What I see is the big, fat, silver spoon in your mouth that I hope you choke on. You have any idea how many people actually wait their turn to see me, who don’t feel that they deserve to move to the front of the line just because they were born with blue blood in their veins?

— Reid (to Luke)

ATWT Cast in the Netherlands | Links

It seems I have links all over this site, and they’re also all over the web, so I’m going to try to consolidate some of the best sources here. I’ll continue to update this page over the next few days, but I thought I’d go ahead and post this listing to get started.

Official Links ‘(plus Wiki)

  • ATWTinNL Facebook page
  • ATWTinNL Twitter page
  • Cast photo shoot with posed photos of all six cast members; photos taken by Frans van Zijst on Friday, 14 January.
  • Associated Press photo shoot at the Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam on Friday, 14 January 2011. Three nice portraits of Van, a number of very elegant pictures of Martha, and some of Billy and Elizabeth Hubbard. None of Paolo and Marnie, though. Photos taken by Sven Hoogerhuis/PictureGroup
  • Official photos from the show and Meet & Greet by photographer Edwin Janssen (pictures can be purchased for personal use for €7.50); includes a nice photo of the couple who got engaged as well as on-stage and after-show photos from the evening show, posed and candid, of all the stars.

Wiki Articles

  • As the World Turns on nl.wikipedia.org. Incidentally, Eric Sheffer Stevens’s first airdate is listed as 28 June 2011. How strange it must be to know all the airdates so far in advance! Larry Bryggman’s first episode is listed in February, so that gives you an idea of how much time they have left. Sniffle.

Press Coverage

Fan Recaps

Fan Photo Albums

RTL Videos

To be added.

Fan Videos

Judging by the exterior stills (it’s daylight) and the outfits, this is from the afternoon show, and it’s the most comprehensive video I’ve seen of any of the three shows:

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