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— Maddie (to Noah)

Van Hansis’s YouTube Short, Pale Swan

ETA: From 18th Feb 2011: From Ahbra Perry’s Facebook (she’s the pale swan):

Pale Swan Poster

In case you can’t read all the text below the picture, it says:

A film by On the Reel Productions. From the company that brought you Broke and Pearlcipitation. All things that good be good in a movie not just when you are on drugs. This movie stars professional baseball player Drew Bigda in tights like you have never seen before. It also brings to the screen Van Hansis. What the fuck could really be better than this?

From Valentine’s Day evening, LA time:


Back on January 21st, Van posted on his Facebook: four words: pale swan, coming soon. So as of February 12th, there’s more. There’s now a 4:44 version up on YouTube, still bearing a green Preview marker (rated R! um, yeah) at the beginning. Back in January, Van did confirm on Facebook that it’s a “short,” not a feature-length film, so it’s not clear to me whether there’s more to come still.

[tubepress video=Dyyf8C62q0Y title=false description=true]


Is it worth enduring the (intentionally) hideously painfully bad ballet? Only to hear Van with a faux European-taskmaster accent (a few months in CA and he’s already channeling Arnold!). ETA FB Post: 14 Feb:


And, oh yeah, to get a full-on glimpse of the tongue that will launch yet another thousand NC-17 fanfics! Screencap and the original trailer follow the jump…


^^Interestingly, I don’t know that I’ve sever seen YouTube unable to make a suggestion!

Oh, and Attention, all Hollywood casting agents! Please – someone book Van for some serious primetime or big-screen action. Stat!

The original teaser

BTW, this is the original 41-second teaser posted by TheOfficialOntheReel on YouTube on January 21st.

[tubepress video=IjSLgudkBQs title=false description=true]

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  1. mmc says:

    I watched it because Van was in it but i prefer Van as sweet and sexy.However as an actor I’m sure he’s open to all parts.Is his agent (if he has one) asleep on the job, because by now with all of his good acting skills on ATWT and before, he should be getting a decent job.I’m so frustrated for him !Not only is he so good to look at , and he has the best smile anywhere, but he can act! Let’s get this show on the road somebody!

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