Reid: I got you something too. I didn’t wrap it, though.
Katie: Oh! A business card! You shouldn’t have!
Reid: That’s what I’m thinkin’.

— Reid and Katie

News and Updates | September 20, 2010

Today is the first weekday PA (or maybe it should be PATWT) – Post As the World Turns.  Never again will I be rushing to feed my kids while trying to find a functional live stream at 7pm in the evening. For that, I will be forever grateful. *sigh*

Just a few things to clarify: a few people have asked, so I just want to confirm that this site isn’t going anywhere soon. I expect to keep updating it until it’s “finished” (which means the episode guide and transcripts will be completed; plus I have a bunch of article ideas and videos and fanfics to finish, so there will be new material for awhile to come) and thereafter I will keep it up and running as long as people continue to discover Luke and Reid and to stop  by for a visit (which I hope will be forever).

In the meantime, that being said, my webhost has been having all sorts of server problems for the last week or so, so I’m sorry if the site has been inaccessible – best I can suggest is to hang in there and keep trying. If it keeps up, I’ll have to add “looking for a new webhost” to my list of post-work-deadline To Dos. In the meantime, I hope you’ll bear with me.

Michael Fairman has posted another update on the DWB/ESS campaign – the total is up to $18,520 – very close to $20K!  Meanwhile, donations continue to be accepted by the Walnut Hill School in honor of Van’s birthday this Friday.

And ATWT columnist Karen Riel, who also recently published a piece on the ESS/DWB campaign has a new column out with her views on the finale.

On a lighter note, AfterElton liveblogger snicks has a new poll up matching up LuRe vs Kish for the title of “Ultimate Daytime Couple.” Kish is modestly in the lead, though I gotta say, even I voted for Kish’s ending (happy but off screen) over LuRe’s.

Speaking of polls, over on TV Guide Canada’s soaps home page, there is a poll on the left side if you scroll down asking, “Who has been knocking it out of the acting park lately?” With a measly 68 votes cast so far, Van has 76% of them! Eric is not a choice (I guess the definition of “lately” might preclude him if nothing else!), though Jon Hensley (who was phenomenal in the last two episodes) is.

ETA, 20 Sep 11.30pm GMT: FYI, if you’re inclined to vote in polls, the deadline for the SOS Pulse for this week has been extended by a day since it was unavailable earlier today.

Last, if you haven’t heard about it, already, there is quite a controversy brewing over Susan Dansby’s casual comment in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she would help fans write a Nuke epilogue online. Not surprisingly, this generated a lot of response including lengthy comments on the Daytime Confidential website and less-than-shy personal tweets to Susan. She subsequently tweeted: “For those of you who haven’t heard, I’m turning the Luke/Noah debacle into a writing ecourse.”

I’m not quite sure all the details, but the P&G Classic Soaps blog reported yesterday that she is launching a course called “Six Scenes with a View of Writing Soaps” which is free to people who sign up right now. I believe the course will simulate an episode-writing experience, using a Nuke reunion in six months as the subject matter (and if you hate this idea, feel free to say so in the comments, but no name-calling, please).

Those of you who have followed my posts on LRO and even an early post here, will find Susan credited as script writer for several of the most popular LuRe episodes, so she is an integral part of LuRe history, like her or not. The whole process of writing a soap and how we got to where we ended up is fascinating to me, so you can bet I’ll be curious how this all plays out…

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