Reid: Now I need an O.R. and a full staff, your best people. It would help if they’d been to medical schools sometime within the last 30 years.
Bob: My chief of neurology is bringing his team in. Uh, he’s aware of you and would like to observe.
Reid: As long as it’s clear to everyone that I’m in charge of the O.R. No back-seat driving.

— Reid and Bob

OCCUPANT | Updated availability info for the US and Canada, plus Thorsten Kaye at the premiere, Van Hansis on BlogTalkRadio tonight!

On October 18th, OCCUPANT starring Van Hansis, Thorsten Kaye, and Cody Horn will be available in the US on cable/satellite at: AT&T, Bresnan Communications, Charter Communications, Cablevision, DirecTV, Insight, Mediacom, RCN, Suddenlink, Verizon, Xfinity Comcast (select markets).

For Canada, cable/satellite outlets will be: Cogeco, MTS, Rogers, Shaw, Telus. 

And for broadband options: Amazon Video, Apple iTunes, Blockbuster on demand, Cinemanow, PlayStation, Vudu, Xbox and Zune.

UPDATE, 18 Oct 2011: I just tried searching on Amazon and couldn’t find it, even searching under ‘Amazon Instant Video’, which is where it’s filed, but Van’s on-the-ball fans have posted the link on Facebook. So apparently, it’s available.

I have seen a confirmed report from Rogers in Canada and Consolidated Communications, but have had no luck with Comcast in my home neighborhood. Will keep you posted…

Blockbuster already has their page up, and you can post a rating and a review.

In the meantime, We Love Soaps tweeted a photo of Thorsten Kaye from the premiere showing. And Michael Fairman reminds us that Van Hansis will be on Ryan Holmes’s Blazin’ Ry show tonight at 8pm Eastern to talk about Occupant, Psych and his upcoming mystery guest spot. The call-in number is 917-388-4131.

Hope you’re all enjoying Vantober!

One Response to “OCCUPANT | Updated availability info for the US and Canada, plus Thorsten Kaye at the premiere, Van Hansis on BlogTalkRadio tonight!”

  1. Lewis says:

    I saw OCCUPANT yesterday. It was well acted and appropriately creepy for this genre. Quite a change for Van, especially given the fact that his performance was sandwiched in the midst of his ATWT’s storyline. Roman Polanski would be proud.That’s all that I will say at this point so as not to give anything away. However, it does bear a second watching to say the least…

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