Luke: [Clears throat] Sorry to interrupt.
Reid: No, you’re not.

— Luke and Reid

News and Updates | 23 January 2011

A few quickies….

  • New photos on Eric’s IMDb entry
  • Found a new gallery of photos of Van and Eric
  • New entries at
  • Slightly more info on Van’s Pale Swan short

Eric Sheffer Stevens’s IMDb Entry

I just noticed ESS (or his agent) updated the images on his IMDb. The good news is this new photo with Don Hastings by Steven Bergman:


That has to be one of the nicest photos I’ve seen and they’re both adorable in it! Plus, the new images include one from LLRT and the largest version I’ve seen of this one from the JPI/ATWT photo shoot:


The bad news is, the really casual one that was there for so long is gone completely, so enjoy it when and where you can.

ESS IMDB gool77img2

Steven Bergman Gallery

I recognized the suit Eric wears in the Don Hastings photo (above) from both some of Eric’s headshots and from SnapeGirl’s old avi which also featured Terri Columbino. Luckily the IMDb entry included a photographer credit, so I Googled Steven Bergman and found his gallery.

Not only did he shoot the ATWT Wrap party photos in June at the end of shooting:


But also the ATWT Fan Luncheon with a bunch of Eric and Jake, but none of just Eric and Van in this set (love Van’s hair!), and a couple from the after-party, Martinis with Henry (Trent Dawson):


And the ATWT 56th Anniversary Party back in April (aw, Eric, couldn’t you have smiled in ONE of the photos with Van?!?):


If you want to see larger versions, watermarked ones can be viewed on Steven Bergman’s website and you’ll have to buy them to see these gents unencumbered.

LuRe added to

From, a bottomless pit of NSFW definitions for those of us too unhip to already be ITK, comes a new addition:


From As the World Turns, the pairing of Luke and Reid
I want to read a hurt/comfort fanfiction featuring Lure

by bkwerm Nov 28, 2010

And if you missed it, there was also this gem:

Reidgasm 91 thumbs up

The peak of one’s sexual excitation at anything involving Reid Oliver (ATWT) including scrubs, leather jacket or tight jeans and his arousing moves on the mechanical bull

I reidgasm everytime I watch him on television
OMG did u see that LuRe kiss :O MAJOR Reidgasm!!!

by holapearl May 30, 2010

And an oldie but goodie:

Van Hansis: The amazing actor who portrays the character Luke Snyder on As The World Turns alongside Jake Silbermann who plays Luke’s boyfriend Noah Mayer.

OMG I never knew a scrawny kid could go into a kidney surgery and come out as Van Hansis…that’s so hot!

by MudgeVanFan Dec 15, 2009

Van in Pale Swan

Eagle-eyed Ronald Simmons posted another post from Van’s Facebook from a few days ago (probably following the “OMG Van has a new film!” frenzy in his fandom) saying “it’s not actually going to be in theaters or anything. it’s not a real movie, just internet shorts me and some friends are shooting for fun” followed by “yes, more to be shown soon. this is just a teaser.”

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