Luke: Uh, do you have a minute, just to talk?
Reid: Not really. This hospital’s full of whining hypochondriacs. Must be something in the water.

— Luke and Reid

1/19 to 2/1 Highlights | Why Did Reid Fall?

Why Did Reid Fall?

This video captures a bit of (I believe) every Luke and Reid interaction in the first several episodes (from January 19 to February 1). Timestamped moments can be found in the video description if you click through to watch via YouTube.

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….and the continuation, previously posted…

When Did Reid Fall?

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Back in June, when Reid dropped the epic line “(I started having feelings for Luke) the second or third time I laid eyes on him,” I posted a video called “When did Reid first have feelings?” which captured what I feel is the first clear sign of Reid being interested in Luke (he watches Luke walk away and it’s definitely not just hatred anymore).

At the time I had scanned from the beginning of the storyline, and I was (and still am) pretty convinced that that is the first real evidence we see.

I’ve been meaning to do a follow-up for quite awhile now which tries to address the question “Why Did Reid Fall"?” I know there are many in the LuRe community who feel that Reid was already curious on the phone, or that it was love at first sight. I’m not one of them.

I always believed that Reid really had nothing but contempt for Luke when he arrived in Oakhell. Even in his final episode, Reid was talking about spending his life fighting “money and privilege (or maybe it was power?)” so he was not impressed. Some people have tried to say that Reid knew Luke was bluffing and had no dirt but was just so intrigued he had to see who this obnoxious brat was. I don’t buy it. Reid would never put his patients aside to satisfy a whim – the writers just dropped the ball by not following up on the skeletons in Reid’s closet.

Others argued strongly that it was love at first sight. I don’t believe that either. I think Reid’s dislike for Luke at the very beginning is very real, though all through those first few episodes you can see occasions where Luke breaks through Reid’s defenses. I fully believe that Reid’s dislike is sufficient so that if a) Noah and Maddie hadn’t shown up, or b) the flights hadn’t been delayed, or c) he hadn’t crashed into Kim’s car, or d) he hadn’t been detained in Oakdale, he very much would have been on the first commercial flight back to Dallas and the wonderful romance of Luke and Reid would be nothing (truly NOTHING) but fanfic fodder!

This video includes a little more Noah than necessary to tell the above story, but I included the extra Noah clips to capture the moment where Reid’s “keep Mr Snyder out of my orbit” becomes “you and I have to stay away from each other….starting now” as well as the “Noah chooses surgery over Luke” scene which is SO parallel to the June 17th “Reid chooses the hospital over Luke” scene. I really liked (dare I say loved) the “Reid chooses” episode (not the least because of Sparkly Luke, his outfit, and how great they both look in natural lighting), but seeing how different Grown-up Luke is with Reid vs Noah (back when he was Whiny Luke) just reaffirms how much I love LuRe over Nuke.


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  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you for posting these clips of LuRe. It is nice to have to opportunity to watch edited scenes of my favorite ATWT couple and see the little nuances that made them so good together. For instance when I first saw the scene I did not notice the way Reid looked at Luke, but as I watched the scene I noticed the softer expression on his face and in his eyes. It is like seeing the human side of Reid for the first time. I have been a fan of Reid’s from the first time he shared a scene with Luke via the phone, but that moment of his epiphany was also my moment for saying “Way to go, Reid.” I only wish ATWT had chosen to bring him onto the canvas earlier, so that we fans could have seen him evolve further as a person and as Luke’s lover. It would have been fun to see Lucinda interrogate him in an attempt to determine if he was good enough to be with her grandson.

  2. Carol says:

    Love this post. Am missing seeing Luke and Reid and having aspects of their relationship to ponder. So thank you for this!

    As to why/when they began having feelings for each other:

    I agree with you that Reid wasn’t smitten from the beginning (tho I love reading that he was in the ff’s).

    I THINK the reason Reid came to Oakdale willingly wasn’t because he knew of real dirt on himself but because he thought it would be easier NOT to get entangled in a nuisance lawsuit with accusations that could tie him up and possibly suspend his license while it was being sorted out. We know there wasn’t anything major – or Damien would have found it — but there were bound to be gray areas — like the Annie Judd case. Reid going along with the blackmail attempt was interesting/provocative – therefore good for the SL. “Is he or isn’t he guilty? — And of what?” But I see it as a red herring/plot device.

    As to when did Reid begin to view Luke in a positive way? … 5:37 (video 1) I see a touchy/feely moment here — beginnings of sexual tension between the two. And of course both Eric and Van knew which direction this was heading in – and played to it. 9:42 – See the look on Reid’s face when he’s being curious about Luke/Noah relationship? That doesn’t look like hate. But it could be construed as interest in Noah (which we know (hind-sight) it wasn’t). In video 2 — the pensive look on Reid’s face when he sees Luke’s selfless, yet strong and caring behavior toward Noah. He looks to me like he wishes it was being directed at himself.

    By the time Luke tells him he didn’t offer to help with the lawsuit because of Reid but solely for Noah — you could see how hurt Reid was.

    LL – hope you’re writing new chapters for SG’s!!! Fanfics are feeding my soul!


    BTW — I had to close down my email address. I have a new one now. Listed above.

    • lovelure says:

      Hi, Carol, I FINALLY got over the hump in the latest chapter of Simple Gifts last night! I’ve known for a LONG time (probably since chapter 10 or so) where I wanted to end up at the end of the chapter and conceptually how I wanted to get there, but the execution has been a bear (kind of like saying I’d like to beat Serena Williams by exploiting her net game – good idea, but doing it is not so easy). I plotted out the rest of the chapter, tossed about 3,000 words of earlier attempts and hope to finish it today! Phew! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

      P.S. If you click through on the video (click the YouTube logo in the lower right-hand corner) I annotated the video with timestamps. I picked the same moment as you did for Reid’s change of attitude. I haven’t come up with the right word for it yet, but I referred to it as the first example of “Succumbing Reid” (as in, Reid is succumbing to Luke’s charms).

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