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Body of Proof: Broken Home | Where to Watch on Tuesday, 17th May

The season finale of Body of Proof is scheduled to air this coming Tuesday, 17th May, at 10pm Eastern Time. This episode of the Dana Delaney procedural guest stars Eric Sheffer Stevens and Jill Eikenberry.

For those of you outside the US, or away from a television at time of broadcast, be watched on live-stream on WFTS-TV, the Tampa Bay ABC affiliate via I’ve popped on a few times during the day today and what’s showing matches their TV listings, and their listings show Body of Proof on Tuesday.

ETA, 15 May, 2.20pm GMT: I just tried the above link and it didn’t work, so here is an alternative URL for the same site (it’s Stream 1). Thanks to LRO, here’s a second livestream link, using TVPC also for the East (looks like the same channel).

In the meantime, if you can’t wait to get a glimpse of guest star Eric Sheffer Stevens, you can watch the preview (in HD) below, thanks to bobby110011 (cue to 0.11):

[tubepress video=_drx-1PxerY title=false description=false]

You can also see both the trailer and the extended sneak peek on the ABC Body of Proof show page

After the episode airs, if you want to watch it, within the US, you should be able to watch it on the ABC site or via Hulu or Xfinity. You can also purchase the episode Amazon ($0.99, HD available) and from iTunes ($2.99, also available in HD, but I think you can download it).  I think ABC have an agreement where the last 5-6 episodes are available for free on the various sites, but the older ones are only available for purchase.

For those of us outside the US, there do appear to be several YouTube channels that posted last week’s episode (Buried Secrets, Body of Proof 1×08) within 24 hours of airing. However, those channels (not surprisingly) have been terminated due “multiple or severe violations of [YouTube’s] community guidelines.” However, even though those users have been deleted, the videos are still available.

I’ll have another look on Wednesday morning to see if I can find a link to post.

2 Responses to “Body of Proof: Broken Home | Where to Watch on Tuesday, 17th May”

  1. Marie says:

    Hi, you can try these pages (one day after airing in the US), I use them all the time 🙂

    Sadly, pop-up windows will appear, but you can just exit them.

    Megavideo and Putlocker are usually the best sites for viewing. Again, beware of pop-ups.

    I’ve never gotten a virus from these pages, but be careful in any case 🙂

    Marie from Norway

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