Luke: So what, you’re just going to walk in there and perform brain surgery?
Reid: Why not?
Luke: Well, do you know anyone here?
Reid: You mean besides you?

— Luke and Reid

News and Updates | 29 December 2010

Can we gloat yet?

It’s about as great a time as possible to be a LuRe fan (that is, given that the show is over). Yet MORE kudos from Nelson Branco and Michael Fairman in their extensive year end Bests and Worsts in Soaps lists. Some highlights from Nelson Branco:

  • BEST NEW SUPER-COUPLE: Luke and Reid, As The World Turns
  • BREAKOUT SUPERSTAR: Eric Sheffer Stevens, As the World Turns

And from Michael Fairman:

  • BEST NEW COUPLE: Luke and Reid – As the World Turns
  • BEST OVERALL PERFORMANCE BY A SUPPORTING ACTOR: Eric Sheffer-Stevens – As the World Turns

I love all the recognition that ESS is getting, but I gotta ask – what about Van? 🙁

Plus, TV Guide Canada’s soaps home page poll this week asks: Which love triangle rocked your world in 2010?

Reid/Luke/Noah, ‘World Turns’ – 4%
Sharon/Nick/Phyllis, ‘Y&R’ – 2%
Lisa/Patrick/Robin, ‘GH’ – 3%
Lara/Ani/Gina, ‘Venice’ – 50%
EJ/Sami/Rafe, ‘Days’ – 3%
Victor/Nikki/Deacon, ‘Y&R’ – 2%
Carly/Bo/Hope, ‘Days’ – 34%
Lily/Holden/Molly, ‘World Turns – 0%
Brenda/Sonny/Carly, ‘GH’ – 1%
Echo/Charlie/Viki, ‘One Life’ – 1%

with 1953 votes cast so far.(Hmmm….maybe I have to give Venice a second chance. I loved Otalia, was neutral on the Venice Season 1 pilot, but they’ve been garnering tons of kudos as well this month!).

Vote in what may be the last poll ever with Luke and Reid in it! It’s on the TV Guide Canada Soaps home page – scroll down, it will be on the left and may take a moment to expand.

The Silent House, with ESS to Premiere at Sundance

Many published sources are reporting that Eric Sheffer Stevens’ new film (well, one of them), The Silent House, is scheduled to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival as one of its midnight shows (non-competitive).

Details on The Silent House and the year-end lists to follow below…

Nelson Branco: The Worthy and the Worthless

Nelson Branco’s Best and Worst of Soaps 2010 list list includes numerous references to LuRe and ATWT including:

WORST HEAD WRITERS: Christopher Goutman, As The World Turns —tie— David Kreizman, World Turns/AMC

WORST EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Christopher Goutman, As the World Turns


WORST QUOTE OF THE YEAR: “[The day of the client soap] is over.”
—CBS chief Les Moonves on the future of daytime

WORST END STORY: Lisa Miller, As The World Turns (as an objective observer, I’d have to agree; that a central character who has been on the show for 50 – that’s FIFTY – years was relegated to a couple of lines of petty cattiness aimed at Lucinda and John with no storyline and no endgame was ridiculous).

BEST TEAM PLAYER: Noelle Beck, As The World Turns (hear, hear!)

BIGGEST WASTED OPPORTUNITY: Not bringing back Martha Byrne for World Turns’s finale (no argument from me here! funny how this came to mind for me yesterday as well!)

BIGGEST LETDOWN: As the World Turns’s finale (interesting to me how in hindsight the soap press is not being nearly so kind to the finale – Michael Fairman said it well in his BlazinRy interview earlier this week – he cried not because the storyline made him cry, but simply because the show was ending, and that’s not right. I’m paraphrasing badly here but will try to post a transcript sometime next week when I’m back home and can download the podcast on iTunes).

BEST NEW SUPER-COUPLE: Luke and Reid, As The World Turns (duh!)

WORST VILLAIN: Iris Dumbrowski, As the World Turns (I mean, look at her name for heaven’s sake!)

WORST FUNERAL: Nancy Hughes, As the World Turns (no argument here, given it was off-screen! though Reid’s has GOT to be a close second)

HARDEST DEATH TO WATCH: Dr. Reid Oliver, As the World Turns

MOST DISAPPOINTING SEX SCENE: The lack of one between Reid and Luke, As The World Turns

MOST SURPRISING PERFORMANCE — MALE: Jake Silbermann, As The World Turns (um, so what do we think this means?)

BEST WIFE: Kim Hughes, As the World Turns

MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ON A BAD SHOW: Jon Hensley, As the World Turns

BREAKOUT SUPERSTAR: Eric Sheffer Stevens, As the World Turns (woot woot!)

WORST RECONCILIATION: Lily and Holden, As the World Turns

BEST MAY-DECEMBER ROMANCE: Barbara and Henry, As the World Turns (yay, Benry!)

And also, in case you’re interested:

WORST FIRINGS: Brett Claywell and Scott Evans, One Life to Live
—tie— Stacy Haiduk, The Young and the Restless

BEST SOAP PODCAST: Michael Fairman’s On Air, On Soaps

BEST PODCAST HOSTS: Michael Fairman, Carolyn Hennesy, and Galen Gering, On Air, On Soaps

BEST NEW HEAD WRITER: Crystal Chappell, Venice

Michael Fairman’s Best Soap Moments of 2010!

Michael Fairman has published three separate year-end lists, all of which are touched on in his BlazinRy interview on December 28th.

The first is his list of the Top 25 Best Soap Moments of 2010. The preface and highlights for LuRe/ATWT fans follows:

This year-end salute is presented to you with a Top 25 image countdown which pays tribute and honors those performances and moments that made us cheer, weep, throw things at the TV, and in our opinion, showed soap opera at its best.

#19 Holden’s emotional final moments with Lily as they come to terms with their relationship.

#17 Barbara’s wedding to Henry.

#8 Van Hansis performance as Luke tries to cope with the sudden death of Reid.

And also:

#13 Kish gets custody of Sierra Rose (OLTL)

Michael Fairman’s Top 25 Worst Moments of 2010

The companion Worsts list was published earlier today. Highlights from Michael’s intro and key points for LuRe/ATWT fans:

From horrible storylines, ridiculous individual moments, character assassinations, unwelcome new characters that badly took up screen time, and terrible judgment calls by head writers, producers and networks, our Top 25 choices comprise the many, many missteps of the soap year.

These moments had us scratching our heads, throwing more things than usual at our TV’s, and in our opinion, showed viewers some bad soap opera.

#23 When you get locked up for weeks with Chuckles the Clown it was bad news for Barbara & for us!

#13 We couldn’t bear to say goodbye to Oakdale, but the series finale left us disappointed.

#2 ATWT decides to save Chris and Katie’s new romance by giving the doc, Reid’s heart, infuriating viewers!

#1 Reid getting squashed at the train tracks squashed the life out of LuRe and left Luke alone in the series finale!


#4 ABC and OLTL give the boot to popular same-sex duo, Kish right in the middle of storyline!

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman’s Best & Worst List of 2010

Also out today, the exhaustive best and worst laundry list, many of which were covered in the BlazinRy interview:


BEST OVERALL PERFORMANCE BY A SUPPORTING ACTOR: Eric Sheffer-Stevens – As the World Turns (yowsa!)

WORST WRITING: The writing team of As the World Turns (does this make it unanimous?!)

MOST UPSETTING MOMENT OF THE YEAR: The stupidity by the ATWT writing team to kill Reid at the end of the show leaving the only gay male couple/characters left on daytime without a happy ending.

BEST NEW COUPLE: Luke and Reid – As the World Turns (woo hoo, woo hoo hoo!)

And while we’re at it:

MOST SHOCKING MOMENT IN SOAPS: Immediate dumping of the Kish storyline as they were front in center of story – OLTL and ABC blaming the same-sex story for it’s rating woes.

Eric Sheffer Stevens’ The Silent House

I believe one of the earliest reports was spotted in Bloody Disgusting (a website devoted to the horror genre) who wrote:

A little birdy just told me that there’s been a last second addition to the midnight portion of this coming January’s Sundance Film Festival. We’re being told that Chris Kentis and Laura Lau’s The Silent House is already completed and screening!

In fact, we’ve already landed a look at 5 hi-res images beyond the break. Kentis and Lau – the duo behind Lionsgate’s Open Water – reteam for this remake that follows a young woman troubled a childhood trauma. Whilst visiting her family’s isolated summer home with her father and uncle, when they learn they are not alone in the house. The terrifying 80 minute period is told from Sarah’s point of view. Elizabeth Olsen, sister to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, takes the lead role.

We also learned of the additional casting of both Eric Sheffer Stevens and Julia Taylor Ross. The original Silent House, which ran in Cannes Directors Fortnight this year, was directed by Gustavo Hernandez and told in 80 minutes of “real time” during one continuous take.

Bloody Disgusting also posted a nice big publicity still (click for full sized version):


Silent House was listed in the official Sundance press release which confirms what we have long suspected (Eric is billed as #3 star in the movie).

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