Bob: He got annoyed with Henry Coleman, and he diagnosed him with T.B.
Kim: You’re kidding?
Reid: He needed a time-out.

— Bob, Kim and Reid

News and Updates | 12 April 2011

No, I’m not dead. Just away on holiday for the last week with very limited internet access. I have a stack of blog news items stacked up in Windows Live Writer that’s more than knee deep, so it will take me awhile to dig out from under. But for those of you who have been stopping by to visit, thank you for continuing to check in!

Here are the first few updates:

The biggest news has to be that Van’s episode of PSYCH has been delayed (along with the entire new season of the show) until the autumn – probably October. Boo hoo! The source is Ted Linhart, the VP of program research at USA Network who tweeted it (username @TedOnTV) and as reported on the great fansite, This was confirmed by @KristySwansonXO who tweeted on April 4th:

@pbghgirl sorry to say yes last day…I am sad. Even worse new…this does not air till Halloween : (

In the meantime, the original Uruguayan version of The Silent House (La Casa Muda) was just released in the UK this week. The press is a DISASTER on this – not bad reviews, but all sorts of reviews confusing the original and the remake. The Guardian (usually a very reliable news source) actually has the cast and credits for BOTH films mixed together! Even though I emailed them over the weekend, it still hasn’t been updated. I also did a quick scan of other headlines and it looks like other reviewers/editors have been equally lazy/poor at factchecking. So hopefully this film will do well, otherwise I’d hate for Eric’s version to get saddled with any bad press for the original! Grrr…..

Plus Van’s Facebook reply naming his favorite ATWT scenes and an update from Vermont Shakespeare Company (there’s an upcoming unrehearsed reading in NYC – no word on whether ESS will be attending, but Sheffield Chastain appears to be confirmed) after the jump….

Van’s favorite ATWT scenes

Thanks to SHP who posted on Facebook:

Van's Favorite Scene 196300_1849358348247_1069371724_2143827_6009875_n_thumb[1][3]

Update from Vermont Shakespeare Company

This just arrived via email today from VSC:

Join us as we celebrate Shakespeare’s 447th Birthday on April 23rd with a free reading of The Taming of the Shrew at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC. Located at 31 W. 27th St. Come witness our fantastic group of actors from both New York and Vermont tackle this play in an unrehearsed format! Stick around for birthday cake, wine and dialogue about the play.

July 15 and 16:
SAVE THE DATE for our summer fund raiser weekend in the Champlain Islands and Burlington.

We will be in the area performing to raise money for our 2 week season of Shakespeare in the Park in 2012.

No mention of Eric or Jenny participating in the New York reading, but their Facebook event page shows Sheffield Chastain (Dogberry from last summer’s Much Ado About Nothing) and Tracy Liz Miller (who was at last summer’s Meet & Greet) as confirmed attending, and Jen Burry, Mark Roberts, Sophia LaPaglia, Eric and Jenny as “Awaiting Reply.” To the best of my knowledge, Eric doesn’t have a legitimate Facebook account, so this is probably a fan page, but you never know….

Also, don’t forget, they previously announced August 9-19 as their 2012 performance season at Lake Champlain and in Burlington, Vermont (one week each).

In the meantime, they list on their wish list:

  • Mini-van for company transport (need for August 3-20 2012)
  • Large house in Grande Isle County for company housing (need for August 3-20 2012)
  • Sound System for outdoor performances

You can sign up for email updates, visit their Facebook page, or make a donation via their website.

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  1. Linda says:

    I didn’t pick the “I can’t kiss” scene on the right for the ESS nomination because Van outshines Eric in that scene! Really, I feel THAT is the scene Van should have submitted and I really don’t know why he did not submit. Eric is also a phenomenal actor and, together they were just dynamite!!!

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