Luke: Well, you got to find your own way back. You’re not using the Grimaldi jet.
Reid: Big shock. You didn’t get what you wanted from me. Now you’re taking your toys, and you’re going home. Have a nice life.

— Luke and Reid

Van Hansis and the ATWT Cast in the Netherlands | RTL Boulevard Translation, Etc., 14 January 2011

Over the next few days/weeks, I’ll be posting a lot of content on this event, including translations/captures of the RTL pages that are in Dutch. So to start, we have below

  • The English translation of the RTL Boulevard website article on the ATWT Cast visit
  • The English transcript of the RTL Boulevard on-air segment
  • A great quote from Van’s Facebook on his time in Amsterdam
  • An English translation of the original RTL Tickets post

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Translation | RTL Website Article on ATWT Cast in the Netherlands

RTL Boulevard (what sounds from their Wiki to be like a Dutch version of “Entertainment Tonight”) posted a brief article on this weekend’s event on their website. It’s in Dutch, but I’ve done my best to translate it below. Hopefully someone who actually speaks Dutch can correct any gross errors.

As the World Turns Cast in the Netherlands

In America, the soap opera As The World Turns is buried in the dust, but we soap fans can still watch it on TV. This weekend, the stars are in the Netherlands.

After 54 seasons, the curtain fell on September 18 last year for the soap opera As the World Turns. The soap opera has been on the air since 1956. In the Netherlands we can enjoy the Snyder, Walsh, and Hughes families until 2012. 

NOTE: The ATWT Wiki notes that Dutch television is about 19 months behind, which would put them at mid-2009. I’m told the Dutch viewers like their soaps unspoiled, and what follows includes spoilers for the next several months of story. So caveat reader!

[spoiler name=spoilers!]19 months means they’re roughly watching episodes that initially aired in the US in summer 2009. So not only are they 100% pre-Reid and Benry, but probably even pre-Mason, whose storyline heated up (if you can call that heat!) when the fall term started at OU!

SOC says Luke shot Fredo in May (who????), saving Luke and Damian. (Really?!) I didn’t follow the show closely at this point, but I think Luke has just gotten involved/is about to get involved with Grimaldi Shipping, and will then spend a few months as a prop in the Holden//Lily/Damian storyline (where Holden goes to Kentucky).

The Dutch have NO IDEA what they’re in for! What a treat to be able to watch it for the first time, without knowing the endgame (one of the organizers mentioned to me that the Dutch hate spoilers)! Those were the good old days….[/spoiler]

The End

ATWT was the longest-running soap opera, and with over 10 million viewers the highest rated soap opera. But in recent years, the numbers dropped to a low point. On June 23, 2010 was the last episode recorded in the studios in Brooklyn, New York.

Clarification: ATWT was the second longest (and last remaining) longest-running soap opera in America (though I believe it could also be the world, given the US’s pioneering role in both broadcast television and the serial drama genre). ATWT inherited the mantle from Guiding Light, which aired on radio from 1937 to 1956, then on TV from 1957 to 2008 (72 years combined) is the longest-running.


A disaster for the diehard fans. To alleviate the pain somewhat, RTL has brought the actors from the popular soap opera to the Netherlands. Tomorrow, the actors will do a show in a crowded theater in Vredenburg. Each soap fan can have their picture taken with the stars for a few bucks.

There has been some debate/question about whether this is true, but the Facebook page has alluded to the fact that though video/photos are NOT allowed during the show, there will be “photo ops.” The video (above) says something similar.

Meet & Greet

In the theater setting, the actors will talk about their lives and guests will have a chance to ask questions. There will also be a quiz and a few fans will get to have a “meet & greet” with the actors.

Watch RTL Boulevard tonight for a preview.

See also: Latest Images As The World Turns

RTL Boulevard On-Air Clip on ATWT Cast Visit

GTSTfanMark has posted a clip on YouTube from the RTL Boulevard show featuring recent vintage (maybe last 10-20 years, as I see Hal among others) clips from ATWT. The narration is in Dutch with English subtitles (thanks GTSTfanMark!) and I’ve transcribed the interview parts below.

Loyal Nuke fan, Ronald Simmons has posted a nice gallery on Facebook of screencaps from the video as well as Martha’s post of the cast etc. I would watch here for more.

[tubepress video=TIJKOjt3Bmc title=false description=false]

Tomorrow the actors from As the World Turns can be seen in a theater show in theater Vredenburg.

Every soap junkie (fan) can pay money to take a picture with the actors. (!)

Elizabeth Hubbard, Lucinda Walsh: I lead off the shows, so my main work is the first thing.

Marnie Schulenburg, Alison Stewart (Looking great): It should be really fun, I mean, we’re really excited to see all the people, to get to see all the fans, talk to them.

Evan Vanfossen Hansis, Luke Snyder (really! that’s how he’s credited!): It’s awesome, first off. It’s kind of strange because, you know, in the States, the show is over.

With a Dutch boyfriend the trip is a home match for Elizabeth Hubbard.

But the Dutch language is not easy for Liz and friends.

Marnie: The lieschenspen?? (She butchers some Dutch, which I have further destroyed in the transliteration here!) In the new theater? Lieschspen?  (Is she trying to see Vredenburg?! The new theater? Sorry! I have NO idea!)

Billy Magnussen, Casey Hughes: Moulengogh?? (He butchers something that doesn’t sound remotely like what Marnie was saying).

Martha Byrne, Lily Snyder (Also looking great): I don’t know any Dutch, I don’t know any Dutch! I should have learned something. My husband said, “you should learn some Dutch.” I said, “I’ll just brutalize the language and I’ll sound ridiculous.

Van (0:55, looking particularly adorable): I learned about Pete (?!), the Santa Claus Pete? (gestures like he’s patting a Munchkin) What’s that guy’s name? (someone prompts him) Zwarte piet?

Liz (in what sounds like impressive Dutch to this foreigner!): Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

Now that the who ended the actors have to look for new roles.

But it’s probably not going ot be as good as it was in Oakdale.

Billy: It was such a wonderful thing while I was doing it, and now it’s over. I’m glad it happened and now it’s time to move on.

voiceover: It was my first paying gig. It was GREAT. (I assumed this was Van talking, but Paolo follows with almost no accent and sounding similar, so it could also be Van, but I’d be really surprised if ATWT was his first gig).

Paolo Seganti, Damian Grimaldi: I like other things, but I do miss Martha, I do miss Van, I do miss a lot of people on the show and I feel bad about the fans.

Van’s Latest Facebook Post

Okay, I usually don’t screen cap Van’s FB posts since I don’t know if he wants them to be exclusive to the fans he’s Friended, but this one was just too priceless to pass up:


Some priceless Friend responses (which shall go nameless, to protect the innocent and not so):

Some guy squinted at you and then insulted you? What is Noah doing in a basement in Amsterdam? Oh wait, the guy was Scottish and Noah is a fictional character, sorry my bad! 😛


I speak for all scottish people when i say we have poor taste…and bad eye sight..he was obviously half are gorgeous young man

‘Nuff said on that front. Incidentally, what this also suggests is that the cast stayed/is staying in Amsterdam, not in Utrecht, which as I recall, is a SMALL town (population 300K, per Wiki). There are only a dozen or so major 4*-plus hotels in all of Utrecht. That would make the cast awfully easy to track down. Unlike in Amsterdam, population 1.2 million, where they are probably much more accustomed to celebrities and the like.

Incidentally, RTL, who broadcast ATWT, is located in Hilversum, which is roughly in between Amsterdam (30 km) and Utrecht (20 km). ATWT appears on RTL 8 each weekday evening at 10:30pm, and reruns on RTL 4 at 9:05am and 5:05pm.  Wow – three viewings per episode (I think)! Parts of European television have a very different model from first-run US TV (I see the same thing here in the UK).

The Original RTL Tickets Announcement

Last, while I’m at it, I don’t think I’ve seen the official tickets announcement anywhere in English, so here it is:

The actors travelling to Utrecht, Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda Walsh), Billy Magnussen (Casey Hughes), Martha Byrne ("old" Lily Walsh), Paolo Seganti (Damian Grimaldi) Van Hansis (Luke Snyder) and Marnie Schulenburg (Alison Stewart). The show will be presented by Peter van der Vorst.

In an intimate theater setting, the actors will talk about their lives and give visitors the chance to ask questions. In addition, the audience will be tested on their knowledge of the events in town over the years. For some visitors the day will end with a Meet & Greet and autograph session.

3 Responses to “Van Hansis and the ATWT Cast in the Netherlands | RTL Boulevard Translation, Etc., 14 January 2011”

  1. kwbalan says:

    Hey Lovelure:
    Just wanted to say thank you again as always for all the wonderful recaps and updates. This site is an amazing source of information. I hope you are having a wonderful time in the Netherlands (I know I have said that many times already but figured I should post it here as well). I look forward to reading about your day.

  2. Gwen Br. (CSI-Fan3) says:

    Hi! I just wanted to let you know that you pretty much nailed your translation, very well done!

    We are however no longer pre-Mason, he showed up on New Year’s Eve (great way to start the new year :P), and not all Dutch people (*cough* such as me) are unspoiled, but most of them are.

    Most people in the Netherlands don’t know any better than that ATWT is the longest running soap in the world (yes, in the world is correct), because Guiding Light has never aired here.

    The video is indeed also wrong about the paying to have a picture taken, that’s only for the people who win the meet & greet, and they don’t have to pay I believe. (Well, RTL Boulevard gets things wrong more often…)

    And in the clip, Marnie is trying to say ‘Leidscherijn’, which is the full name of the theatre: ‘Vredenburg Leidscherijn theatre’. It just didn’t come out all that well 🙂

    😀 at the comments on Van’s facebook status, they’re brilliant!

    And might I point out that Utrecht is the 4th biggest city in the Netherlands, it’s not really a small town to Dutch standards 😀 Granted, Amsterdam is a lot bigger, but that’s because it’s the capital.
    And you’re indeed correct that we get 3 viewings per episode (comes in very handy if you miss one 🙂 )

    But anyway, very well done on the article, I’m very impressed 😀

    • Gwen Br. (CSI-Fan3) says:

      woops, Amsterdam is the capitol, not capital 😀
      And for the episodes: First airing is at around 10.30 pm, second airing is the next day at 5.05 pm and the third airing is the day after that at 9.05 am.

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