Katie: [Reid takes Katie’s box of ice cream] What are you doing? Hey, I was eating that.
Reid: No, you were inhaling it.

— Katie and Reid

Episode LiveBlog | 8 September 2010

8.56pm GMT/3.56pm EDT

Part 1 of today’s episode, courtesy of ADL:

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And part 2:

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And part 3:

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BTW, the Doctors without Borders/Eric Sheffer Stevens campaign is up to $15,365, but that doesn’t mean we should rest on our laurels.

7.50pm GMT/2.50pm EDT

Lily and Holden have obviously teleported to Brooklyn. Angus is a luddite – won’t answer his phone and no answering machine. They find Angus’s apartment and ask where he is.  Neighbor tells them where to find him.


John turns up in Lucinda’s office and says he’s not going back to Baltimore until he talks some sense into her (or something like that).


Lily and Holden find two geezers playing chess. The other guy is cutting Angus no slack while Lilden are flapping their jaws at him. Angus is rude and snarky (sound familiar?). They say they’re here to talk to him about his nephew.

Angus: Whatever that ungrateful bigmouth whelp did, it’s got nothing to do with me so why don’t you get the hell out of here before you cost me the whole damn game?


Luke at (Snyder?) Pond, alone. It’s surrounded by woods and not at all near traffic, so definitely not the same pond he took Noah to…Oh, speak of the devil": Noah turns up.


Katie telling Chris he looks so good, has his color back, etc. Babbling babbling babbling. Now I can’t wait to take you home.

Chris, momentously: Katie, whose heart do I have?

No commercial break or segue; goes straight into tomorrow’s preview:

Lily and Holden to Angus: We’re asking you to let our son put Reid to rest.

Noah and Luke (missed their dialogue)

Katie or Chris (don’t remember which): This is what Reid wanted.
Chris: Every breath I take for the rest of my life will be because of him.
Katie: Is that so terrible.

End of episode.

7.41pm GMT/2.41pm EDT

John and Lucinda, but I can’t even process what they’re saying. He’s still trying to get her to stop drinking in the morning. Lucinda whining. John lecturing her on her history and how it’s all her fault.

John finally explains how he came to town and his role in the Reid story and tells her off. He expresses his thought that Reid had a lot of potential, and was “gonna save a lot of lives.” Of course, he doesn’t connect the dots that the guy who signed the POA is her grandson. Really continuity editors/writers? Really?


Lily and Holden I think are at WOAK with a researcher. He has found a video of 12-year-old Reid and uncle Angus Oliver. They play the video which shows Angus boasting about Reid’s chess skills – as one of the youngest boys in the 11-16 bracket, he’s winning all the time and Angus thinks he could take on the 17+’s. Angus goes to put an arm around Reid and Reid flinches. (more heavy foreshadowing)

Oh please oh please don’t have Reid as an abuse victim of Uncle Angus. We know James Rebhorn can pull off incestuous child molesters – many of us who watched GL in the ‘80s will forever remember him as Bradley Raines who raped his teenaged daughter, Beth. I believe he also molested daughter Angel Snyder in an earlier appearance on ATWT. Three times would definitely NOT be the charm. Talk about hackneyed!

Tech Guy explains Angus was the kid’s mentor, took him around. He concludes that he couldn’t find him but he lives in Brooklyn. 


Noah: I feel bad for Luke but we’re not that close – we’re barely speaking right now.

Ali: You know him better than anyone else does.

Noah: I told him I didn’t want to be friends any more.

Ali: You didn’t mean it.

Noah: What am I supposed to do? Just show up? Hold his hand?

Ali: I’m sure you’ll know what to do.

Noah: The guy he fell in love with just died. I can’t. It’s too weird. I’m sorry.

Ali: Fine, Noah. Whatever. Do what you have to do. Good luck in LA.


Chris: I can just see Reid screaming at those poor saps at Bay City General: “give met that heart or else.” Luke is losing it. But seriously, why hasn’t he come in to see me yet?

Luke can’t get out of there quickly enough, muttering “I have to go.” Chris looks a bit confused at Luke’s resposne.

Luke backs up and exits, just in time to run into the jerk trustee from the golf course who tells Luke he’s so sorry for his loss and then has the nerve to start talking business. Luke tries to interject “I can’t…” and is clearly trying to get out of is protective gown, but is stuck. Jerk: I’ve already spoken to Bob Hughes.  Obviously this changes our approach to the neuro wing. Luke finally untangles himself, and gives the guy a “You asshole!” shake of his head and hightails it out of there. Really, jerk? Really?

Ohh…didn’t catch this on first viewing. Luke is still standing in Chris’s doorway when the jerk approaches him, and he stops to try to wrestle with the gown. So Chris overhears this whole conversation, hence the fade to black on Chris’s “oh shit” look.

7.31pm GMT/2.31pm EDT

John tells Lucinda to go easy on Lily.


Luke shows up at hospital, couldn’t rest. Bob and Kim being very grateful. Luke says that people thought Reid was selfish (Really? I thought that was only Noah) but he really cared immensely about his patients. Bob agrees that Reid was incredibly dedicated.

Luke asked if Reid ever said anything about his family since he’s looking for the next of kin. Bob is surprised he never said anything to Luke and he says “I guess we hadn’t gotten there yet.” (touching moment) Luke knows Chris went to medical school with Reid and asks if Chris might know. Bob says it’s too soon to talk to Chris about Reid.

Poor Luke – way to pile on, show.


Katie and Margo looking at Reid’s stuff. A small pile that fits in a small overnight bag…including the three shirts he owns.

Katie: All he ever did was work…or talk about work. And then he met Luke and it was like things started to change. It was Reid and Luke and all of a sudden there was reidandluke…he just opened up; he became more of a person (she smiles wistfully)….No that sounds wrong. He was always a person – an amazing person. But he just started to let people in; he was just starting his life (she’s crying now)….The background music playing is the music from the “What do you want from me” face touch scene. 

Margo: He was amazing. Someone who was here for such a short time and changed so many people’s lives.

Margo telling Katie that his courage will live in Chris’s heart forever, so she needs to be strong.


Luke has protective garments on and goes in to see Chris. Chris wakes. Luke looks at Chris, who starts babbling. OMG – they’re making Chris EVEN LESS appealing – I really didn’t think it was possible.

Chris: It’s a freakin’ miracle, right? Where’s your boyfriend? Out stealing votes from me? Luke shakes his head no. The face touch music is playing again. It’s okay. I’m still gonna beat him out for that COS job….He didn’t want to win because he was the last man standing. That’s why he got me this heart… Luke nods. So we could make it a fair fight, but I’m not going to take it easy on him out of gratitude, though.

Luke is looking at Chris through this monologue with a look that could easily be described as complete hatred or contempt. Luke doesn’t say a word. Thank you, Luke.

Chris: No, seriously, can you get Reid to come and see me?

Luke’s expression changes to uncertain.

Commercial break.

7.19pm GMT/2.19pm EDT

Lily: I’m so glad you came home.

Luke: Chris is awake. The doctors think he’s gonna make it.

Holden: How’re you holding up.

Luke explains the Bay City story, frighteningly emotionless. I just wanted to be there for him. He gave me the POA and I didn’t want it. I just wanted to be there. But he made me promise that Chris would get his heart if it was a match. And it was.

Holden: That was very heroic thing to do.

Luke: Everybody keeps saying that.

Lily: It’s the most selfless thing I ever heard.

Luke looks crushed: They harvested everything – his liver, both kidneys. His corneas – somebody’s gonna be out there looking through Reid’s eyes. OMG I was wrong. The COULD made this even worse for Luke. This was truly horrifying. And his skin. His skin – they use it for burn victims. I didn’t know that.

Lily: Oh baby, what can I do to help?

Luke, sobbing: Just make it so this never happened. Lily wraps Luke in a well-deserved bear hug.



Noah: Is Luke all right?

Ali: No, not really. He hasn’t slept. He’s standing guard at the hospital….He said he didn’t want to leave until he know that Chris is gonna make it….and he will…I think it’s just gonna hit him. Everything happened so fast he didn’t have time to think about it. Now…

Noah: Now, he’s got nothing but time. Noah looks like he feels really bad for Luke.

Ali: He loved Reid. I’m not saying that to make you feel bad.

Noah: No, it’s okay. I knew that…I feel so bad for Luke.

Preview clip where Ali tells Noah that Luke needs him.

Ali: He really needs you.


Luke looks exhausted. He hangs up the phone: That was the hospital. They wanted to know what I want to do with Reid’s body….He gave me POA so it’s my job to find his next of kin, but I don’t even know where to start. He didn’t have a will. I don’t think he had any family members….He worries he won’t do what Reid would want.

Lily, reassuringly: You do know best.

Luke: What if I don’t know him as well as I thought I did.

Lily: You don’t have to do any of this alone.


Margo and Katie get back to Katie’s. Margo offers to make her a “good healthy sandwich.” A sandwich. Of course. So contrived.  Who the hell says that?  So OBVIOUSLY trying to push our buttons!

Katie: You should have seen that guy eat. I always told him if he didn’t clean up his diet he was gonna….I wanna be happy for Chris, but I miss my friend…Reid.  If you were lucky enouh to really get to know him, he was unbelievable. You couldn’t help but love him.

Margo: You can’t live here with reminders of Reid all over the place (not to mention Brad?!? She could live there with the memories of Brad but not Reid? Sloppy writing.)

Katie: Reid made a terrible year better. He was so good to Jacob and me. He helped me get my life back.

Margo: We should take all of Reid’s stuff and just put it away somewhere. Really, Margo, really? How cold. Didn’t Katie just do this with Nancy?

Katie: What stuff? He didn’t have anything – just some junk food and a couple of pairs of socks….What good would it do? I refuse to let Reid be packed away and forgotten.

Margo: Reid is never going to be forgotten. By any of us. More heavy handed foreshadowing much?


John and Lucinda at the Lakeview bar.


Stuffy guy in suit from the funeral home arrives at the Lilypad.

Lily: This is my…Holden and my son Luke.

Suit: Are you the family of the deceased?

Exhausted Luke: No, but I guess I’m the closest he had to one. He gave me the Power of Attorney so I’m going to be handling the arrangements….His parents are dead and he was an only child. But like I said, I have the paperwork….I love the fact that Luke knows this about Reid (and it’s also what I always pictured for Reid’s backstory). It makes me feel like some of these alleged dates and relationship building things really did happen off-screen. We just missed it.

Suit: blah blah blah But without the authorization from Mr Oliver’s family.

Rooftop Luke: DOCTOR Oliver. And he WANTED me to make the arrangements.

Suit: I can’t handle the arrangements without permission of a relative.

Bitchy Luke (rightfully so): Is this a gay thing? Because I don’t have the energy for this right now.

Suit: It also happens to be a matter of law.

Holden: But that’s not why you’re refusing us, is it?

Lily: Obviously we’ve hired the wrong man for this job. Will you leave my house? NOW?

Luke: That guy says it’s the law and even hospital says they need a next of kin to figure out what to do with the body. What am I going to do?

Holden: It’s okay. We’ll take care of it.

Commercial break.

7.07pm GMT/2.07pm EDT

Katie: Just concentrate on getting better….before you turn this place into party central (more quoting of Reid).

Chris: Reid Oliver is no party. Jeez, could they make Chris any less likable?

John tells Chris he’s the patient and everyone needs to get out. More smooches for Katie.

Lily and Holden at the Lilypad (there may have been a scene in the pre-credits with them as well, that was blotted out by the weather forecast). Lily: He was in love with Reid. I don’t know if he knew it. But if you saw the two of them together it was obvious they were crazy about each other. My heart is just breaking for him…We need to go find Luke.

Holden: Kim said he doesn’t want to see anyone….He’s probably still trying to come to terms. You know Luke….He’s going to try to take care of us. Good point, Holden. He was so protective of Katie yesterday. But stilll…

Lucinda turns up.

Lucinda: Is Luke all right? My heart is bleeding for him.

Lily, coldly: Thank you – I’ll make sure he knows.

Lucinda: We’ve got to pull together for Luke.

Rooftop Lily: Luke NEEDS the person he loved to be alive! Can you bring Reid Oliver back?  Thank you, Lily. Who woulda thunk THIS would be Lily’s reaction? Thank you. Perhaps she is redeemable.

Lucinda: Where’s Luke.

Holden: He’s at the hospital.

Lucinda: He’s ALONE?!? ….

Holden: He’s not ready to see anyone yet….I’m not sure I believe this, Holden.

Lucinda: Lily, let me back in. Let me help.

Lily: I need to focus on Luke. I need to do something to help him.


Luke once again sitting in a chair looking like he just lost his best friend. Oh yeah. He did.

Ali tells Luke that things are good, that everyone else has had a chance to go in and see Chris and the ICU staff said he’s awake (funny, his ICU room looks an awfully lot like his pre-op and holding tank room).

Luke, afraid to ask: And how’s Reid’s heart?

Ali: It’s heart is healthy, beating, and saved Chris’s life. At least his heart gets to live on. Luke looks relieved and devastated. At least Reid made sure something good came out of it. Reid was being Reid to the very end, always going to bat for his patients. If that doesn’t say what kind of man he was….Since when did Ali join Team Reid?

Luke: You were in the operating room during the surgery. What was it like… for Reid…when they took out his heart? Luke looks so devastated and scared.

Ali: It was really peaceful. Respectful. Everyone in there knew Reid, knew what he had done for Chris. How brave he was. It was very reverent. Oh my god, Luke is killing me. He looks marginally comforted, but he’s leaking. It was like everyone knew life was being given to Chris, while Reid was losing his. It was a sacred moment. But the most important thing to know, Luke, is by the time Reid got into the OR, he was gone. The machines were keeping himself alive. He didn’t even look like himself any more. The part that made Reid Reid had already moved on. I promise you that he was in no pain.

Luke, sobbing: Thank you. He leaves on his own,  while Ali asks if he needs a ride.


Hugheses in the hallway outside Chris’s room, discussing how to tell Chris about Reid. They agree to keep Chris out of it as long as they can so it doesn’t hinder his recovery. Kim hugs John and thanks him.

Margo acknowledges that John’s been gone for years with no contact. John: Do you really want to get into this now?

Margo: Thank you for everything you did for Chris, his family, and my sister.


Ali walks into Java. Noah asked Ali what happened to her last night. “Huh?” she asks, shellshocked. Noah: Remember? Today’s my last day before I leave for LA. Could they make Noah sound any  more self-absorbed and jerklike? 

Ali says she lost track of time: I’ve been at the hospital something like 36 hours straight.

Noah: Was it a hard case? Ali explains it was a work situation. A bad one.

Ali: Unbelievably hard….I have to talk to you about Reid Oliver.

Noah, laughs scornfully: No, you don’t! I’m glad I have my sight back but the guy’s still a jerk….There’s nothing you could say about Reid that I want to hear. Whoops I was wrong. Apparently they can make Noah sound like even more of a jerk."

Ali: Noah, he’s dead. Fade out on Noah’s face, looking appropriately disturbed by the news.

Commercial break.

6.59pm GMT/1.59pm EDT

It’s time. TVPC working, but flash flood warning going. Ugh.

I’ll live blog with most recent posts first since I don’t know of any reason why people won’t want to read to the end….unlike yesterday.

Okay, here we go. Sneak peek scene with Ali bringing coffee to Luke.

Katie asleep. Margo says someone wants to see you.

Bloody Chris is awake already. Bob and Kim and John present. John in scrubs, Bob in street clothes – nice to see Bob the man, not the doctor here. Kim: thanks to John and to your father you’re going to have a long and happy life. Forgetting anyone, Kim?

Katie comes in.

John: All systems go.

Chris: now we can go dancing…

Katie: Are you in pain?

Chris: Only when I think…I gotta thank Reid Oliver for getting me this heart in time. Where is that jerk (he says weakly, but jokingly).

All look uncomfortable. Rightfully so.

Opening credits.

5.50pm GMT/12.50pm EDT

Today’s sneak peek, courtesy of ADL:

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See you soon….

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    I don’t know if anyone here can help with a music video of LuRe with “Permanent” by David Cook.

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