Lily: What exactly did Damian say to you?
Luke: He said that if you love somebody, the ends justify the means. Mom, what are you thinking?
Lily: I’m thinking I need to speak to your father.

— Lily and Luke

New Postcard | Why?

The happily ever after scenes are all taken from scenes that have played out over the last three weeks (or are in next week’s previews). So the LuRe tragedy is playing out between the bookends of Barbara and Henry’s wedding and the final week festivities.

I had hoped to include recent images of all the ridiculous endgame couplings, as that would be even more condemning to me, but no spoiler images have yet been released of Craig and Rosanna, and we don’t know what’s happening with the teens yet, so I settled for what I could find in recent clips.

I made two versions of this postcard – one with Noah/RR Crossing, one without, depending on what message you’d like to send (LuRe focused, or on the endgame for all three gay characters). Just wish it hadn’t come to this.

Detailed recommendations for sending postcards can be found at LRO (though you must be a member to read them).

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