Reid: We’re going to the wedding. What? It will be — fun.
Katie: Why would I get the idea that you do fun?

— Reid and Katie

Episode Review: June 30, 2010 (the one where Luke finally grows up!)

So these were my thoughts on watching for the 3rd time (I seem to have found my watching pattern – 1st time live when possible, 2nd time just to enjoy it with no kids and no sound cutting off on the livestream, and 3rd to dissect)

Shallow alert #1 – they covered Reid’s butt with his shirt tail! Grrr…..

Luke making faces at Reid’s food – it seems like this is going to become a recurring in-joke.
Luke showing up and saying “finally” – thank god the boy had some sense and actually showed up (instead of just waiting by the phone) – and both acknowledging that with “I did call!”

Luke’s “That’ll be a first” in response to Reid’s “Let me clarify the situation so there’s no misunderstanding”
If these two had any more misunderstandings one of them would believe the other is straight and due to marry Ali or Lisa.

Luke still trying to play the snark game (“the lousy hospital coffee” – was he this funny before Reid?) and again, KNOWING Reid “you’ve always been sick of them (politics – so why now?)” and not buying Reid’s excuses

Luke’s eyes as Reid’s talking about Mayo – so sad – like when Bob told him about the ultimatum

Luke’s voice as he leaves saying “this pathetic town isn’t for you” – so sad (even knowing the following spoilers)

BONK! (hit my head against the desk) RE: Reid’s “I absolutely did not do it because of you” (yeah, and you want to go back to the way it was before Texas, too – I don’t buy it, and yay for Luke, who doesn’t buy it either).

Reid’s “(I want) One quiet evening alone” and Luke’s “I don’t give a damn” Hiding the truth much, people?

Bitchy Luke is back for the meeting with Mona! Actually, what I really like is that we start with rooftop Luke at Katie’s and bitchy Luke stalks in and plops down next to Bob, but a third Luke is starting to emerge here who is even better than both of them (though I don’t think he has a name yet).

LOVED LOVED LOVED “He did it for me!” OMFG I’m still scraping bits of my chin off the floor it hit so hard! No wishy washy Luke here. Are we confident much? Especially given the last conversation where Reid explicitly said he DIDN’T do it for Luke and Luke called himself stupid? Did we miss another scene here?

LIKED Bob’s hands on Luke’s arm trying to curb him and Luke’s little hand motion (which I interpreted as basically FU Bob).

LOVED “We like each other, we wanted to spend time together. It’s as simple as that.” OMG – when did Luke get hit with a slug of the Reid truth serum?! Not only was it awesome for that reason alone, but I loved the way they played this, completely ignoring the gay angle (aside from a brief and appropriate bewildered look from Mona as she processed this juicy tidbit) and just focusing on the relationship and the love story obstacle. THANK YOU. Now, when real life catches up to this show, we can all be even happier.

Now that I’m thinking more about it, I think I want to call Luke #3 Grown-up Luke. We saw bits of it when he was talking about how hard it would be to replace Dr Oliver, but Grown-up Luke shows up in full-force here. Van’s delivery could have been all bitchy like the last meeting, but it wasn’t. It was cool, calm, rational, advanced thinking, pragmatic, yet not as harsh as rooftop Luke.

LOVED “Well then I resign, effective immediately…You need to get him back.”
OMG I was cheering so (virtually) loudly (couldn’t cheer for real else I’d attract the kids’ attention) – go Luke! I LOVED this Luke Snyder!

LOVED the expressions on Bob and Mona’s faces after Luke left – like they’d been duly put in their places (and knew it).

LiKED Reid and Bob’s phone call, especially “Oh – that qualifies as personal, sorry, Bob!” LOL

(hey – Reid’s drink got lighter during the commercial break! It was dark before the break – like a rootbeer or Dr Pepper; afterwards it’s almost reddish!).

RE: Bob’s explanation of what Luke did. WTF?
What meeting did he attend? Was there another missing scene? That was kind of stretching what Luke DID say, and also omits a couple of key things, in that Bob didn’t bother to tell Reid that Luke a) quit, b) outed them.

HMMMM….moment. The combination of the soda, the “Can I tell you a secret? I hate MN” lines, and Bob’s look
makes me wonder if Reid’s quitting was all one gigantic bluff?!

Was just trying to remember if there have been any occasions of Reid visiting Luke at the Lilypad (not counting the Babbling day when they arrived together) since the “tense moment” day. In that scene Luke opens the door and the two have the epic (and gorgeous) staredown before Reid finally comes in. Here he just strolls right in and for both of them it’s like the most natural thing in the world.

LOVE when Reid takes Luke’s drink – Luke is so TOTALLY into Reid being familiar enough to do this.

Shallow alert #2: THANK YOU, wardrobe for removing Luke’s tie and unbuttoning his shirt (though one more button would have been nice).

LOVE the totally goofy grin/anticipation on Luke as he’s trying to figure out WhereTF Reid is going to (metaphorically) after downing his drink!

ADORED the delivery on “in this pathetic little town”. Luke is SO hiding the happy dance in his head and it’s such a HUGE contrast from the beginning of the show.
DITTO when he’s saying “Whatever, great, if it works for you.” (trying to keep down that happy glow).

CAN PUT UP WITH Reid saying “as much as staying with Noah works for you.”
I wanted to club him with the stupid stick, but will settle for “sharing” mouthing “YOU DOPE” since at least the dope said it instead of “keeping it bottled up inside.” Bet he “feels better.” That darned Luke Snyder was right again.

LOVED more grown-up Luke finally putting two and two together and getting everything out on the table.

CANNOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH I LOVED “NO, you idiot! We’re just friends.” THANK YOU, Luke (and writers) for once – you speak the truth! And Reid’s response was priceless!

LOVED “Could’ve fooled me” and “Well apparently we did” and PARTICULARLY LOVED how Reid has to turn around to hide the enormous happy dance in his head!

LOVED “Because you did walk away from it for me.” Confident, grown-up Luke. Speaking the truth – what more could you want? (yeah, well, other than the sex!)

LOVED Luke playing with Reid’s collar (awwww….)
LOVED babbling Reid face
LOVED I’m-going-to-kiss-you Luke

THANK YOU, writers, and THANK YOU, Luciano, for finally laying all the cards on the table. Reid still doesn’t know all that Luke did for him, but when he finds out he will only love him EVEN MORE. The major obstacles have now been knocked down. HOORAY!

Since “he did it for me”, I have been, as happyinchintz would say, grinning like a loon. A very happy loon. *does my own happy dance*

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  1. dutchnukelover says:

    hi lovelure,

    what a Reid-heaven this is. cant wait for tonights epi ( used to read Snicks on Aftereltons, but im def on your site tonight), and hoping yu do another great review after 2nights!

  2. kwbalan says:

    Hey Lovelure:

    Loved reading your episode review and I agreed with everything. Except you forgot one classic line “I may have overreacted”. That whole episode was phenomenal and I am looking forward to many more of them…

    Thanks for sharing this,
    Kim 🙂

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