Let me guess. You both belong to the same country club. Or no, your wives play bridge together.

— Reid (to Bob and Judge)

News and Updates | September 15, 2010

UPDATE, 15 Sep, 8.50pm EDT: SOS Pulse Results were just posted for the week of September 6th. Van #2, Eric #3, LuRe #2. Can’t believe Van’s not #1, but gotta give credit to Eric for coming in #3, despite dying 20 minutes into his only episode and having probably fewer than 2 dozen words to say!

UPDATE, 15 Sep, 7.41pm EDT: Michael Fairman just confirmed on Van’s Facebook that the “special interview” promised for this Friday immediately following the last ATWT is indeed the one with Van Hansis! It will be posted 5pm Eastern/2pm Pacific Time. As MF put it himself, “We saved the best for last.”

CBS has on its website a series of photos, classic clips, and interviews. I didn’t see a photo or interview with Van, but there is a great photo of Eric and a truly awful interview (it’s so old, or the transcriber was so bad that he refers to the blind guy as Luke!).

Speaking of Eric, yesterday’s Buzzworthy interview on BlogTalkRadio is available for download via iTunes in PodCast form.  Incidentally, in case you missed it, his July 26th interview with OutTakes on BlogTalkRadio is also available via iTunes if you follow this link.

Over at ATV Network, they are taking a poll of best Best TV/Film Gay Kisses (it won’t hard to guess which one I suggested!).

In the meantime author Kate Davies, who has made several blog entries about Reid and LuR has posted a hysterical and spot-on list of 10 Things I’ve Learned from the End of ATWT.

Van was busy posting on his Facebook page last night (contents only visible to those whose Friend requests he’s accepted). Among some new entries to the music mix he’s been posting, and his usual gracious thanks to the adoration, he mentioned having done a “recent” interview with Michael Fairman.

Meanwhile, Michael Fairman tweeted late last night: “Very extra special interview coming on Friday right after the final episode of ATWT airs on all coasts. Can u guess who it could be?” Not sure if these are one and the same…unless Michael’s actually managed to get TPTB to respond to some of the outrage.

Last: donations in honor of Van’s birthday on September 25th can be made to the Walnut Hill School for the Arts, Van’s alma mater. In the meantime the Eric Sheffer Stevens/Doctors without Borders is still creeping up, and currently stands at $16,520.

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