Reid: You think I’m homophobic. That’s hysterical.
Luke: Why don’t you let me in on the joke, doctor? What, is your best friend gay? Or your mom? Or your dad? Who?
Reid: Me, Mr Snyder. I’m gay.

— Reid and Luke

News and Updates | October 8, 2010

Hard to believe it’s already been over a month since Reid’s death and that we’re soon coming up on a month post-ATWT.

  • LuRe to OLTL campaign
  • Next up for Van and Eric: Occupant and The Big C
  • LuRe/Nuke fundraising updates
  • More praise for Van Hansis
  • Miscellaneous post-mortems

LuRe to OLTL Campaign

I have received an email from a Luke and Reid fan who has started a thread on the ABC fanboard for their soap, One Life To Live. In it, she writes:

Could you please do a post on you site to ask fans to go to the abc website and go under One Life To Live to make a positive comment about bringing LuRe to OLTL? I posted (under nrobyar) a topic Could Luke and Reid be lured to OLTL? It has gotten over 1000 views in a few days but hardly anyone over there knows who they are. If we could get some LuRe fans to go on there and comment it would draw more attention (also the more hits the more attention it would get).

Passante has moved over there as one of the show’s writers. She said in a recent interview she would like to "write the hell out of the characters of Luke and Reid." This story was just beginning and needs to continue.

OLTL could only benefit from the millions of viewers they would gain with LuRe. I am sure they could resurrect Reid through a dream scene (or some other clever ploy). Viewers would FAR prefer them to KISH once they saw them together, the the same way we ALL prefer LuRe to Nuke. I mean, there is simply NO ONE else with that kind of on-screen chemistry….

As I said to the originator of the email, I am happy to post the information for you to make your own judgment, but personally I am skeptical. For starters, Van has said he’s not interested in a contact soap role at this time, and in a recent interview, Eric named film, prime time, and theatre as his next steps (basically every thing BUT daytime).

The writer responded:

Well, money talks and….OLTL is based in New York, soaps allow actors much free time so, Eric COULD still concentrate on theatre and do the soap. 

I think Van might reconsider if he were to be teamed with Eric again.  I mean, they have to know what great chemistry they had on screen and, when Van was asked in an interview about his favorite storylines he said "everything to do with the Reid story." That story was barely beginning and we all want to see the story played out. 

Passante on OLTL or Kreitzman on AMC has the history of the characters and wrote for them in the past so either of them could do the characters justice.  There is ALWAYS some clever way to erase the Reid death (dream scene, whatever) or, even bring them in as new characters if that’s the only way to get them. 

I have already gotten over 1300 hits on the OLTL board and it’s only been on there a week or so…at least it’s generating some interest.  And that is only with the OLTL viewers.  That’s why it is important to get some of the LuRe fans over there to comment.  If we could generate enough interest with their viewers to get them to watch some of the videos, they would be hooked too.  Any publicity LuRe gets, can only help the actors, even if they did not want to do the soap…

A few more thoughts I would be remiss not to point out.

  • OLTL is vilified by many in the LGBT community for their treatment of the Kish storyline (arguably abandoning the couple immediately and suddenly after their relationship was established – and they had their barrier-breaking love scene). The anger directed towards OLTL is all the more intense due to speculation/accusations of mistreatment of the actors personally (not just the characters).
  • Perhaps the only PTB in soapland more villified by the LGBT community than the OLTL management are ATWT Executive Producer Christopher Goutman and Head Writer Jean Passanante. If you’ve read this far, you don’t need me to tell you that many LuRe fans feel they killed the LuRe relationships through endless cockblocking, recurring Nolephants, and, of course, the train. I don’t doubt that many would prefer that the characters remain alive only through fan fiction rather than suffer the pen of Jean Passanante. Editor’s Note: David Kreizman, former Head Writer for ATWT, has escaped largely unscathed because he is credited with creating the Reid Oliver character, and left ATWT before what many perceive as the decline in writing/relationship quality for LuRe.
  • An astute poster on LRO points out that the characters of Luke Snyder and Reid Oliver are owner by P&G/Telenext media who have been very clear that they are interested in getting out of the soap business. But having contacted them directly, I can also tell you, they have NO (as in nil, zero, zilch, absolutely none) interest in reselling rights for any portion of their properties.
  • In a recent interview with Crystal Chappell (sorry, can’t remember the source) the interviewer (Nelson Branco? Michael Fairman? pointed out that when actors are brought onto a new soap with different characters that they are rarely able to re-ignite the on-screen chemistry that made them so popular. I take GL’s Otalia as a classic example. For me, Venice, released from the corporate CBS/P&G shackles is able to be much freer in its storytelling (and is hence much hotter), but I am not nearly as big a fan of the pairing as I was of Otalia because it lacks the backstory that resonates for me (Olivia’s man-eating history, Gus’s heart, Olivia and Natalia’s antagonistic battle for Gus’s affections, Natalia’s religion, daughter Emma as a bond, etc etc). Editor’s note: If you are not familiar with Otalia, they will be the subject of a future post.

That being said, despite the above caveats, this is the lead story in this News update for a reason. I agree with the writer: keeping LuRe, Van, and Eric in the news in a good light is a good thing. Any attention directed at their popularity is a good thing for letting viewers, TPTB, and the general public know that people really cared about this couple – this gay couple. And that they made a difference and we would like to see more positive portrayals of couples such as Luke and Reid. So, despite being pessimistic about the likely direct result, I wholeheartedly support the effort because of possible indirect influence.

As of this afternoon, the thread had nearly 1600 hits and 100 posts. Check it out here: Could Luke and Reid be lured over to One Life to Live??? I haven’t had a chance to read the thread, but I believe you need to either register or log in with a Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter account to reply.

What’s Next for Van and Eric: Occupant and The Big C

Many fans have been eagerly awaiting opportunities to see Van and Eric again.

Van took off several weeks of April/May (accounting for much, though certainly not all, of the lack of LuRe airtime this summer) to film the independent thriller Occupant. Though filming has been completed for awhile, the production company has yet to publish a release date.

However, on the Van Hansis LiveJournal page, they recently posted the following message regarding generating sufficient interest to get the film released:

One of the key ways to do this is to show a following on Twitter and Facebook. But the most important statistic we can show is the number of "hits" on our official website…

So we need your help!!! Please encourage all Van fans and friends of yours to check out our website and view our new trailer.

And then we have one other help request: One of Van’s big fans is Perez Hilton. Would you tweet him about Occupant and Van and direct him to our website?

The Occupant website had three trailers posted at the beginning of this week (including briefly featuring what appears to be a shirtless and scared/angry Van! – see Trailer #2 just after the 1 minute mark – at least I think it’s Van; not that I’m shallow or anything?!) as well as a short interview with Van regarding his role in the movie. It appears from trailers, storyline, and billing, that the movie revolves around him and that he is indeed very central to the flick.

Meanwhile, Eric has a guest spot on Showtime’s series The Big C which is due to air in two Mondays, 18th October (10.30pm ET/MT). He’s been pretty quiet so a few have hypothesized that it’s a small role. Regardless, I’m sure many fans will take whatever they can get!

For international viewers, or those without Showtime, there are a number of sites that offer download or streaming capabilities. I haven’t had a chance to look, but I was able to watch this Monday’s episode just now at You have to put up with some pop-up ads to get to the links where you can watch the show, but it does eventually show up, and plays in a nice large viewer.

LuRe/Nuke Fundraising Updates

LiveJournal writer indigo-5 has posted a summary of all the various fundraising activities on behalf of Van, Jake and Eric. In this post, indigo-5 writes:

I’ve been trying to think of a way to make something positive out of the situation, so I figured, why not focus on the amazing things that the fans have done over the past few years and see if we could harness our collective energies to keep that going? These numbers come from various sources and are as official as I was able to find. I know I’m probably missing stuff, so please feel free to add or correct. But just based on the below, man, this fandom rocks.

As of October 6, 2010, fans of the gay characters on ATWT have raised the following*:

More Praise for Van Hansis

Not that LuRe fans needed any reminding, but Van continued to reap accolades for his work during the final two weeks of ATWT. The week the show ended, TV Guide Canada’s weekly poll asked: “Who has been knocking it out of the acting park lately?” Though I don’t know how to find final results, just before the pool was taken down, with 5533 votes cast, it stood at:

  • Van Hansis, ‘World Turns’ – 49%
  • Kimberly McCullough, ‘GH’ – 3%
  • Tricia Cast, ‘Y&R’ – 3%
  • Steve Burton, ‘GH’ – 0%
  • Melody Thomas Scott, ‘Y&R’ – 1%
  • Michelle Stafford, ‘Y&R’ – 1%
  • Scott Clifton, ‘B&B’ – 41%
  • Debbi Morgan, ‘AMC’ – 1%
  • Jon Hensley, ‘World Turns’ – 0%
  • Eric Martsolf, ‘Days’ – 1%

Also, giving Van the soap magazine trifecta, Soap Opera Digest named Van their Performer of the Week, joining CBS Soaps in Depth (Gold Star) and Soap Opera Weekly (Applause Applause) who had both previously singled out Van’s recent work.

Last, Greg Hernandez, in a “Happy belated birthday to Van Hansis” post on his blog writes about Van:

He’s got great talent and a huge fan base and no doubt will have many opportunities come his way…Whatever else he decides to do, a lot of us will be watching!

Miscellaneous Post-Mortems

Meanwhile, SOD’s never-shy Carolyn Hinsey shares her views on the finale which include:

  • ATWT’s finale was the best I’ve ever seen, but the weks leading up to it were a scattered mess.
  • After watching those twits (Faith and Liberty, I presume?) fight over a college acceptance letter when there were four episodes left (!), we then had to suffer through Craig’s sudden son interrupting the (CarJack wedding) festivities.

She goes on to propose her own version of an appropriate CarJack wedding sendoff to the venerable show, featuring the full cast of characters (and references to those off-screen – anyone remember Emma?) rather than the pathetic subset who actually attended. The highlight for LuRe fans? She proposes that “Luke and Reid bust in to say they got hitched.” (click the next button in the gallery to read the second page of the article).

Equally unshy Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada offers a few takes in his late September columns. In the 20th September Soapgeist, he says:

Clearly, the much hyped about and ultimately disappointing World Turns finale was written by Pollyanna herself (look, after 54 years everyone is all of a sudden happy at the same time — well, except for the gay characters, natch), it was the sudser’s penultimate episode that really captivated me.

It’s a shame World Turns didn’t end their 54-year run with Carly and Jack’s wedding instead of fast-forwarding the next day to a month in advance…Having said that, the bright spots in the show’s final few days included the always consistent and impressive Jon Hensley’s quiet yet powerful subtextual reaction to his past, present and future relationship with the love of his life, Lily, that should net him an Emmy nod next year; Jake Silbermann and Van Hansis’s bittersweet goodbye as Nuke, where Silbermann finally delivered a pitch-perfect performance (it actually drew tears from this cynical viewer along with making me wistful for the days of one of TV’s most historic and iconic couples); and last but certainly not least, the incomparable Larry Bryggmann and Liz Hubbard’s undeniable and eternal magic as those young kids at heart, John and Lucinda, as the couple decided to take yet another chance at love in Amsterdam (say hi to Tony Geary for me, kids!).

When it came to the lame, contrived and ultimately frustrating final hour of World Turns, P&G once again maintained, as it did with Guiding Light and Another World finales, that true happiness can only be achieved by being married and having babies. Funny, since the past tumultuous 54 years of Oakdale of divorce, affairs, illegitimate babies, rape, violence, and romantic despair proved quite the opposite. Maybe Luke is better off single and independent. To quote Whitney Houston, the relationship you have with yourself is really “the greatest love of all.” And perhaps that’s the legacy I will take away from this iconic serial. Thanks, Luke!

Nelson followed up a few days later with his 24th September Suds Report where he reported on the ESS/DWB campaign reaching $20,000, and teased about asking Crystal Chappell whether or not she has plans to cast Van Hansis, Jake Silbermann, Scott Evans and Eric Sheffer Stevens in Venice Season 3! Editor’s Note: She doesn’t, but jokes, “Have them call me.”

He also drops this gem:

“I am aware of [the backlash]. I was at the Paley Center doing a panel and a couple of people kind of accosted me — this is before it even aired. The fact that it happened to be a gay guy that died is completely arbitrary and coincidental. I’m a little stunned that there’s this attitude that, you know, we can’t interrupt a gay romance, as if we haven’t done exactly that with straight romances.”

World Turns hack writer Jean Passanante defending her decision to kill off Reid to

Translation: Because we treat our gay romances exactly the same as our straight couples. Well, except for that whole kissing, sex, and life thing.

Last, Soap Opera Digest adds still more insult to injury to LuRe fans by quoting Jean Passanante as explaining LuRe’s celibacy with, “It’s one of the things Luke was cheated out of, but it’s also a testament to Noah.” In the same article, as a small consolation, Van says, “The fact that they didn’t sleep together was addressed by Luke and it’s one of his biggest regrets, so it’s not like it’s glazed over.”

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