You didn’t ask me to come here, Mr. Snyder. You forced me to. My time is extremely valuable. Just ask any of my patients who are waiting for me back in Dallas. And God help you if one of them doesn’t make it because I’ve been wasting my time here.

— Reid (to Luke)

OCCUPANT screencap gallery | 70+ images from Van Hansis’s soon-to-be-released indie thriller, part 1 (mostly spoiler-free)

Here are a few screencaps to whet your appetite. These are not necessarily representative of the whole film or even in sequence, though obviously, it’s skewed for Van fangirls and fanboys.

In the interest of getting these up sooner rather than later, I’ve just dumped all the screen caps in here, without creating thumbnails or using a gallery plug-in. Since that would make the home page on this site dreadfully slow, I’m putting them all after the jump.

UPDATE: 17 Oct 2011: I couldn’t get the spoiler tag to work with images in side, so I’ve moved the last set of images (which are the most potentially spolier-y to another page. If you don’t want to be spoiled at all, stop reading. Most of the new (previously unpublished) scenes are actually in this set, though they also reveal the least about the storyline (at least not beyond what has previously been pretty widely discussed), in my opinion at least.


In the beginning

Uncomplicated Life Uncomplicated Life 2

Danny Hill, cat lover

Danny and Kitty 2 Danny and Kitty 3 Danny and Kitty Cuddling with Kitty 2 Cuddling with Kitty 3 Cuddling with KittyFeeding Kitty


Danny Moves In Danny Moves In 2 Joe's Hand on Knee Joe Face Touch Danny Smiles at Sharleen Danny Meets Sharleen Danny Meets Lawyer Danny Phoning Lawyer Danny Smiles at Sharleen Danny Watching Video

Is it hot in here?

Danny in Shower 3 Danny in Shower 5 Danny in Shower Danny in Shower 2  Danny Waking Up Danny Waking Up 2 Danny in Bed with Wine Danny in Bed with Boxers 2Danny in Bed with Boxers Danny Sleeping on Stomach Danny Putting on Shirt

Click here to see last set of images. Warning: potentially spoiler-y.

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  1. mmc says:

    No LL, it’s hot out here.And it was stifling in the movie theatre when I saw Occupant!That shower scene amd the other chest scenes will take your breath away!he did such an amzing job…..he truly was the movie.You’ll see tomorrow.Enjoy it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    cant wait to see this movie…but have to…

  3. ltklo says:

    All I can say is THANKS 🙂

  4. liz says:

    Thanks for the screencaps. Where do you get them?

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