The point is, I don’t like running into you, Mr. Snyder. But since you’ve shown up uninvited to my patient’s appointment, what is it you want?

— Reid (to Luke)

Transcript | 6 May 2010

I Can’t, part 2. Luke and Reid begin the episode snogging but Luke, remembering comatose Noah, freaks out and bails mid-snog. Reid returns to the hospital to find Luke at Noah’s side, checks Noah’s vitals and sadly tells Luke to be there for Noah.

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Luke: What — what the hell am I doing?

Reid: You know what you’re doing. So do I.

Luke: Yeah, yeah. It’s called making a mistake.

Reid: How do you know it’s a mistake until you’ve actually made it?

Luke: Are you making fun of me?

Reid: No. I just think that you’re overreacting.

Luke: Noah is in a hospital bed right now.

Reid: I know.

Luke: And when he wakes up, what happens if he can’t see? What happens if he has brain damage and he’s not the same person he was before?

Reid: Shh. Okay, stop. Just let me.

Luke: Look, look, we shouldn’t have done this. I shouldn’t have come here.

Reid: Why not?

Luke: You know why.

Reid: So, what, you kissed me out of anger, out of fear?

Luke: I don’t know. I don’t know. Both, yeah.

Reid: I don’t buy that, and neither do you.

Luke: Look, I got to go.

Reid: Go ahead, run away.

Luke: I’m not running away.

Reid: You can’t get out of the room fast enough.

Luke: Well, I never should have come here. I never should have left Noah.

Reid: You can blame what just happened on your fear about Noah if that’s what makes you feel better.

Luke: This is not about me feeling better.

Reid: Okay. Then let’s be honest.

Luke: How am I not honest?

Reid: Something has been brewing between us for a long time, and deep down, you wanted it to happen just as much as I did. This lighting is awful.

Luke: I’ve got to go.

Reid: At least admit that you wanted something to happen as much as I did.

Luke: Well, even if that were true, Noah is in critical condition.

Reid: Yeah, I know that, Luke. You even accused me of wanting to put him there on purpose.

Luke: And I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.

Reid: What you shouldn’t be sorry about is what just happened, and I refuse to see it as a mistake.

Luke: Well, maybe you can see it that way, but I can’t.

Reid: Why not?

Luke: ‘Cause I can’t make this about me, Reid. Noah might never see again, and if there are other complications when he wakes up —

Reid: What does that have to do with us?

Luke: How can you even ask me that? Right now, my priority has to be Noah. I have to stick by him no matter what, and so do you.

Reid: We were about to have sex, not move out of the state. The minute there’s a change in Noah’s condition, we will both be there.

Luke: Yeah, but, no. No. Not like this. Not if something happens that we can’t take back.

Reid: He pushed you away. You guys broke up because he refused to give you what you wanted, what you needed. Don’t beat yourself up for wanting to move on.

Luke: You really don’t understand it, do you?

Reid: I think I understand the situation a lot better than you do.

Luke: You know what? I can’t do this. I’ve got to go.

Luke: Noah, I’m trying really hard to believe that everything’s going to be okay. I don’t care if you’re blind. I just want you to wake up so you so can do everything you want to do with your life, everything that I know you can. So, Noah, open your eyes. Please.

Reid: I need to take a look at him.

Luke: Sorry.

Reid: You can stay. It’s fine.

Luke: Uh — look, Doctor, about earlier —

Reid: You don’t need to say anything about it.

Luke: No, I do. I know that you would never intentionally hurt a patient, no matter what was happening in your personal life. You can separate that and your work better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

Reid: Probably because for most of my career, I haven’t had a personal life.

Luke: And I know that you would never do anything to hurt Noah, no matter what your feelings were.

Reid: You’re not all that, Mr. Snyder.

Luke: No, I guess I’m not. He was the first person I was ever in love with.

Reid: One’s not such a low number.

Luke: I never thought that I’d be with anyone except him.

Reid: That explains a lot.

Luke: So, yeah, about earlier —

Reid: You don’t have to say anything about it. I get it, Luke.

Reid: Well, Noah’s vitals are all strong. His reflexes are normal.

Luke: Well, that’s a good sign, right?

Reid: It is what it is. We won’t know any more until he wakes up.

Luke: Can you at least try to be a little bit optimistic for me?

Reid: I am encouraged. How ’bout that?

Luke: Well, I guess that’s the best I’m gonna get.

Reid: We’ll keep him sedated for another day or two, give his brain a chance to heal.

Luke: Well, should I stay with him? Should I go? What?

Reid: My professional advice? Stay with him. There’s a lot we still don’t know about the states of human consciousness. Some say that coma patients can hear everything, or at least sense the presence of others.

Luke: Do you believe that?

Reid: I believe it wouldn’t hurt for you to sit with him, let him know that you’re here. Excuse me.

Luke: Dr. Oliver? Thank you.

Reid: Take care of him, Luke.


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