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News and Updates | 13 January 2011

Please ignore. Just rebuilt my laptop and Windows Live Writer is doing all sorts of awful funky things with my previews (putting body text over the header for starters).

Van Hansis in Holland

Martha Byrne has posted a photo of the ATWT cast members attending this weekend’s event in Utrecht. They are apparently all there already (I think one of the Dutch RTL hosts tweeted they had dinner together).



And in case you haven’t heard, I’ll be there!  I don’t have my ticket yet (@#*$&^#@$&ing thing is lost in the mail), but I think the fabulous organizers have sorted it out for me – will keep my fingers crossed!  I don’t think photos or video are allowed during the event, but I’ll tweet if I can get my phone to work without costing and arm and leg (and fingers, since it’s a lousy cheapo phone), and will post an event report as soon as I can.

More soon!…

P.S. Re: Eric Sheffer Stevens in Silent House (Sundance Festival Premiere)

I’m just going to copy this direct from what I posted on the ESS forum:

We have a date and time! And OMG, it’s REALLY early in the Festival – Friday 21 Jan at 2:30pm (the first full day of screenings)! I thought it was only going to be a midnight showing.

It’s definitely on again on January 26th at 10pm and Saturday January 29th at 11:59pm (one of the final showings). All three times are showing as "wait list only" so it looks like it’s popular. I gotta believe that they would only put it early to generate good buzz and late to close with a bang, so I’m guessing it’s gotta be good!

And the sooner it shows there….

For more info, or to see the full Sundance showings timetable:

  • Browser version (with info on purchasing/wait list)
  • The print version (works much better, and less tantalizing to those who live WAY too far away to consider trekking out to the beautiful Rockies…)

Runtime is listed at 86 minutes.

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