Bob: Let’s see if we get hit with a lawsuit by a perfectly healthy patient that you quarantined.
Reid: You heard about that?
Bob: Didn’t you think that I would?

— Bob and Reid

Preview: Body of Proof

As early as October 2010, We Love Soaps reported that Eric Sheffer Stevens had taped an episode of Dana Delaney’s new series, Body of Proof. It occurred to me that I haven’t done a post on this yet, so here is the background.

The series is set to premiere a week from today, Tuesday 29th March on ABC at 10pm ET/9pm CT and according to IMDb, Eric’s episode (#8 Broken Home) should air on May 10th or 17th (it should be clear by early April).

In this post:

  • Cast overview
  • Premiere date and timeslot history
  • Eric’s guest appearance
  • Foreign premiere dates (the US is actually behind several European countries!)
  • Hello, Rhode Island
  • Trailer and sneak peek
  • Links


In Body of Proof, Dana plays Dr. Megan Hunt, a hotshot, arrogant, and acerbic neurosurgeon (sound familiar?) who is injured in a car crash, resulting in the death of her first post-crash patient. She subsequently becomes a medical examiner, morbidly joking about not being able to kill the corpses she works with. Interesting premise. She even jokes, “What makes you think I have friends?!”

Hmmm, a neurosurgeon who can’t operate any more. Any takers on a fanfic?

image_thumb[4] The show also stars Star Trek: Voyager’s Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), who I believe received quite good buzz in her role as an inner-city schoolteacher on Boston Public once she was freed from her skintight catsuit. Talk about nailing an audition or changing perspectives? FutonCritic reports Jeri’s signing by saying:


She’ll play Philadelphia’s first female Chief Medical Examiner, a role originally written for someone of Indian descent (Dr. Padma Krishnamurthy Noori).

Needless to say, Jeri’s role has since been renamed “Kate Murphy.” LOL. And she plays Megan’s boss – two chicks in science. Woo hoo! Jeri talks about this switch in a press tour interview clip in which Dana Delaney describes the response of viewers as:

Women say, ‘I love that character! I know so many women like her.’ And men say, ‘Does she have to be right all the time?’ I think that kind of says it all. So, I’m hoping that a lot of women tune in.

[tubepress video=tnmovRu-Qss title=false description=false]

Incidentally, FutonCritic also reported that:

image_thumb[7] (Windell) Middlebrooks then is set as Dr. Semo Solomona, the Deputy Chief Medical Examiner (originally written for “a Samoan man whose girth brings new meaning to ‘throwing his weight around the office.”).



Interesting that this show has two switches in ethnicity (from more “exotic” to less), just like it seems I Hate My Teenage Daughter may do with Eric’s part. So it seems like the minority bait-and-switch tactic could be systemic – write a minority into the pilot script, tick all the boxes, cast whomever you like (which, if I’m not too cynical, is hopefully at least the best actor?). So much for diversity.

In other small-world news, reports that Dana not only had a similar car accident herself, but she got the job via Nathan Fillon, the focal point of a recent post on this blog:

Two intriguing details surround Delany’s casting in the pilot. Delany herself was in a serious car accident mirroring that of her heroine a couple of months before she was approached for the role. And she was approached for it because ABC brass had just seen her 2-episode arc on Castle, which stemmed from an invitation by her friend and star Nathan Fillion. So Fillion is essentially responsible for Delany’s new gig.

Last, Wiki lists Jeffrey Nordling in the recurring role of Todd Fleming, is Megan’s ex-husband (father of her daughter Lacey). I had noted in the Teenage Daughter post, that Jeffrey will be starring in an upcoming series with The Matrix’s Carrie Ann Moss (which as previously reported, is being cast by Zane/Pillsbury who is handling casting for Teenage Daughter). I had never heard of Jeffrey Nordling before I saw a rather chilling episode featuring him as the killer in an episode of Cold Case and he was good enough to make me Google him. Jeffrey’s character is listed on the cast list for the episode Eric is slated to appear in.

Premiere date and timeslot history

The show has been in the press, since (ironically), January 19th, 2010 (that date sound familiar to anyone?) when first reported the pilot order for a proposed series titled Body of Evidence – so this is the same stage that I Hate My Teenage Daughter is currently in.

The show was originally picked up in May 2010 (assuming that’s the correct interpretation of the phrase “added to the roster.” FutonCritic has a more in-depth review based on the pilot which will air this week, saying “with its "Quincy, M.E." meets "CSI" vibe, there’s the sense this could turn into a solid procedural….All in all, as far as Friday night distractions go…it’s a enjoyable enough way to spend an hour.”

However, when the ABC fall series premiere dates were announced, Body of Proof was a conspicuous absentee, with a footnote saying that its premiere date would be “announced at a later time.” Along with Secret Millionaire, FutonCritic reported that ABC was holding off on launching Body to give the series a separate launching pad outside the cluttered ‘premiere week.’”

The show was originally rumored to be slated for a Friday evening slot, but as of October 2010, things had changed. Wrote FutonCritic:

The network originally planned to roll out its Dana Delany-led drama Body of Proof [on Fridays at 9pm/8pm CT], however with the cancellation of My Generation [Thursdays, 8pm] – not to mention The Whole Truth [Wednesdays, 10pm] and Detroit 1-8-7 [Tuesday 10p] underperforming at best – it’s widely expected to assume one of the aforementioned show’s slots.

Repeats will continue to fill the Friday, 8:00/7:00c hour for the time being. It’s still not clear when Secret Millionaire – which like Proof was originally announced to air on the night – will premiere.

It wasn’t until November 30, 2010 that ABC confirmed Proof as a mid-season replacement for the lackluster ratings of Detroit 1-8-7, airing on Tuesdays from 10-11pm ET/9pm CT. Some have speculated that ABC waited to give the series a better slot, and therefore a better chance of survival. They have since announced that the second episode will air on Sunday April 3rd, at 10pm ET/9pm CT following an episode of Desperate Housewives, presumably to try to attract some additional viewers to the show.

Entertainment Weekly added:

Proof is expected to air after the results show of Dancing with the Stars, though ABC has yet to announce an official debut date for season 12 of the reality show.

Eric’s guest appearance

Eric has been widely reported to be appearing in a mid-May episode 1.08 titled “Broken Home.” describes the episode as:

When a prominent young socialite dies, Megan halts the funeral

When Nikki Parkson, a philanthropic young socialite, dies, Megan suspects foul play, despite the fact that Nikki suffered from a terminal illness. Nikki’s grieving mother, (guest star Jill Eikenberry) and brother are devastated that their attempts for a dignified funeral are halted by Megan’s investigation. Further frustrating Megan’s team is the fact that Nikki’s body holds few clues, since she was embalmed before the autopsy. Meanwhile Kate’s personal life interrupts the investigation and Lacey suspects that her parents are getting back together.

Eric’s playing the part of Bill (also reported as Billy) Parkson, so the good news is, for starters, he ain’t the corpse! LOL. Jill Eikenberry you may remember (if you are of a “certain age” as I *ahem* am) from her stint on LA Law opposite her real-life husband Michael Tucker.

If you count out 8 episodes from the premiere date of March 29d, you would get a May 17th air date. IMDb’s dates are definitely wrong for episodes 1-3, but if the April 3rd episode is in addition to the regularly scheduled episode, then they could still be right about Eric’s episode appearing on May 10th.

Foreign premiere dates

Because the show was originally scheduled to debut in October 2010, many episodes were shot far in advance, and rights were sold to foreign networks. In an unusual situation (the same was true for some seasons of Battlestar Galactica) the foreign episodes are ahead of the American showings (though not for us here in the UK! boo hoo!).

But according to Wikipedia, Proof premiered in Italy on January 25th and opened with 334,000 making it the “most popular show on the channel.” Similarly, it premiered on February 7th in Russia and won it’s timeslot. Other Fox premieres have taken place in Spain, Poland, and Bulgaria, with Hungary scheduled for later this week.

Hello, Rhode Island

The show is set in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but IMDb reports that it is being filmed in Providence, Rhode Island (not sure if this is locations and exteriors only, so can’t confirm where Eric would have filmed). But as a bit of amusing trivia, one fan posted on IMDb’s show forum:

Yes, the library in Downtown Providence exterior was converted to a Philadelphia police station. They had fake street signs over real signs and it got confusing for some folks.

Trailer and sneak peek:


[tubepress video=FplbLwd3NpU title-false description=false]

With ex-husband Todd (played by Jeffrey Nordling):

[tubepress video=SZkzBvUaeZk title=false description=false]


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