Katie: I do have a washer and a dryer.
Reid: Okay. Good. Well, if you could use biodegradable soap only, you know, that would be great.
Katie: Uh, no, I’m not gonna be doing your laundry for you. I can show you how the machine works, then you’re on your own.
Reid: I don’t have time to watch my shirts spin dry.

— Katie and Reid

Eric Sheffer Stevens on ATWT’s Daytime Emmy PRE-pre-nom list

They’re PRE-pre-noms, NOT pre-noms

Okay, this is not the HUGE news that I thought it was because apparently, the list published today by Nelson Branco on TV Guide Canada’s website, is NOT the Daytime Emmy pre-nomination list, as WIDELY publicized, but rather a PRE-pre-nom list.

So, forgive me for sounding the false alarm – the fan in me got ahead of my better judgment. But really, I had a lot of help in my unintentional campaign to spread misinformation! Cady McClain tweeted yesterday that she and Jon Lindstrom had both received pre-noms, Soap Opera Digest tweeted earlier that pre-noms were announced (I noticed they’ve just untweeted and rephrased it as “unofficial pre-nominations”).

I had picked up on the fact that the page name on the TV Guide Canada site says “pre-nom” but when I went back to review the list, noticed that there are indeed two “pre’s” in the headline.

But WorldTurnsTV.com commented on her Facebook link to the original article that:

He added the "pre" in pre-pre nom after the uproar. TV Guide should also either state that they had to correct or clarify the information he initially posted.

This looks to be an accurate report because if you look at the links to the article on FB, they all pick up the story headline automatically, and report it with only one “Pre”:




I’m not sure if the uproar is just the questions appearing on his Facebook (not much) or more, but will let you know if I find anything else out.




Kudo’s to ESSFans who seem to be the only ones who tweeted the correct headline the first time out!

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  1. mmc says:

    I read on Michael Fairmans board that Van Hansis did not submit himself.I wonder why….As much as i love Eric and always want the best for him, i think the character of Luke could stand alone and Vans acting was so real and so consistently good.If possible I wish he would submit himself….i am such a lure fan and a Van fan for sure!

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