Henry: Don’t you remember that doctor in England, the one that turned out to be a serial killer?
Reid: Harold Shipman. I examined his brain as part of a neurological study into the origins of evil. Don’t worry. I haven’t used what I learned to kill anyone – yet.

— Henry and Reid

Dutch ‘Farewell, As the World Turns’ event announced!

Luke and Reid storyline is currently on hold in Holland (they’re smack dab in the middle of Van’s OCCUPANT filming hiatus), but there’s a lot going on elsewhere. I think that Trent Dawson’s phenomenal scenes that wrapped up the Henry/Vienna/”Paddy” storyline aired this week.

In the meantime, though, it looks like the Dutch broadcasters of ATWT – RTL – have figured out they had a winner on their hands last year with their “ATWT fandag” (fan day). In contrast to a lot of American soap fan events, which attract hundreds of fans, the Utrecht event filled a theatre to capacity for three showings. (And don’t even ask me how much it frosts my buns that Springfield, Llanview, and Pine Valley all got their own farewell events in the US but Oakdale got diddly).

Last year’s event was fan-initiated, and RTL jumped on bandwagon mid-way through. This year, I believe this is all RTL and they are taking advantage of the fact that this is truly the End by tweaking the format to include watching the final two episodes with former cast members.

The cast looks great: Brad Snyder (Austin Peck), Katie Peretti (Terri Conn), Henry Coleman (Trent Dawson), Lily Snyder (Martha Byrne) en Holden (Jon Hensley).

I was lucky enough to be able to arrange my life to attend last year (when the cast included Martha, plus Paolo Seganti, Marnie Schulenberg, Billy Magnussen, Lucinda Hubbard, and OF COURSE, Van Hansis). I have several writeups that you can see by clicking here. And I can highly recommend the experience.

(I have a few more audio tapes I’m going to transcribe, and some more links to add, in case anyone is still on the fence).

Back in September 2010, Jon Hensley talked very eloquently in interviews about how hard those final scenes were to film, and he alluded to how strange it was to do them with Noelle Beck instead of Martha Byrne. It wasn’t meant to be a knock on Noelle, as Jon has always been very respectful of her in the press, but rather because the writers were trying to bring Holden and Lily’s relationship full circle, and the circle began with Martha. I have to believe watching those final scenes with Jon and Martha there live will have the thousands in the audience bawling (as well as those on stage).

The fact that Martha is the sole guest from both seasons also speaks volumes about her popularity. She’s been off the air for several years now, but she is still Lily to the Dutch fans – and frankly, to many of us here in the US who grew up with her as well. So, good for RTL for recognizing that and giving the people what they want.

The RTL announcement (plus English translation) as well as ticketing information follows the jump…

From the RTL website:

Farewell As The World Turns Event

Uniek afscheidsevenement met acteurs uit de TV-serie!

De echte fans weten het; op 21 februari zal de allerlaatste aflevering van de succesvolle soapserie As The World Turns op de Nederlandse televisie te zien zijn.
Ter gelegenheid daarvan wordt op zaterdag 18 februari 2012 om 15.00 uur een uniek afscheidsevenement georganiseerd in de intieme setting van Studio 21 te Hilversum met Peter van der Vorst als gastheer.

Speciaal voor dit evenement laat RTL Nederland acteurs uit de soapserie overkomen! Je krijgt de unieke kans om samen met Brad Snyder (Austin Peck), Katie Peretti (Terri Conn), Henry Coleman (Trent Dawson), Lily Snyder (Martha Byrne) en Holden (Jon Hensley) de allerlaatste twee afleveringen te kijken. Daarna krijg je de mogelijkheid om vragen over de serie te stellen aan de wereldberoemde acteurs.

In English, that is….

Farewell As The World Turns Event

A unique farewell event with actors from the TV series!

True fans know: the last episode of the successful soap opera As The World Turns will air on Dutch television on 21 February.

To mark the occasion, on Saturday, February 18, 2012 at 15:00 a unique farewell event will be held held in the intimate setting of Studio 21 in Hilversum with Peter van der Vorst acting as host.

Especially for this event will allow RTL Netherlands actors from the soap opera happen! You will have the unique opportunity to watch the last two episodes with Brad Snyder (Austin Peck), Katie Peretti (Terri Conn), Henry Coleman (Trent Dawson), Lily Snyder (Martha Byrne) and Holden (Jon Hensley). Then you’ll have the opportunity to ask the world-famous actors about the series.

Tickets can be booked via See Tickets in Holland.


Studio 21
Sumatralaan 45
1217 GP  Hilversum

Data & Tijden

Zaterdag 18 februari 2012

Show 1:
Deuren open 14.00
Start show 15.00
Show 2:
Deuren open 18.30
Start show 19.30


€ 39,50

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