Thanks to me you can see the door. Use it.

— Reid (to Noah)

LuRe Complete Episode Playlist (Parts 1-5)

The Luke and Reid Story: Parts 1-5

ROS Part 1 | January 19, 2010

spoiler name=”summary”]Reid Oliver’s first appearance. After Reid rebuffs Luke’s request to take on Noah’s case, Luke looks to Damian for advice.[/spoiler]

"With flowers and candy."
"Silver spoon.”

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ROS Part 2 | January 19, 2010

[spoiler name=”summary”]Luke blackmails Reid and he arrives in Oakdale – very unpleased to be there. In the meantime, Noah, who is out with Maddie, nearly misses Luke’s alert.[/spoiler]

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ROS Part 3 | January 22, 2010 Part 1

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ROS Part 4 | January 22, 2010 Part 2

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ROS Part 5 | January 22, 2010 Part 2

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Note: part numbers line up with HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story on YouTube. Dates (with part numbers) line up with Anthony D Langford’s YouTube channel

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