Luke: You really think that you’re going to help him?
Reid: Isn’t that why you kidnapped me?

— Luke and Reid

Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty Sneak Peek released!

The Crew at have posted a new sneak peak clip from the makers of LLRT, Eric Sheffer Stevens’s indie work-in-process, released last week.

[tubepress video=1JRtsAmZZcM title=false description=false]

Important note: you can watch the video in HD on full screen and it looks great. If you really want to see it look good, though watch it on LLRT’s Vimeo page because it’s one generation more “native” and the color reproduction is somewhat better (Eric’s skin looks less yellow on my screen). For those of us who have largely watched LuRe via non-HD, edited, YouTube clips (several generations processed) or via streaming, it’s a rare occasion that we get to see such great quality images. So, enjoy!

And if you like it, please stop by TheESSCrew channel to Like the video!

The update message from the LLRT makers and some HD screencaps follow, after the jump.

Update from the makers of LLRT

The sneak peek isn’t the easiest to find, as the filmmakers posted it on their Contribute page, rather than their home page – though I suppose that serves as a handy reminder that they are still trying to raise over $700 to apply towards finishing the film. They say:

Wow! “Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty” is almost ready for the world to see! We’ve certainly come a long way since our very first table reading just one year ago. Between then and now, we’ve raised enough money to cast and shoot the movie, compose the score, and complete the picture edit. We’re 90% done and couldn’t be more pleased with the results so far. The entire process has exceeded even our highest of expectations and we’re all extremely excited. We hope you are excited too! Go here to get an exclusive sneak peek. We hope the scene whets your appetite to see more!


However, we still have that pesky 10% left to 100% finish the movie.  So what does that last 10% mean exactly? Glad you asked! Here are the key last post-production components needed to finish the film: #1 SOUND MIX #2 COLOR CORRECTION #3 TITLE SEQUENCE.

Your contribution deserves more than a big, sloppy kiss and a gigantic THANK YOU (though you’ll get that too!). For your assistance and generosity in helping make “Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty” a reality, we are offering the following:

Reminder: LLRT Donation Premiums

If you haven’t already made a donation to LLRT and would like to, here again is their list of reward offers:

LLRT Rewards 

Please visit their Contribute page to make a secured donation via PayPal.

Screencaps of Eric Sheffer Stevens in LLRT

Click on thumbnails below for higher-res versions.

LLRT Sneak Peek Screencap 1 thumbnail  LLRT Sneak Peek Screencap 3 thumb 

 LLRT Sneak Peek Screencap 4 thumb  LLRT Sneak Peek Screencap 2 thumb

6 Responses to “Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty Sneak Peek released!”

  1. Kim Sweet says:

    I’ve posted 2 on the forum…they are a nice quality. Loo has done a great job with them. Now we just have to go through all the cropping and matting to get them on the site.

  2. Love Lure says:

    Do we know how to take care of our boys, or what?

  3. I was gonna work on screencaps but I wasn’t sure if others were already doing it, lol.

  4. Love Lure says:

    I posted 4 – make sure to get them HD – they’re so much nicer!

  5. Kim Sweet says:

    We’re working on the screen caps right now and will post them to the Gallery asap. Keep checking back! Thanks.

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