Katie: What am I supposed to do? Sit here alone every night after I put Jacob to sleep?
Henry: No, no, no! But you don’t need Dr. McBrainy to keep you company.

— Katie and Henry

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PSYCH Season 6 Episode 3 ‘This Episode Sucks’ | Extended trailer featuring scenes with Van Hansis!

Okay, I SWORE to myself that my next post would be the long in-process IHMTD update, but this was just too good to pass up! I have no idea how they got a hold of this or made this, as it is different from the “horror trailer” that is available on the USA site. But […]

USA posts complete schedule for October 26th | Multiple showings for PSYCH Season 6 Episode 3, ‘This Episode Sucks’ with Kristy Swanson, Corey Feldman, and (of course) Van Hansis

USA Networks, home of PSYCH, starring James Roday and Dule Hill, have posted their complete schedules for October and much of November. This makes it official: ‘This Episode Sucks’ will be the third episode of Season 6 and will air on October 26th at 10pm ET. Okay, so that’s not really news, I’ve been speculating […]

PSYCH Season 6 Episode 3 (26 October 2011) | ‘This Episode Sucks’ photos

As we get closer to the air date for PSYCH’s Season 6 episode, ‘This Episode Sucks’ on USA Networks, more tidbits are available. The website seat42f.com has published several photos from the episode. There are two of lead guest star, Kristy ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ Swanson, and one of second marquee guest star, Corey ‘The […]

PSYCH, Season 6, Episode 3 (?): This Episode Sucks sneak peek available! Plus Occupant now reservable at Netflix, and its first festival announcement!

Okay, so there’s no Van in this clip (no Kristy Swanson or Lassiter either, for that matter), but “This Episode Sucks” looks like it’ll be a stitch. It’s part of Day 22 of USA’s Countdown to Season 6 of PSYCH, and, as the third episode discussed, suggests that it’s likely to be Episode 3 (whose […]

Van Hansis on PSYCH | A Dogberry connection, pineapples, spoilers, shooting locations, where to watch, and more

Van’s been busy on Facebook the last several days with a couple of posts nearly daily, including responses to non-PSYCH related questions. (Maybe he got sick of answering “how’s it going?” and “when’s Occupant coming out?”) including a reply to a fan’s question earlier this week about “What was your favorite ATWT scene?” (Note: the […]