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News and Updates | 21 February 2011

Emmys and Goldies and Dankies, oh my! How popular were Van and Eric? Filming finished over 8 months ago and the show’s been gone for 5 months and the accolades continue to pile up.

Eric Sheffer Stevens on the Goldie Awards ballot

ESS is up for Best Supporting Actor in the fan-voted Goldie Awards  at GoldDerby.com which tracks entertainment industry awards including the Emmys and Golden Globes, but also the WGA, SAG and DGA awards, the New York Film Critics Circle Awards, etc. This used to be an LA Times blog written by Tom O’Neil, but has become its own independent site as of November 2010.

You need to register to vote. If I’m reading it correctly, the site is pretty clear you can vote for as many or few categories as you like, but you must give a first and second choice in the categories you vote for. Luckily Trent Dawson (but not Van!) is also on the list!

New TV Guide Canada poll includes Eric and Van

In the meantime, Eric and Van are BOTH on the latest TV Guide Canada weekly poll which asks "Who should return to daytime in 2011?" Genie Francis has a HUGE lead right now, which is just as well – I want to see the boys move onto bigger and better things! But it’s nice to see them make the list with such heavy hitters as Genie, Finola Hughes, Shemar Moore and Michael Park.

To vote, go to the TV Guide Canada home page, and scroll down on the left – there is a poll option that often opens with a delayed response.

Daytime Emmys and Dankies updates

Official Daytime Emmy pre-nominations (as voted upon by peers in the industry without review of any clips) will be announced this Friday, 25th February. Since each show is allowed two candidates per category, Eric Sheffer Stevens is pretty much guaranteed a Daytime Emmy pre-nom (he and Trent Dawson were the only two ATWT actors who submitted themselves for consideration).

Matthew Cormier at Gold Derby did a post on all the ATWT nominees, asking “Will ‘As the World Turns’ get a goodbye gift from Daytime Emmys?” (thanks to The Crew at ESS.com for digging this one up). I don’t get the feeling that the author watched much ATWT, though as he talks about Trent’s nomination for his “comedic turn” (while Henry has been played for laughs in the past, I think that if Trent wins this year, it will be for his dramatic chops), that Craig is “evil” (not sure I’d agree with that), that “as Katie Perett [sic] Terri Conn excelled as a good girl who picks bad boys” (really?), that Janet is Jacks’s “ex-girlfriend”, that Kathryn Hays (Kim) was “the central figure in the series final episodes” and that ‘”Don Hasting [sic] is destined to leave daytime television with no competitive Emmy to his name” (he shares a lifetime achievement award).

With Emmy pre-noms out this Friday, Nelson Branco makes his predictions. Most ATWT categories have only 1 or 2 entrants, so no surprises there, but he predicts Leslie Kay and Julie Pinson over Terri Conn in the overcrowded Supporting Actress category.

After Friday, all performers receiving pre-nominations will have until 11th March to submit their DVD “reels” for judging that will begin the week of March 31st. The top 5 vote-getters will be announced as “nominees” on 11th May, with the top vote-getter being announced at this year’s awards ceremony in Los Angeles scheduled for 17th June.

In the meantime, voting for SoapCentral’s Dankies awards closes Sunday, 27th February. Votes are tracked by registered user, so it’s pretty painful to spam; plus Van, Eric, and LuRe are all over the ballot. So don’t miss your chance to make your voice heard! The winners for each show will participate in a second round of balloting which begins on Monday, 7th March.


Anthony D. Langford has posted a very long update to his long-running Gays of Our Lives column last week. ATWT gets a mention on the last page, including Eric’s pre-pre-nom listing, and Van’s absence. Interestingly, he writes:

As The World Turns may have been cancelled back in September, but it’s still managing to get some attention. The soap recently won the Writers Guild Award for Best Daytime Drama, nabbing it from General Hospital and One Life To Live. To no surprise, ATWT won thanks to submitted episodes that depicted Dr. Reid Oliver’s death and its aftermath.

I guess it’s no surprise that they submitted the episodes on Reid’s death, but given the fan response, I’d argue that quite a few were surprised by the win!

Meanwhile, voting continues on Oprah’s What’s Your Favorite Soap Opera poll. Guiding Light (42%) and As the World Turns (31%) are dominating the voting (as they should!) with the also-defunct Passions in third place at 15%. Multiple votes are allowed. Maybe it’s like the old adage about how you don’t realize how much you appreciate something until it’s gone….

While doing some random Googling, I was stunned (appalled!) to find that Luke and Brian have a portmanteau – Lion (!). Can you saw ewwwww…..?!

As of mid-February, One Life to Live (which by many accounts has been revitalized in the last year) surpassed ATWT replacement series, “The Talk” by double-digit percent margins in total viewers an dacross all target women demos. OLTL surpassed The Talk by:

  • 19% in Total Viewers (2.85 million vs. 2.40 million),
  • 15% in Women 18-34 (197,000 vs. 171,000),
  • 21% in Women 18-49 (692,000 vs. 572,000), and
  • 31% in Women 25-54 (907,000 vs. 693,000).

Take that, CBS.

Speaking of CBS, for anyone worried that Christopher Goutman will be named to replace the departing Executive Producer, Paul Rauch, at Y&R, Nelson Branco tweeted/teased that the new Y&R EP is a woman, white, a past director, and not Ellen Wheeler!

I have seen this site referenced on Chinese and Japanese sites. I haven’t found the Korean link yet, but I did come across this re-posting of AfterElton’s 2010 Hot 100 on a Korean site. Somehow this photo of Van looks particularly good on a black background!


Last, happy belated LGBT History Month from this side of the pond. According to Wikipedia, LGBT History Month is a month-long annual observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history, and the history of the gay rights and related civil rights movements. In the UK, it is observed during February, to coincide with a major celebration of the 2005 abolition of Section 28, which had the effect of prohibiting schools from discussing LGBT issues or counseling LGBT or questioning youth.

5 Responses to “News and Updates | 21 February 2011”

  1. mmc says:

    Even though Van did not submit himself for the Emmys this year, he has won so much love and gratitude from his fans.He not only is a wonderful actor which we all know , but he’s also a kind and gracious man.

  2. selma says:

    Van Hansis, I would love to see you at the Emmys but I realize the difficulty involved in submitting. Your support for Eric is so generous, which should demonstrate clearly to him what a special man you are. Whatever you choose to do in the future will be phenomenal like the work we saw on ATWT. And don’t forget artists suffer for their art so whether it be a broken heart or pain from tragedy it makes you grow and deepen your wisdom. A wonderful generous man like you is already loved whether or not the object of your affections has the strength to admit it. Remember every single experience helps you as an actor and already your acting is top of the heap. Don’t give up your dream but!!

  3. selma says:

    I am so happy Eric SS will be a contender at the Emmys. I would love to see both Van H and Eric SS but having one is monumental. I would like to think he’ll use his work with Van so this fabulous story and both gifted actors are viewed in line with the best. Congratulations, Eric Sheffer Stevens! You are a winner because of your marvelous gift.

  4. mmc says:

    Loved the photo of the gorgeous and talented Van Hansis on the Korean site.i’d love to know what it said.I do miss him and will be going on the other sites to vote for him and Eric.Thanks lovelure for the updates.Also as much as i would love to see Van on TV , if a soap isn’t for him at this time then that’s the way it has to be.But I do admit I do really feel Van deprived and that’s not a good feeling!

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