Bob: I thought we agreed that you would conform to our standards as long as you were here.
Reid: When did we agree to that?
Bob: When I gave you temporary privileges.
Reid: You didn’t have a choice. The rich kid wanted me to take care of his boyfriend.

— Bob and Reid

Van Hansis featured in new Soap Opera Digest article!

And to think – I walked right by this on the newsstand yesterday!

Soap Opera Digest ran a very lengthy interview with updates on Van’s whereabouts including mentions of his work in OCCUPANT, PSYCH, and NIKITA. There is definitely news in the report, which, assuming the article is 100% correct, is:

  • Van’s booked an appearance on THE MENTALIST (a CBS series with a similar premise to PSYCH, but starring Simon Baker, who was quite charming in THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA – well, at least until his character showed his true colors)
  • The “brief but funny” appearance and a web series will be in DATING RULES FROM MY FUTURE SELF which starts in January
  • He’s been in touch with quite a number of the younger ATWT alums including Jess Soffer (Will), Jennifer Landon (Gwen), Alexandra Chandro (Maddie), Zach Roerig (oldCasey), and Tala Ashe (Ameera)

Last, Van says,

It was awesome to see [Jake Silbermann when he was in LA for Stuffer]. I’m also excited to tune into Eric’s [Sheffer Stevens] new show [I HATE MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER]. From what I’ve seen, he’s a slacker dad, which is very different from Reid!

Guess he’s figured out how to juggle his fanbases and stay out of the doghouse – mention both Jake AND Eric….in the same sentence! 🙂

Enjoy the interview!




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