Katie: What about neurosurgery?
Reid: If I could find somebody in this town with a brain, I might consider it. But so far, no such luck.

— Katie and Reid

FanFic | Simple Gifts, A Luke and Reid/ATWT Love Story

Simple Gifts on FanFiction.net

Rating: T (language and innuendo)

Word Count: too many to count, and still growing

Disclaimer: Telenext, P&G, blah blah blah. I’m just reveling in the opportunity to live in Luke and Reid’s universe.

Warnings: romance, romance, romance. with (hopefully) a healthy dose of humor, a dollop of fluff, and a few dashes of angst here and there. No other warnings really necessary – unless you’re wary of schmoop!

Summary: Train? What train. Following their first Christmas together, Luke and Reid embark on journeys of self-discovery. Can two simple gifts lead to a happily ever after?

[spoiler name=A/N]UPDATE, 17 Oct 2010: When I first started this, I thought it might be 6-8 chapters long. Now, after 75,000 words and 26 chapters, it’s playing out more like a serial – a soap opera, even – and is taking just as long to develop. Updates are (unfortunately) lumpy in frequency due to RL (darn family! darn job! no, seriously – I love my family!). I have 10,000 words of future chapter notes and enough ideas to probably double the length of this (or more). I WILL write this to a “conclusion” (though there are a few stopping points plotted out)(, though I have no idea when I’ll get there.

Also, FYI, this story was started in May and intermittently updated throughout the summer. It largely sticks to canon until early August. So Mona Cross did happen in this universe, and Chris and Reid do have to duke it out for the COS position, but Chris’s heart is perfectly healthy, thank you very much and Noah is sent to LA a little earlier (boo hoo). Hopefully everything else will play out in the course of the story.

Featuring Luke and Reid front and center, but including a lot of Katie, some Henry, and a few OCs since Luke could use some friends not named Noah, Casey or Ali; plus Chris, Holden, Lily, Bob, Damian, Lucinda, Emma, Faith, Natalie, Ethan, and Jacob…oh yeah, and Noah.[/spoiler]

Chapter 1: Snyder Farm

“Thanks grandma. Merry Christmas.” Luke turned to Emma and gave her a big hug and kiss as he walked out the door. Reid had gotten his arm stuck in his coat, and lagged a few steps behind.

“Dr. Oliver…” began Emma, placing a hand on his arm.

Reid turned on the doorstep and looked at her quizzically. Small talk was never his thing, but he knew he should say something. Luke cast him a sidelong glance so he thought he’d better say it soon. “Everything was great, Mrs. Snyder. Thanks for making me feel at home,” he said, awkwardly patting her on the shoulder.

Luke stifled a chuckle.

“Dr. Oliver,” began Emma again. “You’re welcome any time. And thank you for putting the sparkle back in Luke’s eyes.” She then leaned forward pinched his cheek, and gave him a big bear hug. While Reid rolled his eyes and gave Luke a “WTF do I do now?” look, Luke didn’t bother to hide his smile.

” ‘Night, grandma,” called Luke, as Reid broke free of Emma’s embrace and took his hand.

They walked hand-in-hand down the long driveway to the car, their even gaits matched, step for step. Snow had fallen during the day, and the freezing temperatures created a thin crust over the gravel. Their steps made beat out an even crunch, crunch, crunch rhythm as they walked…

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