Reid: Wow. First blackmail, now bribery.
Luke: Well, if it works, you bet.

— Reid and Luke

News and Updates | October 18, 2010

  • Eric Sheffer Stevens on The Big C – tonight!
  • Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty Updates – Eric’s new film has raised enough to start editing.
  • Van Hansis/Walnut Hill Birthday Campaign update – though his birthday has passed and the widely circulated link is broken, you can still give; hear what Walnut Hill has to say on the matter. UPDATE 24th Oct 2010: This section has been moved to a separate post.
  • Van’s YouTube Short, Club Car Ambush – what the heck is this?
  • Miscellaneous News – Bring Back Our Soaps campaign, thoughts on LuRe at OLTL

Just a few quickies, today. First….

DVR Alert: The Big C, tonight

DVR Alert: Eric Sheffer Stevens’s appearance on Showtime’s The Big C is tonight at 10.30pm Eastern/Mountain time.

Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty Updates

In the meantime, the makers of Eric’s new film, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty have passed the 65% mark of their goal ($15,000) and have raised enough to give their editor a green light. Hopefully that means that a mini-trailer will be forthcoming. They also answered several questions about the donation process via the forum (you have to be a member to read the thread):

  • What happens if the goal isn’t reached? The short answer is we will complete the film no matter what. In other words, it’s a matter of "when" not "if" the film will be completed. This fund drive is to help us complete the film more quickly, so we can carry our momentum from principal photography into editing with as little dead time in between. If we can’t raise the funds quickly, we’ll just keep at it until we do, and then submit to a film festival that makes the most sense given the timing.
  • What if more than $15,000 is raised? The goal we set for this fund drive is the MINIMUM required for our post costs. So, if we are able to raise more than $15K, that means there will be less corners we have to cut. In other words, not a penny will go unused toward the film.
  • If people make multiple donations, we will add up the total amount donated by an individual to determine their award level.
  • We are offering a free download of the song on the website. It’s an original track by Eric Richter, former frontman of the indie rock group Christie Front Drive (from the 90s). Eric Richter is also scoring the film for us, so we will have a soundtrack available as well when the movie is completed.
  • We will try to update the website periodically with stills (photos from the shoot) and other things as we go along, so people should check back from time to time.

Van’s New Short Video: Club Car Ambush

If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a completely random and amusing short starring Van Hansis on YouTube.

Also, on the Van front, there is a little more news available on the short that was recently posted on YouTube, including mentions on Michael Fairman’s site and We Love Soaps. Posted by The Elbow Room Society and written and directed by Drew Gehling, the dialogue-free video features Van at his adorable, charming best.

According to their website, the Elbow Room Society’s mission is to "create eclectic entertainment that nourishes, provokes and awakens while secretly saving the world from doom and destruction." I’m not sure if Club Car Ambush will save the world (I assume that will remain to be seen, depending on whether or not we survive to make an assessment), but it certainly does entertain and provoke.

[tubepress video=yQNwKZAvLVY description=false title=false]

[spoiler name=”more…”]In case you couldn’t tell what happens – best as I can tell, despite the apparent flirting between Van and the other guy on the train, it looks like the “ambush” the other guy is planning is not very romantic! Rather it involves “marking” Van with a marker! Someone somewhere on some site (can’t remember which one) said this was an Elbow Room Society “signature” moment, but I glanced at their other videos and didn’t see any others like that.

the magazine cover photo refers to a 2008 story line.


If anyone else has any thoughts, feel free to share them here![/spoiler]

Miscellaneous News

A soap fan has put together a campaign to Bring Back Our Soaps, including a well-written letter to CBS execs to try to make a move to revive the defunct soaps. An uphill battle, without doubt, but worth a look if you want to make your voice heard on this front.

I started to post an update on the LuRe to OLTL initiative, but ended up writing so much I’ve moved my OLTL thoughts to a separate post which you can read here.

4 Responses to “News and Updates | October 18, 2010”

  1. Cecelia says:

    Help! I can’t find your post about Lure and OLTL. Am I missing it somehow?

  2. Lynn says:

    Did watch The Big C last night, Eric Sheffer Stevens was as cute as ever. Very short appearance but well worth to watch. They need to add him as a regular, never saw the show before, only watched to see him. Won’t watch again unless he guest stars again. Anxiously waiting for Eric Sheffer Stevens to become a regular on some show, he’s a great talent and did i say a cutie, OLTL would be a dream if he was on it, i would start watching, i miss As The World Turns.

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