Reid: You think I’m homophobic. That’s hysterical.
Luke: Why don’t you let me in on the joke, doctor? What, is your best friend gay? Or your mom? Or your dad? Who?
Reid: Me, Mr Snyder. I’m gay.

— Reid and Luke

Annotated YouTube Playlist | The Luke and Reid Story: Parts 1-5

January 19, 22, and 25 part 1

ROS Part 1 | January 19, 2010 Part 1 (ADL)

Reid Oliver’s first appearance.

[spoiler name=”Part 1 summary”]After Reid rebuffs Luke’s request to take on Noah’s case, Luke looks to Damian for advice[/spoiler]

[spoiler name=”Part 1 highlights”]

Luke: When do you think you can get to Oakdale for a consultation?
Reid: Um, let me see….How about….um, never?

Reid: What makes you think that I can just drop everything and fly out to uh…where the hell is Oakdale?

Reid: You seem to think I have the time of day for you, and I’m curious as to why.

Reid: It bores me to tears. Just like you’re doing right now.

Damian: Make him an offer he can’t refuse.


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Additional ADL scenes:

ROS Part 2 | January 19, 2010 Part 2

[spoiler name=”Part 2 summary”]Luke blackmails Reid and he arrives in Oakdale – very displeased to be there. In the meantime, Noah, who is out with Maddie, nearly misses Luke’s alert.[/spoiler]

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ROS Part 3 | January 22, 2010 Part 1

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ROS Part 4 | January 22, 2010 Part 2

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ROS Part 5 | January 22, 2010 Part 2

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Note: part numbers line up with HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story on YouTube. Dates (with part numbers) line up with Anthony D Langford’s YouTube channel

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