Judge: Are you telling the court you’re leaving Oakdale, Dr. Oliver?
Reid: As fast as I possibly can, your honor. Yes, if I could flap my wings and bust through your ceiling, already be on my way.
Judge: You realize you’ve just told me you’re a flight risk?
Reid: Are you kidding me? Where am I? What is this horrible rabbit hole that I’ve fallen down?

— Judge and Reid

‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter’ premiere date announced!

Sources are widely reporting that I Hate My Teenage Daughter will premiere on Wednesday, November 23rd. As TVLatest.com says, it’s a “somewhat baffling move” as it’s the day before Thanksgiving.

OTOH, it’s lead-in, the highly anticipated The X Factor premieres on September 20th, so it’s not quite clear to me what will be airing afterwards between September and November. I didn’t think X Factor is one of those elimination shows where you start off with a cast of thousands (a la Survivor) and then people get voted off, meaning either there’s more fluff as the show gets further into the season, or the shows need to get shorter.

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it already, the show now has:

More as I hear about it!

P.S. The auction of Reid Oliver memorabilia (Reid’s Harvard Diploma and Eric’s final script from September 7th) continues through THIS SUNDAY, 26th June. Bids are currently at $460 for the script and $525 for the diploma. Proceeds benefit Vermont Shakespeare Company. For more details on the items, photographs, and information on how to bid, please see the June19th post on this site, or visit the ESS.com forum.

P.P.S. I’ve posted a new LuRe Links reference page with links to all of the major (and a few not-so-major) Luke and Reid sites I’ve come across. Happy surfing!

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