You kidnapped me, you flew me out here on your daddy’s jet, chained me to your boyfriend’s side to perform a surgery most people I treat wait over a year for. So, yeah, this is your fault.

— Reid (to Luke)

Watching Luke and Reid Live

The contents of this page were originally part of the pinned page published on Where/How to Watch Luke and Reid. Since As the World Turns went off the air, and it is no longer possible to watch Luke and Reid live 🙁 I have unpinned this portion of the page and moved it here.

Broadcast Television

After 54 years, As the World Turns aired its final episode on Friday, September 17th. Previously, Luke and Reid could be seen (whenever TPTB deigned to give them air time) on weekday afternoons on CBS. ATWT aired at 2pm Eastern and Mountain times, 3pm Central and Pacific.

Local airtimes could be found by searching, though there are no episode-specific descriptions on this site.

Live Stream

A lifeline for those of us living overseas, and I believe for many with work/family/school/life commitments that prevent them from being home mid-afternoon to watch TV (can’t imagine that – wonder why the daytime soap is a dying genre – NOT). Four streams that I have used with varying success are:

Most suffer from tiny screen sizes and are prone to poor picture quality and the sound cutting out. If you get desperate, you may wish to try TVU, which is recommended by the Otalia for Dummies website. *NOTE: Try this method at your own risk! LoveLure has not tried this option and cannot vouch that it does not come with spyware or other malware, so beware.

UPDATE, Sep 1: I finally got around to trying TVU out and briefly thought I’d died and gone to heaven. You can watch on a very large screen with no static and very few sound cut-outs. The problem is, it’s on Mountain/Pacific time, so it airs 2 hours after the initial airing. You will need to download TVU player to watch (so far, no viruses or malware detected), so allow 10 minutes to do so, then you can pick your screen resolution and watch. If you’ve been watching exclusively on the other screens it will be a fabulous eye-opener – at least it was for me!

I tried to find streams in the Central and Mountain zones, but had no luck – If anyone wants to propose other options, I’ll add them to this post. In the meantime, if you don’t have any luck with these, you can see some more…creative…means for accessing live streams by reading this post on DigitalAlchemy.TV.

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