Reid: You could’ve fooled me.
Luke: Apparently we did.

— Reid and Luke

News and Updates | September 8, 2010



Just saw that Eric and Van were #1 and #2 respectively on this week’s Soap Opera Source Pulse poll with Luke and Reid finishing #2 (to CarBo – Bo and Carly on DOOL). This is about as close to a trifecta as possible. It’s nice to have a little recognition of the yeoman work these two are doing amidst an otherwise grim week. Congrats to Van and Eric! It was incredibly well deserved and long overdue.


More to come later tonight, but I wanted to get the Michael Fairman podcast info up for those who are interested….

HUGE thanks to Michael Fairman, who  has continued to be a big supporter of the Doctors without Borders campaign, with back-to-back posts on Tragic Tuesday and again today (Weepy Wednesday?). Among other things, he gives another shout to the campaign in today’s podcast (23:20 through 25:33, News & Views)* and mentions it’s the first time in 20 years in the industry he’s every heard about fans doing anything like this, and the other soap/celebrity interviewers all seem to be aware of the campaign. Listen here.

Speaking of which, the DWB campaign hit its initial goal of $15,000 in the hours immediately following Reid’s death, and just before midnight on Tuesday, September 7th.

In the meantime, earlier in the podcast is an interview featuring Terri Columbino. Michael’s description of this segment:

Terri Colombino Interview – Our podcast soap star call-in guest, Oakdale favorite Terri Colombino, discusses Katie’s final storyline on As the World Turns as the show heads towards its final week.  Find out her thoughts on the Reid Oliver/Chris Hughes heart transplant storyline and the way it played out, the loss of Helen Wagner, and saying goodbye to the fans who have been so loyal to the 54-year-old soap.

Intro/Small talk with Terri begins after the break at about 12:20 and the actual discussions of the endgame begin at 13:40 or so. The endgame discussion ends at 17.35. Terri’s section of the podcast ends at 22.01. If you are ticked off at the ending and/or the interviews/comments from CG/VH/ESS, then this interview will not make you feel better.

UPDATE, 9 Sep: After reading others’ posts on ESS, LRO and in live chat, I sense I’m clearly in the minority on this – people don’t seem to be bothered by Terri’s comments at all. So, I guess, listen away and make your own call.

Keep in mind that this interview was clearly taped before the 9/3 episode aired (Reid leaves for Bay City), and possibly even before the episodes week of 8/30, so many of us were still holding our breath and following the journey, hoping it would indeed prove to be worthwhile.

Highlights (?):

In the intro, the male host, who I think is Michael Fairman himself, says: “It is just gutwrenching to watch what’s going on. The fanbases are in an uproar because the fans of Reid and Luke feel that they won’t get a happy ending and it’s the gay couple that doesn’t get a happy ending but Katie gets a happy ending with Chris. How do you feel about that? Have you heard any of that? After this promising intro, we get….

Small talk: I hadn’t heard that…..No it’s okay, I get it. I’m a huge fan of that couple as well. When I first heard that, I was shocked, which is a great thing because I was really hoping that they would pull out all the stop at the end because up to a week ago it was all so ho hum. Then we all found out that was going to happen – (we thought) it’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks.

Along with everything came the death of Helen Wagner and they really wanted to pay an enormous tribute to her and it took them awhile to do it right.,..Obviously they want to end the show on an upnote…but it was cathartic….I’m not sure I’d call what we saw “doing it right” given all the spoiler distractions, and I’m not even sure it qualifies as “enormous.”

But then….It was kind of funny. what he gets hit by a train? That’s weird? (incredulously) Who gets hit by a train?…Unfortunately, I just found that so funny….

Then the woman interviewer jokes, “Was he on the way there or on the way back? In other words, what was in the cooler?”

The other interviewers joke: “A six-pack.” “Everyone’s trying to visualize the train track-smushing.” “Was the train in the yard backing up?” “A big flashlight comes up….”

Terri finishes this section with: I don’t even know if they’re gonna show anything because how are they gonna get that shot?

Someone mentions that at the Paley Center event, in formal remarks, Chris Goutman praises Terri saying, “Everybody that they’ve put you with, it’s worked.”

Terri modestly expresses her appreciation for the praise and has the good sense to include in her comments: Obviously some are more successful than others. As an aside, I subscribe to elle1406’s YouTube channel – she’s like Katie’s HappyInChintz72. As the time this paragraph is being written (Wed 9/8 11.47pm GMT/6.47pm EDT, so approx. 27 hours after Tragic Tuesday ended), her clips of yesterday have a grand total of 2 (yes, that’s two) comments – and they’re both about Luke and Reid. In contrast, ADL has a  whopping 596 not to mention BombayHighway (32), smuchshypush (30). Yeah, I’d say that’s less successful. Way to pick the right couple, TPTB.

Misc. small talk follows and Terri says about watching the finale with the cast (and crew?) at a sports bar or something: We’re all gonna get together – I don’t know where we’re meeting. It’s gonna be really emotional….

The male interviewer (again, Michael Fairman, I think) then asks, what would you say to the fans?

Terri’s response: As we always say….to the fans who we do it for…who have kept us on the air for 54 years….I hope that you enjoy how it ends and that you’ll still be able to picture all your residents of Oakdale that you love years from now….I REALLY love the way it ends because it just keeps it kind of open for interpretation. It gives little hints of where people are going but it….(doesn’t nail everything down).

And finally, about working with Daniel Cosgrove (Chris Hughes): Like the train thing, we really had a heydey with that and it was suppose dot be – We had all this intensely gutwrenching stuff to work with and we were laughing all the time….To be able to do that and turn out and bring out the tears was not feat…He doesn’t take it too seriously but he’s professional at the same time.

In the meantime, on a lighter note, how big and international is this fan base?  I stumbled across this the other day:

More Than Friends Japanese Blog

Can I just tell you how amazing that is to me? That this storyline is so compelling that my random little fan video has been embedded on a Japanese language blog?  And let me tell you – I can’t read a word of katakana, but I can manage a bit of kanji – and one of the words I recognized elsewhere in the blog was “cry.” So yeah, our feelings about Luke and Reid: universal. In any language.

* The podcast clearly taped before Black Friday as they reported the campaign was at $8,000 (as of time of taping)

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  1. tama says:

    Hi!! Nice to see you!!
    I’m japanease. I always check this japanease blog.
    All of japanease lure’s fans are so so sad and we’ve cryed day and night since last week.
    Although we can’t understand English correctly, we can understand Van and Eric’s acting are amaizing!
    Well, I want to let you know about us.
    Yes!! Lure’s fans are all over the world!!
    Sorry, my English is horrible…

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