Katie: He has feelings, Henry. He just doesn’t show them all the time like —
Henry: Like — what, like me? Well, I am sorry, Katie, but I will not apologize for being human. It comes in handy when you need a friend.

— Katie and Henry

News and Updates | October 16, 2010

In this edition:

  • Site updates – including new Background Music, Simple Gifts chapters and author’s notes.
  • Eric’s new movie Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty has finished filming and has launched a fundraising effort to raise money for post-production on the film, offering a variety of goodies and premiums for donors. Plus, appearances on The Big C, Body of Proof, and a new horror film in the works.
  • Van Hansis updates – a few YouTube clips (old and possibly new) and new fan communities on Facebook and Twitter
  • More finale post-mortems
  • Plus, miscellaneous items – news about ATWT alumni Terri Colombino, Chris Goutman, and Jake Silbermann), the final SID poll (good news for Luke and Reid) and continuing post-mortems.

Site Updates

I haven’t had much chance to add new posts lately, largely because I’ve been catching up with Simple Gifts. The newest chapters (24 & 25) were posted earlier this week, and I just posted author’s notes to chapters 1-6 which answer some questions I’ve gotten about “why Iowa?” More chapters on the way in the next few weeks….

In the meantime, I also figured out that the songs from the Dallas bar episode are decipherable, so those have been added to the Background Music page, along with lyrics for all the songs.

I’m also slowly filling in the episode guide, so stay tuned…

Eric Sheffer Stevens in Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty…and more

The makers of Eric’s new indie movie, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty, have launched a grassroots marketing effort to raise $15,000 for post-production efforts including editing and distribution.  Their site went live on this past Monday or so (the 11th of October) and they’ve already surpassed their initial “get started goal” and are at 45% of their $15K goal.

UPDATE 16 Oct: I wanted to post an important clarification here. I’ve heard rumblings that people are making noise about Eric’s involvement in this fundraising effort. He is involved in the artistic side of the film making, but not the fundraising.

As with Doctors without Borders, Vermont Shakespeare Company, and Walnut Hill School, let me make very clear: This is not an Eric Sheffer Stevens initiative. This is an ESS FAN initiative to support ESS. In fact, if you look at the Lefty Loosey website, he is a conspicuous absentee. His colleagues are raising funds and did not solicit Eric’s fan base. Rather fans from ESS.com and Facebook have been bombarding the filmmakers with enthusiastic offers to help. So if this type of fundraising is distasteful to you, you can criticize me or other fans for publicizing (a.k.a. pimping it) here and elsewhere, but please don’t hold it against Eric. Thank you. We now return you to your regularly scheduled update.

They’ve set up a nice schedule of premiums for donations, which you can see here:


Lefty Loosey also has a Facebook page, and their website notes they have 374 hours of raw footage – wonder if there are any good outtakes?!?!? Oh, and duh, in case I’m the only dope who doesn’t recognize the title eponym, it’s a mnemonic for which direction to turn things like screw-top jar-tops!

Meanwhile, thanks to joliepinkyswear and the rest of the ESS Crew over at EricShefferStevens.com, they have news of two additional new ESS projects. They write:

  • He filmed LLRT with college friends for 14 days in September.
  • He just finished shooting a guest spot on Body of Proof, a new ABC series with Dana Delaney, that will be a mid-season replacement.
  • He also just started rehearsals for a horror film that he’s very excited about. It’s shooting in NY through to the middle of November. No title yet and not much info except that it’s being directed by the couple that wrote and directed Open Water

And don’t forget, those of you with Showtime – Eric will have a guest spot on Showtime’s The Big C on this coming Monday, 18th October, 10.30pm ET/MT. Several sources, including AfterElton.com have confirmed that Eric is playing half a gay couple (!), writing:

Not wishful thinking is that an actor who is very much popular around these parts thanks to a gay role he recently played is doing another gay part on an episode of a different show. It’s not a huge part, but he does get a couple of lines and looks utterly adorable. Here is an asterisk puzzle to keep you busy figuring out who it might be!

Best known as ****** **** ****** on *** **** ** *** ***** *****, **** ******* ******* plays one half of a gay couple on ***** ******’* *** *** *. 

And if you didn’t catch that, that’s: Best known as Doctor Reid Oliver on the soap As the World Turns, Eric Sheffer Stevens plays one half of a gay couple on Laura Linney’s The Big C.

As previously posted, for international viewers, or those without Showtime, there are a number of sites that offer download or streaming capabilities. I haven’t had a chance to look, but I was able to watch this Monday’s episode just now at TVDuck.com CastTV (fewer pop-ups/click-through ads than TVDuck). You have to put up with some pop-up ads to get to the links where you can watch the show, but it does eventually show up, and plays in a nice large viewer.

Van Hansis Updates

Two new communities have launched for Van Hansis Fans including a Twitter feed and a LiveJournal community. His film, Occupant, continues to gain interest, as well.

This week, I’ve come across a few Van Hansis videos this week that I hadn’t seen before, and all are worth a quick glance.  The first, is a 2006 student film called Time Machine. What is it with Van’s characters and dark grass green T-shirts?

[tubepress video=Sz8G9HkeT1E description=false title=false]

Warning: he kisses a girl in it!  I know some people have commented on that being weird, but I have to say, I’m hoping he does more – a lot more, because let’s face it, if he’s pigeonholed in gay roles (even if he does them spectacularly well), that will put a damper on the number of available parts. The more varied his screen roles, the more in-demand he’ll be.

This next one, Club Car Ambush, was posted yesterday. I’ve PMed the channel owner, ElbowRoomSociety and will post if I get an answer. It’s definitely off-beat:

[tubepress video=Sz8G9HkeT1E description=false title=false]

Another funny YouTube video I hadn’t seen is a December 2008 interview with TV Guide’s Infanity with Van and Jake which is hysterical.

[tubepress video=je7I_MQprtc description=false title=false]

Among the highlights, which explain a lot about how different it is for the actors vs the fans is this exchange:

Interviewer: How difficult is it to do? Because you guys have so many pages…

Van: It can get kinda hard sometimes.

Jake: It’s like a test in high school – you’ll cram and then it’s gone.

Van (laughing): It’s gone….Stuff will air on TV that I do not remember shooting!

And last, on the subject of videos, WeLoveSoaps.net has released a retrospective of soap opera coming-out stories, including Luke’s. A similarly themed story appeared later in Soap Opera Weekly’s 26 October edition – Daytime’s rainbow coalition.

Alumni Whereabouts

ATWT stars and creative staff are landing on their feet elsewhere. Notably, Terri Colombino (Katie) has a new gig with OLTL and Executive Producer Chris Goutman is headed to Y&R as a director.

BlogTalkRadio also reports there is a new Jake Silbermann interview with BlazinRy Radio coming in their Wed. 27 October,

Finale News

On a happy note, in the most recent (25th October) SID Reader’s Poll, Luke and Reid finish at #7 again, with other ATWT couples making the list at #2 (CarJack) and #9 (Jacket). Also in that poll, they asked, “Were you satisfied with the way things ended? Not surprisingly, with the Jack fans split for starters, joining LuRe fans and fans of Lisa who rightfully had a right to complain, it’s no wonder that 82% replied “not really” (vs 18% choosing “Totally!”).

In that same issue’s Is it just us? column, they wrote: “Or was it a little unfair that ATWT spent only one day on the passing of Helen Wagner….while dedicating an entire week to the death of relative-newbie Reid Oliver…?” I don’t know about Reid getting a whole week since it was a 3-episode week! But I think it speaks more to Nancy Stewart getting the short end of the stick, and not too much airtime given to Reid!

OTOH, in their 19th October issue,  SOD Digest Salutes the Best in Daytime:, writing, “There’s certainly no easy way to bid adieu to 54 years of beloved characters, history and storylines. Nonetheless, ATWT delivered a fitting, feel-good finale brimming with love, family and notable reunions that helped ease the pain of saying good-bye.”

Not surprisingly, most others continue to disagree. In the same week’s issue of SOD’s sister publication, SOW, their U Said It column features a reader who wrote: “…the show made a colossal blunder by killing off one of its most interesting characters, Reid. The chemistry between Luke and Reid was unmistakable, and Luke deserved a ‘happily ever after’ instead of being alone and mourning.”

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