So you’re telling me when you were a brand-new doctor and you lost your first patient that it didn’t get to you? You just said, “Oh, well, that’s it. On to the next.”

— Katie (to Reid)

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News and Updates | September 17, 2010

On Soap Central’s Live call-in show, Two Scoops writer Jennifer Biller was asked what story has generated the most interest and her response? No question: Luke and Noah, Luke and Reid.  Interestingly, both columnists generally liked the ending, pointing out the lack of story for Lisa and Emma being the two glaring omissions. It definitely […]

Episode LiveBlog | 17 September 2010

Sunday, 19 Sep, 12.38pm GMT/7.38am EDT The final 2 minutes and 19 seconds of the Luke half of LuRe. 🙁 Could not parse XML from YouTube Liveblog follows…

Episode LiveBlog | 16 September 2010

Fri  17 Sep 5.34am GMT/12.34am EDT Today’s clip, in Full HD, courtesy of smuchshypush: Could not parse XML from YouTube 7.54pm GMT/2.54pm EDT Previews: DustNet’s baby Lorenzo’s christening – they ask Jack to be godfather. Lily: Who knew John Dixon would be the answer to my prayers? Holden: I thought that was my job (could […]

News and Updates | September 15, 2010

UPDATE, 15 Sep, 8.50pm EDT: SOS Pulse Results were just posted for the week of September 6th. Van #2, Eric #3, LuRe #2. Can’t believe Van’s not #1, but gotta give credit to Eric for coming in #3, despite dying 20 minutes into his only episode and having probably fewer than 2 dozen words to […]

Interview LiveBlog | ESS on BuzzWorthy (BlogTalkRadio), 14 September 2010

Okay – liveblog is about as complete as it will get until it becomes a transcript (ETA 1-2 months from now!). The good news: Eric was able to pre-emptively diffuse a lot of the angst surrounding his earlier comments about him personally being happy with Reid’s end. Given comments on fan boards, I was a […]