Reid: I don’t like you.
Luke: Yeah, I got that.
Reid: But Noah didn’t ask for this, and his movies are gonna be pretty rough if he can’t see.

— Reid and Luke

Episode LiveBlog | 16 September 2010

Fri  17 Sep 5.34am GMT/12.34am EDT

Today’s clip, in Full HD, courtesy of smuchshypush:

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7.54pm GMT/2.54pm EDT


DustNet’s baby Lorenzo’s christening – they ask Jack to be godfather.

Lily: Who knew John Dixon would be the answer to my prayers?
Holden: I thought that was my job (could they have written a cheesier line?)

Margo/Katie having some idea simultaneously. Chris convalescing at Katie’s place where REID should be: Tom, I’m scared.

Bob: I can’t believe I’m retiring.

Just one more left.

7.44pm GMT/2.44pm EDT

Sheesh – they keep starting acts with Nuke scenes and I keep missing the first line.

Noah: I’m not gonna ask you to come with me, though it would be great to have you there.

Grown-up Luke: I can’t. No sentimentality or “I wish I could but I can’t.”

Noah: I know.

Luke, shrugging apologetically: Look, I know I didn’t now him that long, and it may seem like I’m making more of it than what we actually had, but…

Noah: Luke, I get it – you loved him. It wasn’t some infatuation or fling.  It was real. You need to honor that.…and him. Luke is looking at Noah – I think like he’s grateful Noah is understanding.

Luke: You do get that.

Noah: I love you.

Luke, smiles and shakes his head: Noah….

Noah: That’s why you need to stay here and do what you need to do. Grieve and heal.

Luke, seriously: Okay.

Noah, looking hopeful: And maybe one day soon, when and if you’re ready – you can get on a plane and I’ll be waiting.

Luke kind of gives a little, yeah, right, maybe, but probably not (not snarky) look.

Noah kisses him. On the lips. Luke responds like a dead fish (he keeps his hands in his pockets the whole time, like the mourning boyfriend SHOULD, thank you, Van) and looks a little surprised afterwards. Not smiling, not goofy, not sentimental. Thank heavens for small miracles.

Noah picks up his bag and leaves. Luke watches him go. The expression on Luke’s face is almost indescribable. Clearly he’s got a million thoughts going in his head and he’s feeling something watching Noah go. But he’s also clearly still thinking of Reid. Van rocks.


Lucinda Alexandra Walsh finds John Fletcher Dixon and asks: Does Amsterdam still stand?


On the doorstep of the Lilypad.

Lily – thanks for the moral support. So I’ll see you later?

Holden looks confused.

Lily: Ethan, bedtime story.

Holden: I’ll be here.

Lily: I’ll look forward to it. See you then.

Holden takes a few steps out the door then stops. This is clearly the scene Jon Hensley was talking about in his recent Nelson Branco interview, where he was channeling Martha Byrne. By the time he turns around to face Noelle/Lily, his face is full of emotion. (OMG 2:54 Brian Bloom)

Holden: Smell that?

Lily: Burning leaves.

Holden: Does that remind you of anything?

OMG Jon Hensley is killing this scene.

Lily: You told me you were the stable boy – but when you looked at me you wanted to kiss me.

Holden: I still do.

I think Lily quotes whatever her line is from the original scene.

Holden: Yes, maam.

They kiss. Wow, Jon was doing double-duty pulling all of us who watched this original scene along with him. Definitely got me by the heartstrings.


Janet: all my dreams came true without even looking.

So unfair.

Nurse tosses everybody out.. Liberty goes off to pursue her career.


Jack starting to worry what’s wrong with Carly (didn’t she have some fatal brain disease she didn’t tell Jack about at some point?)

Carly: It’s nothing big, well it is…

Jack, worrying: Whatever it is, I can handle it. Whatever’s wrong with you, we’ll fix it together.

Carly: I love you, G-man. Aw, that line got me….We’re gonna need you more than ever.

Jack: Who’s we, Carly?

Carly: Well, me, Parker, JJ, Sage…and our baby. We’re gonna have a baby.

OMG – they did it, too. They made me feel for them, too. It’s all that G-Man line – I’m a sucker for good nicknames.

They kiss.

7.37pm GMT/2.37pm EDT

Janet asks for a moment with Jack. He says Carly’s with the doctor and they hope it’s just a bug. Jack: “I’m happy for you; there’s nothing to be sorry about.” Nurse mistakes Jack for the father, and he and Janet say a poignant goodbye – I guess you could call it poignant (I wasn’t paying attention).


Grown-up Lily tells Lucinda that she was really mad at Lucinda.

Lucinda asks why she’s here and I think Lily says “for my son?”

Lily tells her she doesn’t want to see her for awhile. I’m just giving myself Time to forgive you, and giving you time to think about what you’ve done. Gah – I can’t even hear the word time with that pregnant pause in front of it any more without thinking about that damned Encouragement scene.

Holden sez, “Yeah, what she sed. Goodbye Lucinda.”

Lily: Goodbye, mother

Lucinda leaves.

Holden and Lily get close.


Luke and Noah are back in an office at WOAK. I can hardly recognize it as the set of the first kiss. Which, after reading snicks’ liveblog, makes me wonder – what is the nominal reason they’re there? I mean, obviously I know the writing team wanted them to end up there to close the circle, but Luke has no connection to WOAK at this point (unless Lily still owns part of it, but even still). Why would the camera be there of all places, not at say….his house…or in LA  with his other presents? I suppose someone on staff could have recommended the camera or pulled strings to get it for him? Totally contrived. But then again, Lily and Holden teleported to and from Brooklyn in an hour or so, so who knows.

Luke gives Noah a professional looking big mutha movie camera: It’s what you’ve always wanted.

Noah: It’s what I’ve always wanted since it came on the market about 5 minutes ago! This is too much.

Luke: It’s just the beginning. Wait until you see all the film stock my mom got you in LA.

Noah: Oh what, is your dad gonna send me out a horse (LOL)?

Luke: Recording equipment. We believe in you – all of us. So you have to get on that plane and make your movies.

Noah: All right, but under one condition….You take a break from building your beautiful new hospital wing and visit me on the set.

Luke: Will we be able to eat from those craft service carts (at least I think that’s what he said)?

Noah: How about a hot dog place on La Brea?

Luke, smiling (wow, he looks great today!): Deal.

Noah, looking around: So we are gonna do our goodbyes here.

Luke: It’s where we first met.

Noah: And it’s where we had our first kiss.

Missed a couple of cutesy but not lovey dovey lines (minor toddler crisis – he has impeccable timing). They notice they’re standing on the spot of their first kiss and share a meaningful look as they cut to next scene.

Luke, nods and does a very subtle smile. Van does this thing where he looks down with his eyes, but, significantly, he clearly looks down – like to Noah’s chin or chest – not his lips. Thank you, Van. It’s sentimental, but not wistful or longing. Thank you,  Van, director and writers.


Jack to Carly: What’s wrong?

Carly: Jack, maybe you ought to sit down.

Commercial break. 7.44pm.

7.26pm GMT/2.26pm EDT

Jack looks sad – John is very happy to be an unofficial grandfather. “I’m sorry you had to hear about it like that.” Yeah, right, John, we believe you. Dusty didn’t authorize me to do that – I did it on my own.

Jack says it’s better for Dusty and Janet – Jack tells Dusty to go tell Janet.

John sees Carly, they pause for a beat (it’s nice to acknowledge their history, however briefly): Carly, it’s been a long time. I think you wound up with the right guy, anyway.


Dusty: He’s ours.

DustNet declare their love for each other and kiss.


John arrives at the LakeView bar and celebrates. Lucinda just happens to walk in as John is celebrating becoming a grandfather. John tells her that he tried to talk Lily into talking to her. “Declare victory and leave with me.” John has a teaching gig in Amsterdam (isn’t this what Alex and Fletcher did on GL? How unoriginal).

Lucinda’s phone rings and it’s Lily.

Grown-up Lily: Hello, mother.

Lucinda, gushing: It’s so nice to hear your voice.

Lily asks her to come over. Lucinda will be right there. Holden looking on supportively.


Luke: Don’t you dare do this for me. Don’t give up the chance of a liftetime to sit around here and hold my hand.

Noah: You were here for me. I lost my sight and you spent every waking hour taking care of me; researching surgeons, doing everything up to and including cutting my own food.

Luke: But I didn’t give up my dream for you.

Noah: But you would have you would have.

Luke: If it would have helped, I would have. But Noah, this is not gonna help. Reid is still gonna be gone and I am still gonna be grieving – if anything it will make me feel worse because I’ll feel like I’m stealing from you.

Noah: Okay, let’s just talk about this after my shift. Noah starts to wipe down the table they were sitting at. Someone on Facebook pointed out that Noah isn’t wearing his Java shirt today – of course, he COULDN’T because then Luke would have figured out at the beginning of the scene that Noah was planning to stay and they never would have had all the bonding we just witnessed!

Luke, raising his voice: Wasn’t your flight today? Do you still have your ticket.

Noah: Will you pipe down? You’re gonna get me fired.

Grown-up Luke: Good!

Luke puts an arm around him and steers him to the counter to talk to the guy behind the counter.

Luke: You are gonna have to go find someone else to make lattes because this guy needs to go be the next Spielberg.

He playfully pats Noah on the chest as he’s talking about him. Noah tries to protest, Luke smiles and cuts him off, then grabs him by the hand forearm and drags him out the door.

*sniffle* This scene reminds me SO much of the scene where Reid walks up to Bob and Mona and Luke arrives on the scene, puts an arm around him, just like he does here, and puts words in Reid’s mouth, just like he does for Noah here. The big difference – Reid needed someone to look out for him and interfere – it always drove Noah crazy, though he’s not complaining here (maybe this is Noah’s growth that we’re finally seeing – I just don’t buy all the nice words about Reid – they sound too forced to me).

They’re REALLY trying to pull on both fanbases here – words for Reid, actions for Noah. Ugh.


Lily – I’d feel better if you were here holding my hand.

Holden takes her hands.

Lily You’ll stay?

Holden: As long as you need me. 

Near kisses and Lucinda walks in: That’s what I want to see.

Not knowing how to quit while she’s ahead, Lucinda adds gloatingly: When I’ m right, I’m right.

Lily does the patented Bitchy Luke at close of scene look at Lucinda.


Jack wants to know what’s up with Janet. Nurse says they’re running tests.

Liberty comes out and Jack goes in to see the happy family.

More commercials. 7.34pm

7.18pm GMT/2.18pm EDT

Oh – that was sudden – I missed the beginning of the scene.

Luke: I just can’t believe that Reid’s gone. That has to count for something.

Noah: He saved Chris Hughes’s life.

Luke (trying to convince himself to feel better): Yeah. (BTW, Van is rocking these scenes – again a big range of emotion from smiling sentimentally from Lucinda’s offer to memorialize Reid, to Grown-up Luke telling her off, to sad lost Luke).

Noah: Chris is doing okay – no rejection problems, right?

Luke: Not one. And everyone else who got Reid’s organs is doing well, too….Luke smiles….We can keep going with this ‘cause this is helping.

Noah: What about all the patients who will use the new neuro wing? That was Reid’s brainchild.

Luke, smiling broadly: I’m gonna make sure it’s the finest facility in the country. Good for you, Luke, except you still might as well light a match under it since it will be run by either Channing or Richard Meredith.

Noah stares admiringly at Luke.

Luke: What?

Noah: You. You’re so much more focused. You’re not the same Luke I met at WOAK – that kid who didn’t know who he was or what what he wanted. You figured it all out.

Luke, smiles: For now maybe – so when are you going to LA? I have something I need to give you…

Noah: No rush – In fact I should get back behind the counter…

Grown-up Luke: Wait what are you doing.

Noah: What does it look like I’m doing?

Luke: The hell you are!


No! Holden just put his hands over Lily’s echoing the previous scene. Gag.


Back at Memorial, they wheel off Janet. Dusty and Jack wonder where Carly went. Jack goes to look for her.

John wants to know what happened to Dusty.

Jack finds Carly and asks what she’s doing out in the hall on her own. Carly says Jack should be there with the baby, Jack says he should be there with her.

John ran the DNA test – save your apology and buy me a cigar. What I’m saying is Jack Snyder is NOT the father of that child, you are. Of course, CarJack come around the corner just in time to hear.

Commercial break. Jeez, more? Already?

7.09pm GMT/2.09pm EDT

Jack walks over to say hello. Carly and Dusty look awkward. He is pretty big to be premature. Dusty says there’s no way to get an ambulance so Jack needs to drive.


Grown-up Luke: I learned something when Reid died – life is short. There is not time to waste with holding grudges. You need to go to mom and make this right.

Lucinda: I won’t be welcome.

Grown-up Luke: Who cares, you need to try. Go! Go to mother. Please. Thank you.

Noah arrives: what was that about?

Luke: She and my mother got into a fight and she thinks it’s okay if they never speak to each other again, to give up….Reid never gave up….When he died, he was so calm, like ‘I’m going to die, just take my organs.’ Like he didn’t matter….We didn’t matter.

Noah tries to be sympathetic: At the end who did he want to talk to and who did he want to be with? You?

Luke kind of has an “I guess so look” and nods sadly (tears in the eyes). there are two very quiet lines I missed because my toddler has the GameBoy on – the price we pay for free time.

Luke: Reid was brave. He was a good man.

Noah: Yeah. He was. I wish we could all be like Reid.

Noah puts his hand over Luke’s. Gag. ETA: Okay, I just watched the clip and caught these two lines – I kind of wish I hadn’t. Noah’s line is a real doozy. After his last “pre-death-notification” line (“There is nothing you have to say about Reid Oliver that I want to hear”) all of Noah’s gushing about Reid (not to mention every one else in town’s) comes off as SOOOOO insincere.


John lecturing Lily, too. Holden says John’s full of it.


Carly is gracious and says next time they’ll honeymoon in Paris. Jack’s not really gonna leave her at this cabin alone is he? No way. Poor Carly looks like she’s gonna cry. Oh phew, she picks up her bag and looks sadly at the cabin.

Commercial break – are they doing double-duty to make up for yesterday or something? Another break already? It’s only 7.14pm!

7.00pm GMT/2.00pm EDT

CarJack return home arrive at a remote cabin, which of course Dusty and Janet have chosen to have the baby in, in wedding finery to find DustNet in contractions. Dusty calling to Jack for help and Jack just told Dusty to do it himself?!


At Java, Lucinda: I’ve been thinking about your young man.

Luke, does an awesome little flirty smile – like even thinking about other people thinking about him makes him happy: Reid? Why?

Lucinda: I want to do something for him, but I don’t know what he’d like. An endowment? A memorial?

Luke, smiles: I’m not so sure he’d go for it, but’ I’d like it. I’d like him to be remembered.

Lucinda: I hardly got to know him.

Luke: You’ woulda liked him; you guys are very similar (did we not all call that, or what)?

Lucinda: Oh dear, I hope not.

Luke is smiling: Grandmother, what did you do, now? (just like he would say to Reid. Aww.……)


Lilden returning to the Lilypad in wedding finery. Lily thanks Holden for walking her home. They actually look nice together. Lily asks Holden if he wants to go inside. Holden hates things not simple anymore. Lovey dovey talk. Then John shows up and interrupts: “I didn’t mean to interrupt.” H He makes the mistake of mentioning Lucinda. Rooftop Lily (or maybe it’s Bitchy Lily) tells John to take a hike and runs inside.


Carly in her white dress offers to help. Jack tells her to sit. Janet gives birth.

Commercial break.

6.41pm GMT/1.41pm EDT

Okay, after technical problems from #@$*&@^ I’m back. And of course life is so unfair. Now that Reid is….well, you know….There are THREE working livestreams: both of JayJay’s plus TVPC. The JayJay’s on the right is higher def with a nice big embedded viewer.

1.17pm GMT/8.17am EDT

For your handy reference, not that you’ll need it for much longer….

6.32am GMT/1.32am EDT

The penultimate one!

It’s hard to believe it’s been a weeks since Luke’s 72-hour day finally came to an end and he finally laid poor Reid’s ashes to rest 🙁

Luke and Noah are confirmed for today. Let’s hope it does Reid justice!

I don’t believe there is a sneak peek involving Luke or Noah, but here is this week’s preview clip, including their segment, courtesy of bombayhighway:

Video v=j0_i4a0cR_8 not found

See you in a few hours!

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