I’m getting sick and tired of this little command performance of yours. I don’t care how rich and accustomed you are to getting your way, Mr. Snyder, I don’t want to be here. I have people waiting for me back in Dallas, people that I actually want to help. So if you’re not going to drive me, I’m going to drive myself. You can pick up your car at the airport. Don’t forget to tip the valet.

— Reid (to Luke)

Happy Babbling Day!

365 days ago today….

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What else is there to say?

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  1. mmc says:

    I loved them playing chess and loved this kiss.Van as Luke looked so handsome and sweet and Eric as Reid was so adorable as he showed his vulnerable side.It was so obvious he loved Luke and Luke was falling in love too.i think what really made me love them was the way they looked into each others eyes.I will miss the story of Luke and Reid forever and I’m missing Eric and my beloved Van!!

  2. My favourite….wonder if I’m still going to miss them next year on the babbling kiss’s second anniversary.

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