Henry: What? What is it? You think it’s funny that he put me in quarantine?
Katie: I think it’s funny that you jumped out of the window in your hospital gown.

— Henry and Katie

‘I Hate My Teenage Daughter pilot filming, 31 March 2011 | Mostly fangirling for Eric Sheffer Stevens…plus recaps :)

Hi everyone! There are several fans who have been active in the Luke/Reid/Van/Eric fandom who were lucky enough to attend yesterday’s filming of the pilot for FOX’s new sitcom, I Hate My Teenage Daughter. I’ve seen a few fan forum postings, and am trying to secure permission to republish them here as they are not all in publically available forums.

So, I’m very excited to point out links to two external posts: triciamc’s post at livejournal, and the first part of Kate Davies’s comprehensive post.

Plus I am reposting an expanded version of one from the ESS forum after the jump. Warning spoilers and fangirling likely!


In the meantime, this graphic has been making the rounds in the fandom:

Fox Promo Pic 196619_164019163653994_100001377333359_335971_6017597_n

I think the graphic was originally posted on Kate Davies’s blog, where the lucky lady should be posting a recap now any minute….hint, hint. I believe the source was one of the sites (the only site?) where you could get tickets for the pilot filming, so it’s not clear if this is originating from FOX or by the ticketing site (I got it 2nd or 3rd hand). Someone commented about not using new photos for it – my guess is they’re limiting investment until it actually gets picked up.

A few thoughts on this graphic (I posted a bunch of this on Facebook, but now I can’t find my reply for the life of me!). For starters, if they were going to use a file photo, they sure chose a good one!

Someone on Facebook commented on how strange it is to have Eric in the middle (that it suggested it must be a fan effort because of that). I disagree. For several reasons:

  • The TVGuide page for the show lists just Eric and the four ‘girls’ (and I use that term with tongue planted firmly in cheek), so he’s definitely appears to be the most significant of the ‘secondary’ characters (incidentally – I just took a look and there are 4 ratings for it already – and it’s at 5/5 stars! woot, woot!); this was also suggested in the order the cast members were announced.
  • If you are going to show the 5 stars of the show, then visually (and yes, I minored in graphic design), putting Eric in the middle just looks right.
  • Conceptually, you would also put Eric in the middle because the whole theme of the show is the opposition between the two moms and two daughters. Each pair are tight, so you wouldn’t split them up. If you put all four together with Eric at the end (2-2-1) you’d lose the sense of opposition. The only other option would be to put Eric between one of the pairs (2-1-1-1) which would also disrupt the shows concept of the two teams of two. So logically, this is where you’d put him, too. Yes, I clearly have too much time on my hands (not! I just can’t help myself….)

In the meantime, the show’s IMDb page lists Julia Ling playing Jane (as on the YouTube audition video in my earlier “speculation” post). Eric is at the bottom of the first-page cast list, but I wouldn’t put a lot of value in the cast order on IMDb as Katie Finneran (clearly one of the top two) is listed fifth, and Julia Ling is listed second. Incidentally, I was just reading Julia’s bio – she’s a smart and talented cookie, not to mention beautiful.

But now, since I mentioned an Eric (Dogberry) connection in my PSYCH post, turnabout is fair play. As it turns out, Julia’s IMDb bio says, “In 2003, Julia Ling made her network television debut on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Wonder if she auditioned for any parts on the PSYCH season premiere….?

Pin’s perspective

Taken, with permission from the ESS.com fan forum:

We just got home from the taping! The show is cute and Eric is terrific in his part. He seems to reinvent himself with each role. In this one he plays a somewhat laid back, spacey dude – a bit scruffy (in a very attractive way) and delivers his lines dad pan – though how he can keep a straight face is beyond me. Between takes we got to see his smile – but not on camera! His comedic timing was right on! No surprise there!!

His hair is curly but not quite as long as in LLRT. The color was toned down to almost brownish. Or maybe that’s his natural color. It wasn’t as red/auburn as I pictured it would be.

His character wore a charcoal t-shirt, a leather bomber jacket, jeans and boots. He looked great! You probably realize though that the dad’s roles are not as big as the mom’s and daughter’s. So don’t be surprised that he’s not in every scene.

In order to keep the audience energy up to an enthusiastic level – a warm-up comedian kept everyone involved between takes. He found out why different groups were there — there were three groups of film students. We ESS fans were well represented as one of ours — Kate — got up and explained that we were fans of Eric Sheffer Stevens – from all over the country. She answered his questions and her classy answers did us proud. The comedian referred to us over and over again. As in – "You Eric fans will be happy now — he’s in the next scene!!" Then some ladies sitting behind us admitted that they are fans of his too! So he had his cheering section!

After the taping was completed, we waited by the railing that separated the set from the audience hoping to say hello to him – but the ushers made everybody leave.
Then as we were on our way to the parking lot – and to our delight Eric came running out to greet us – (though he had to get right back). Apparently someone told him he had fans waiting. Needless to say — he’s a gracious and lovely man.

So I did get to meet him! (squee!) There was no way to get a photo though – as they wouldn’t allow any cell phones or cameras. Security was very tight!

The word is that FOX is considering picking up this sitcom! But it isn’t (yet) a done deal! Hopefully it will be. I’m not a fan of sitcoms – but have my fingers crossed for this one.

Pin was also kind enough to supply some insight on the rest of the characters in the show (what? there were other characters?):

The others in the cast are equally talented – Katie Finneran is very funny as is Jamie Pressley.  All did a great job. 

The process of taping a show like this is interesting. The various settings (kitchen, living room,coffee shop etc.) are lined up in front of the audience – like a stage with room dividers.  The cameras move back and forth to the set being used for the scene being filmed.  Even if the cameras are blocking your view, or if the set being used isn’t right in front of you  – it’s all being shown on huge TV monitors positioned all across the top of the stage.  You see what the camera sees.  We were seated in front of Jamie’s character’s kitchen.

A scene is shot – then evaluated by TPTB for how the jokes were received by the live audience.  The writers changed up some of the lines, and/or tweaked the wording. The actors were given the new material and the scene re-shot – maybe up to three or four times each.  The filming process took between three and four hours.  This show was being filmed between 6pm and 9:30pm so to keep the audience from starving, pizza and bottled water were brought in about midway through the evening and passed along the rows of seats for all to take.  A very welcome touch!!

The scenes were further broken down into halves. That’s why some may see it as two instead of three scenes. The brother had pretty much the same amount of screen time as Eric. First scene they were in was in a coffee shop. Eric came in first – had a few lines then his brother showed up and sat next to him. In the next scene Eric showed up with the other ex and then exited (to talk with his daughter) at that point brother came in and interacted with the two ex-wives.
Yes – they were introduced as brothers

Thanks, Pin!

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