid a piece of his mind (and his fist) while Luke watches in horror. Reid tells Luke to butt out, but later shows up at the Lilypad (to make sure his message got across)?  Reid insults Luke, Luke pushes back, and the two share a Tense Moment.

‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ premiere date announced!

Sources are widely reporting that I Hate My Teenage Daughter will premiere on Wednesday, November 23rd. As TVLatest.com says, it’s a “somewhat baffling move” as it’s the day before Thanksgiving. OTOH, it’s lead-in, the highly anticipated The X Factor premieres on September 20th, so it’s not quite clear to me what will be airing afterwards […]

Filming Dates Announced for ‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’

AudiencesUnlimited.com, who handled the pilot filming tickets, have three dates for filming up on their website filed under “future dates:” September 13th, 20th, and 27th (Interesting – these are Tuesdays). So if you live in (or can get to) the Los Angeles area, here’s your chance to catch Eric Sheffer Stevens live on stage! Free […]

Happy Birthday, Eric! Plus some cool auction goodies available!

Sorry for the late post, folks, but couldn’t let the day go by unnoticed! Today is Eric Sheffer Stevens’s 39th birthday, so feel free to pop by the ESS.com fan forum to add a wish to the birthday thread. You can see the Happy Birthday, Eric signs in slideshow form on the home page, or  […]