Oh my god, you’re sitting down?

— Reid (to Luke)

Site Problems Resolved?

Hi everyone,

Thanks for stopping by. Based on site stats, I’d guess that since mid-day Thursday or so, all the links on this site stopped working, but I think I figured out the problem and we’re back in business. Thanks for your patience!


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  1. mmc says:

    So happy you’re back LL.For once it wasn’t my crazy computer acting up!…Do you happen to know about any ATWT fan events….i heard something about the end of June in NYC ,but no mention was made of actors attending.I think it’s fans of LuRe.I do wish there was something but the chances of Van and Eric going seem slim.

    • lovelure says:

      Yes, there is a late June event known as the “Trip of Epicness” (or TOE, for short). The best places to go for info on it are the ESS.com forum (you have to register to read posts – I’d recommend starting in the Special Events section as there will probably be several trip-related threads) and Facebook. There are definitely LuRe-related events, but since I know I can’t attend, I haven’t been following closely.

      Also, I know several ATWT actors are announced for the upcoming SoapFest trip May 14 & 15 on Marco Island Florida (including Austin Peck, Billy Magnussen, Ellen Dolan, and Terri Conn).

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