I’m done dealing with you and your boyfriend. If I wanted somebody to follow me around here, I’d get a dog or an intern.R

— Reid (to Noah)

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Transcript | 19 May 2010

Reid Oliver, Pillow-Hugger. Noah’s on the road to recovery. Reid goes completely passive-aggressive and starts telling Luke that they can’t tell Noah that they “kissed a few times and even almost had sex the day I cracked open his skull".” Then Luke takes Noah to the lake to skip stones and Reid goes home to […]

Transcript | 13 May 2010

Rooftop Luke. Luke tries to explain to Noah that things have changed, but Reid interrupts and gets majorly pissy. Luke calls Reid out on his jealousy and we get another face touch.

Transcript | 12 May 2010

Face Touch. Luke worries about Noah and Reid comforts him…and Lily cottons on. Luke shines like a 200-watt lightbulb as he describes Reid (he’s rude…) and Noah wakes up and convinces Luke (against his best judgment) to take him outside.

Transcript | 6 May 2010

I Can’t, part 2. Luke and Reid begin the episode snogging but Luke, remembering comatose Noah, freaks out and bails mid-snog. Reid returns to the hospital to find Luke at Noah’s side, checks Noah’s vitals and sadly tells Luke to be there for Noah.

Transcript | 5 May 2010

I Can’t, part 1. Luke accuses Reid of being cold and asks if he hurt Noah on purpose because he was jealous. Reid is hurt that Luke could even think of such a think. Luke is clearly confused but when Reid leans in for a kiss, not only does Luke not back down, but he […]