Hey! If you’re not gonna let me out of here, can you at least give me an extra blanket? My backside is freezing! Quarantine my frozen tundra. And find that quack Reid Oliver, okay? Tell him he can’t do this to me! [Henry grunts] Tell him I’m going to take his butt to the AMA, and the CIA, and the — the AARP, the ASPCA! He’s history, do you hear me? He is history!

— Henry (to unseen hospital staff)

News and Updates | 22 January 2011

Holy Frak!

This has been a busy week in this fandom. In addition to Van Hansis’s visit to the Netherlands with the ATWT cast, we have had the Sundance premiere of Eric Sheffer Stevens’s new film, Silent House, as well as a Reidiversary (one year since Reid Oliver’s first appearance on ATWT).

But if that’s not enough to keep you going here’s a lot more:

  • Van Hansis posts a teaser for a new short feature?
  • Snicks remembers the Reidiversary
  • Save the Date: Michael Fairman On-Air On Soaps, 7 March 2011 will feature the live announcement of the Soap Opera Spirit awards (for which ESS has been nominated, and Eric and Van have been nominated as best duo)
  • Generation Gossip picks Van Hansis as best actor
  • LLRT posts new behind-the-scenes photos
  • More from Susan Dansby’s interview with Eric Sheffer Stevens
  • Vermont Shakespeare sends and update

And if that isn’t enough going on, here’s my personal ego stroke of the day:

Japanese Cowboys Postcard Search

Enjoy all the happenings in LuReland!


Van Hansis in Pale Swan?!?

It looks like Van posted on his FB last night:


The video starts off with someone counting out the beats – and it looks like it’s Van (playing a dance instructor!).

“In a place with dancing is everything, comes a story of SEX…VIOLENCE…DANCE…that forms something incredibly pale. PALE SWAN.”

If that looks cheesy, trust me, the narration IS cheesy. Really cheesy. But who cares. Take a look at Van (yow!):


The scuttlebutt says it’s a teaser for some shorts Van put together with some friends and that it’s a parody of the Natalie Portman Golden Globe-winning vehicle, Black Swan.

It was posted by TheOfficialOnTheReel at YouTube with the description,

We know you have seen Black Swan but have you seen PALE Swan? Pale swan is a riveting mini series, packed with love, murder, sex, and dance. As if that should ever go together, on top of that was added a pale dessert, ‘PALE SWAN.’

Snicks acknowledges a bittersweet ‘Reidiversary’

In his regular briefs column, AfterElton’s snicks (thanks to a little birdy who whispered in his ear) noted:

Today marks a bittersweet anniversary for gay visibility on daytime TV. On January 19, 2010, Eric Sheffer Stevens made his first appearance as Dr. Reid Oliver on As The World Turns. You can see scenes from the episode below, and it’s a strange experience watching it after all this time, with Reid firing insults from the get-go, Noah cursing the darkness, Luke having an awesomely bad hair day (at one point two hair tendrils cover his eyes, ala Medusa), and he, Lily and Damien as one big happy family. Those were the days.

The two best comment posted in response:

From Gen of Montréal: Oh, Snicks, you woke the Nuke fans. I’d sleep with one eye open tonight.

Save the Date: Monday 7 March 2011, Soap Opera Spirit Awards on Michael Fairman’s On Air On Soaps

As described by TV Guide Canada’s Nelson Branco when the nominees were announced,

A panel of TV Guide Canada editors chose the nominees and winners. Honourees will be announced on a special podcast edition of Michael Fairman’s On Air, On Soaps on Monday, March 7, 2011, along with being printed in our weekly Suds Bubble feature on TVGuide.ca on March 8. Check out a future edition of The Suds Report to find out which celebrity guests will help co-host the ceremony.

The nominees for the SOS awards include: Outstanding Male Actor in a Recurring or Guest-Star Role: Eric Sheffer Stevens (Reid) and Eric Sheffer Stevens and Van Hansis (Reid and Luke).

Also nominated were:

  • Outstanding Supporting Actress: Kathryn Hays (Kim)
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor: Jon Hensley  (Holden)
  • Outstanding Female Actress in a Recurring or Guest-Star Role: Lesli Kay (Molly)
  • The Douglas Marland Memorial Award: Helen Wagner (Nancy)
  • Outsanding Performance by a Duo (against Van and Eric): Elizabeth Hubbard and Larry Brygmann (Lucinda and John)

Generation Gossip picks Van Hansis as Best Actor

Royal Eduardo posted on the Generation Gossip blog site, in a bests/worsts Soap Sense column, his picks including:

Best Actor: Van Hansis, Luke As The World Turns. There was a number of eligible actors for this but Van took the cake. He guided his Luke through a break up with first love Noah to a flirtation and soon a genuine love story with Reid. Fans of both pairings fought endlessly about who Luke belonged with and the reason for that was the man in the middle, Luke aka Van. The soap superstar had chemistry with everyone and tailored his performances to the actor or actors he was playing against for a dizzying performance each and every time.

Most Missed Performer: Scott Evans, One Life To Live. There was something so easy and sexy about his Oliver Fish, and the fact that Scott is sexy didn’t hurt matters. When he was fired along with on screen love Brett Claywell fans, including me cried foul. (Close runner up Van Hansis)

He subsequently posted on the “Nelson Branco/Van Hansis Controversy”, saying:

Glad I wasn’t on the receiving end of this thrashing from fans on his facebook page. Our friend Nelson Branco announced the nominations for his Soap Opera Spirit Awards and conspicuously absent from the nominations was our beloved Van Hansis.  This set off vans rather large fan base, one person saying "You mention Van, only when you mention Eric too (or when you mention this so bad actor, [Jake] Silbermann). Van Hansis is way better than what you seem to think about him. He was perfection in the scenes when Eric wasn’t there, especially when Luke cried Reid’s death. Give more credits to Van’s talent"" 

Nelson defended himself by saying that not everyone who was worthy got a nom "Susan Flannery didn’t get an indy nomination, either. Do I hate her, too? And she had STAGE 4 lung cancer."

I clearly agree with the fans this time, I named Van best actor in the best/worst Soap Sense. For those attacking Nelson, I say hear him out. The man loves and knows soaps and there may be a reason Van didn’t get nominated. I don’t know what his process is, only what mine is.

I have to say, I’ve said before and will say again that while I’m thrilled for Eric, at the same time, I’m disappointed at how much Van’s been overlooked in the year-end honors. When ATWT ended, Van swept the trifecta of soap magazines (SOD, SOW, SID) in their Star of the Week/Performer of the Week honors.

Yes, he was not as “different” or “refreshing” as Eric was in the genre, but he was just plain GOOD and did wonders with the heavy lifting he was given – both the Noah surgery storyline and with Reid’s death.

New Behind the Scenes Photos and Updates from LLRT

On January 11th, the Crew at ESS.com posted the following update on the post-production of Eric’s indie movie, Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty.

They missed SXSW and TriBeCa film festivals and are now looking to see which festival fits best with this movie and that they can be ready for. They have a rough "assemblage" of the footage…now they are working on making that a rough cut.

This was followed by a tweet from the official LLRT twitter account on January 19th saying:

All has been quiet on Twitter but we are VERY much alive and working hard on "Lefty Loosey." Getting closer! Thanks for all your support!

Last, I’m not sure where these came from, as they’re not on the LLRT website, twitter, or Facebook pages, but the Eric Sheffer Stevens fan page on Facebook posted several behind-the-scenes photos from the film, with Eric in all three.

BTW, there is also an unofficial fanpage for LLRT on Facebook which you can find here.

More from Susan Dansby’s Interview with Eric Sheffer Stevens

Former ATWT (and soon-to-be Y&R trial) script writer Susan Dansby has been doling out bits from her interview with Eric Sheffer Stevens in small doses. On January 9th, she released another webzine piece titled, Since ATWT, Eric Sheffer Stevens Has Been a Poetry Prof, an Uptight Upper-Upper and More in which he says he shota John Hancock commercial and an episode of Dana Delaney’s new ABC series, Body of Proof.

He also says, “I’ll head out to LA in mid-January for what used to be pilot season, and bounce around there getting more and more depressed, until I come back to NY six weeks later.”

She’s also posted audio from her interview, which I’ll transcribe (if I ever get a free….month).

Vermont Shakespeare

Vermont Shakespeare Company (founded by classmates of Eric and Jenny Sheffer Stevens) produced Much Ado About Nothing last summer in Vermont. The production starred Eric and Jenny and was the focal point of a fan gathering in scenic North Hero, VT.

On January 17th, they sent out an email to supporters which read in part:

After the success of this past summer, we have had some offers to perform in other areas of Vermont! We also generated some interest in creating artistic partnerships with some very exciting local artists and organizations.

As a small company, we need to make sure that we keep moving forward with an eye on development and our future. With that in mind, we are booking our next season for 2012 with one week of performances in the Champlain Islands followed by a week of performances in Burlington! We are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand and reach a wider audience.

In order to do this, we need time. Time that will enable us to thoughtfully plan and work on the elements that are essential to making a 2 week season a reality.

We will spend 2011 working onboard development, corporate funding, grant writing, fundraising and an improved infrastructure. We are truly energized by the prospect of taking the time to strengthen our foundation, and in the process, offer you an even bigger and better event in 2012.

Our next season of Shakespeare in the Park is scheduled for August 9th-12th and 16th-19th 2012. We will keep you posted as to any events/workshops we plan for 2011.

So it sounds like no Shakespeare in the Park this year – the EPICs will need to find another excuse for a summer gathering. See you in 2012?

3 Responses to “News and Updates | 22 January 2011”

  1. mmc says:

    I was one of the fans who was not happy with Nelson Brancos awards list.To overlook Van and submit Jon Hensley is a crime.i was a Van fan long before Eric came on the scene, and while i am an Eric fan and admire his acting skills,i am annoyed that Van has been overlooked.Yes, nelson branco nominated Van and Eric as best duo(if they don’t win that then we know that some one needs glasses and a hearing aid for sure!) To me Van could convey every and any emotion.i always said on my other posts that when he smiled even his eyes smiled, when he cried it broke your heart.It’s so obvious that he’s got it all, that gorgeous face, that beautiful smile, and such great acting skills.He deserves only good things to come to him!!!!!….thanks lovelure for your wonderful updates on Van and Eric.Hopefully we’ll get to go to some fan events or performances in 2011!

  2. Susan Dansby says:

    Thanks for telling people about Eric Sheffer Stevens’ latest news. He’s such a nice guy, he shot me an email as soon as I asked for an update. He even sent me a congrats on the Y&R gig! Class act. Also, no need to transcribe the interview. It’s already done, and the transcribed sections appear as different articles on yougetthatjob.com. Love your site!

    • lovelure says:

      Hi Susan! I’m ALWAYS happy to be spreading the latest Van and Eric news. I knew you’d been publishing your interviews (have linked to them in previous news updates) but I thought they were just excerpts, not a full transcript! Thanks for stopping by and glad you like the site 🙂

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