Reid: I have rounds to make.
Luke: Yeah, yeah. I heard that that guy in the next room has this wicked case of athlete’s foot. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to have a world-class neurosurgeon come in and help take that burning itch away.

— Reid and Luke

News and Updates | 5 May 2011

Now things are about to get interesting! posted yesterday:

It’s showtime for broadcast pilots as screenings at the networks are kicking off. Today was Day 1 of screenings at ABC, Fox and the CW and Day 4 for CBS, which started on Friday. NBC starts its viewing tomorrow. There were a couple of standouts today. [none from Fox]…It was a ho-hum first screening day at Fox, with comedy I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER doing OK, drama ALCATRAZ getting mixed reaction, mostly because of its sci-fi content, and comedy TAGGED not faring well.

As a complete industry outsider, I can’t say for sure what this means, but I can guess that this means that the “screenings” were to get the press excited, in which case we might expect to see a slew of new articles in the next few days. Overall, unofficial buzz has been that the show is “pretty good” but we’ll see what the pundits and television beat writers (who as a group probably exert some influence!) have to say. news 2011 Hot 100 ballots open

It’s that time of year again, and balloting is finally underway in the 2011 edition of the AfterElton Hot 100. Open-ended nominations are being accepted here until next Friday, May 13th with results due to be published on Monday, May 23rd.

When I searched AE on “Hot 100” I was surprised (and tickled!) to find that the first teaser post announcing the 2008 list featured Van as the main headline!

Links to past AE Hot 100s (and Van’s and Eric’s placements as well as a few other people of interest) after the jump.

Van and Eric on the AfterElton Hot 100

Van Hansis made his debut on the Hot 100 in 2008 (remember, he only started appearing on ATWT in very late 2006, and would only have been on for a few months by spring 2007 when the 2007 list was published). Wrote AE editor Michael Jensen:

Van Hansis makes the Hot 100

May 20, 2008 – Well, the Flying Monkeys have finished tallying your thousands and thousands of votes in the Hot 100 and we now know who you think are the hottest 100 men on the planet. But you’re still going to have wait until June 2 to find out the results so we can present them in a nice pretty package.

However, we thought it would be fun to let you know at least a few of the guys who made the list, so between now and when we officially announce all the names, we’re going to reveal one guy who made the list each weekday — though we’re not going to tell you just where they placed on the list.

Yeah, I know, we’re no fun at all.

Given all the As the World Turns’ coverage over the past year, I thought it only fitting that the first name we’re revealing is Van Hansis who plays Luke Snyder on the CBS daytime drama. Van is a newcomer to the list so it will be very interesting to see just how high he places.

Anyone want to make any guesses?

 Van made his 2008 debut at #7, and screen partner Jake Silbermann followed suit at #20. The next year, in 2009, Van returned at #20 with Jake close behind at #22 (great picture of Jake!, BTW).

In 2010, Van and Jake were joined Eric and the actors responsible for OLTL’s Kish, which will probably go down in history as easily the best showing the genre will ever make. You can see their entries at:

Finally, still on the topic of Hot 100, their 2009 list has a tongue-in-cheek, though largely true, summary of why the winners won. And last year, around this time, AE approached some gay icons and asked for their noms. Scott Evans’s list included Zachary Quinto, Red Sox 2nd baseman Dustin Petroia (woot woot), and Nathan Fillion (there he is again!).

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