Luke: Wait. You want to operate on Noah today?
Reid: I want to be drinking a beer back in Texas, but I’m prepared to operate.
Luke: But he just had lunch. You — you can’t eat and then go under anesthesia.
Reid: Really? I hadn’t heard that.

— Luke and Reid

Transcript | 25 January 2010

Reid manages to get himself arrested for ramming Kim’s car and pissing off the cop who arrives on the scene. Bob suggests to the judge that Reid be allowed to practice at Memorial for the next month while waiting for his hearing. Noah blames Luke for driving Reid away and tells Luke things can never be the same between them.

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Anthony D Langford January 25, 2010 Parts TBC


Bob: Are you okay?

Kim: Yeah, I think I’m fine. I’m all right.

Luke: I’m gonna call 911.

Kim: Honey, that’s not necessary.

[Horn beeps]

Luke: Hi, yes. I’m at Memorial hospital parking garage. There’s been an accident. Uh, one — there’s gonna be two soon.

[Horn blaring]

Luke: Hey, lay off the horn!

Bob: I’m gonna take you inside and have you checked out.

Kim: Bob!

Bob: Don’t argue with me. I almost lost you a few months ago. I’m not gonna take a chance.

Kim: Oh. Why is he doing that?

[Reid sighs]

Luke: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Where the hell do you think you’re going?

Reid: To the airport.

Luke: You just hit someone! She could be hurt. She’s the chief of staff’s wife.

Reid: Then they’ll run a hundred tests she doesn’t need for free and confirm what I can already see from here. She’s fine. Now get out of my way.

Luke: No, you are not going anywhere.

Nurse: What can I do for you, Sweetie?

Noah: Dr. Oliver isn’t interested in performing surgery on me, so I just need to get out of here.

Nurse: Okay. I’ll tell your boyfriend as soon as he gets back.

Noah: Oh, no, no. I’m not gonna wait for Luke. If you could just give me whatever forms I need to sign and call a cab for me, I’d really appreciate it. Okay.

Reid: What are you gonna do, string me up in the town square?

Luke: Look, you caused an accident, you could have seriously injured her, you almost wrecked my car, and all you’re worried about is catching your flight?

Reid: You know, the whole reason this accident happened is because of you.

Luke: Oh, you think this is my fault?

Reid: You kidnapped me, you flew me out here on your daddy’s jet, chained me to your boyfriend’s side to perform a surgery most people I treat wait over a year for. So, yeah, this is your fault.

Kim: Luke, Honey, let him go. It’s not worth it. It’s just my neck is a little –?

Reid: See, there you go. One good day at a spa. It’ll be like nothing happened.

Luke: Officer, this man hit her car and now he’s trying to leave the scene of an accident.

Reid: Oh, for the love of God.

Police officer: You can pray on your own time, Pal. License and registration, please.

Reid: Do me a favor. Could you just pull out your gun and shoot me?

Reid: Look, Officer Fife, or whatever your name is, I’m really sorry about this whole mess. I’m a neurosurgeon. That means I operate on brains. Okay. I’m based in Dallas. I have to catch a plane to get back to my patients, people who actually need me.

Police officer: License and registration.

Reid: Give him the registration.

Police officer: Whose car is this?

Luke: Well, it’s mine, but he was driving.

Police officer: You leant it to him?

Luke: No, no. I told him that he couldn’t borrow it, but he snatched the keys and he took it anyway, which is basically stealing.

Reid: Wait just a damn min– I didn’t steal your car. You knew exactly where I was going.

Luke: Without my permission.

Reid: I don’t need permission. I’m trying to catch a flight. Seriously? You’re giving me a ticket?

Luke: Oh, that looks like a summons to me.

Reid: Oh, you forgot to add littering. I don’t have time for this.

Police officer: Too bad, ’cause now you’re under arrest.

Reid: My lawyer is gonna have your job.

Bob: What does it say?

Luke: Driving with an expired license, operating a stolen vehicle, attempting to leave the scene of an accident, and —

All: Resisting arrest.

Noah: Don’t!

Luke: Noah, it’s me.

Noah: Luke, I know it’s you. I can button my own shirt.

Luke: Well, I know you can, but —

Noah: I said no! I may be blind, but are you deaf? Just — stop hovering.

Luke: Okay. Well, something happened to my car. I’ll explain on the way, but we have to get a cab.

Noah: I already told the nurse to call me a cab.

Luke: Well, all right. Then let’s get going.

Noah: No. I told her to call me a cab, Luke, not us. I’m — I just need to get out of here.

Luke: Okay.

Noah: And I need to get away from you.

Luke: Noah, I know that this is really frustrating, but I think it would help if you didn’t take everything out on me.

Noah: I’m just trying to be honest, Luke.

Luke: And honest is saying that you want to get away from me.

Noah: Luke, Dr. Oliver was it. He was my last chance of being able to see again, and it’s gone.

Luke: He was an arrogant, selfish jerk, Noah, and I refuse to believe that he is the only doctor in the world that can perform this operation.

Noah: Just stop it, Luke!

Luke: Stop what? Stop what, Noah? What am I doing that is so wrong? I’m just trying to help. Why can’t you see –?

Noah: Why can’t I what? Why can’t I see that? That’s what you were going to say, right? "Why can’t I see that?"

Luke: That’s not — that’s not what I meant. I’m just — I’m trying to help.

Noah: You know, your way of helping is taking me back to your mommy’s house and giving me tea and cookies and making sure my socks match for the rest of my life!

Luke: You know what? Can we not do this right now?

Noah: Don’t tell me how I feel! Don’t tell me what to feel! I’m the one whose eyes don’t work anymore, okay? Not you. You have no idea what I’m going through, how I feel, the kind of disappointment that I’m feeling right now, ’cause the one doctor I thought could help me stormed out of here, and mostly because he can’t stand to be around you.

Luke: Okay. Now, how can you turn this around on me, like this is all my fault?

Noah: This is just what I’m stuck with.

Luke: Well, I know you think that — that I feel stuck, too, but I don’t.

Noah: Please, Luke. Don’t — don’t tell me that I’m the same Noah you fell in love with, because I’m not. I know I’m not. And you know what? That is what matters most.

Luke: Noah. You can’t really believe that my feelings have changed for you just because you can’t see?

Noah: I know things have changed for me.

Luke: What does that mean? Does that mean that your feelings for me have changed?

Kim: Honey, Honey. It’s still ticking.

Bob: Humor me.

Kim: Oh, I wish you had a sense of humor about this. It was a fender-bender. I’m not hurt at all.

Bob: It was traumatic. I love you, and you have a heart condition, and don’t think you can talk me out of an EKG.

Kim: You ordered an EKG?

Bob: Of course I did. Listen to your doctor. He knows best.

Kim: Well, considering you control my discharge papers, I would love to have an EKG.

Bob: Thank you.

Kim: You’re welcome. Oh, this is all so ridiculous. I mean, do you honestly think that the police are gonna charge Dr. Oliver for everything that he’s been accused of?

Bob: That’s possible. I was amazed at his attitude after he crashed Luke’s car into yours.

Kim: Well, you’ve got a point. He’s definitely single-minded.

Bob: He’s a jerk, but a talented jerk.

Kim: Oh, unlike my perfect husband. I know, I know. I told you I didn’t want you to dote on me, but I have to admit, it’s kind of lovely.

Bob: You could have been hurt seriously.

Kim: I know. I know I could have.

Bob: I got to go check on the tests I ordered for you.

Kim: Tests? Plural?

Bob: Get some rest.

Kim: Oh!

Noah: Luke, I lost my sight. How can things be the same between us?

Luke: Well, I know that things have changed. But you and me —

Noah: No, they’ve changed because of it.

Luke: But we don’t have to.

Noah: Yes, we do! You want me to be the same, but I am not the same!

Luke: Why? ‘Cause you can’t see how good-looking I am anymore?

[Noah scoffs]

Luke: Noah, there is no way that I can know what you’re going through, and I hate that you’re going through it. And you say that — that nothing will ever be the same, and — and you’re right. A lot of it won’t be. But this — us — we’re the same. You are still the same wonderful guy that I want to spend the rest of my life with. Do you hear what I’m saying, Noah? Do you hear what I’m so desperately trying to tell you?

Noah: I hear you.

Luke: Good.

Noah: I just wish I could believe you even half as much as you believe yourself.

Judge: Seems you’ve run into some trouble in Oakdale, Dr. Oliver.

Reid: What I’ve run into is a confederacy of idiots — lots and lots of idiots, with a couple of jerks sprinkled in. Your doctors went to clown college. Your cops are dumber than rocks. And that’s a — that’s a medical diagnosis. I didn’t steal any car, okay? All I was trying to do was to get to the airport so that I could get back to Dallas. I was strong-armed into coming here by one Luke Snyder, who was one of the jerks that I mentioned. When I didn’t agree to operate on his boyfriend, he had me arrested and detained. And now whatever chance I have of getting on a flight today is ruined. So look, I’d appreciate it if you could just save us both a lot of aggravation. Let me have my cell phone back so I can at least try to book a seat on the next flight out of this town that — time forgot.

Judge: Are you telling the court you’re leaving Oakdale, Dr. Oliver?

Reid: As fast as I possibly can, your honor. Yes, if I could flap my wings and bust through your ceiling, already be on my way.

Judge: You realize you’ve just told me you’re a flight risk?

Reid: Are you kidding me? Where am I? What is this horrible rabbit hole that I’ve fallen down?

Judge: You’re remanded into custody until trial next month.

Reid: Next month? Are you out of your mind? You can’t do that.

Bob: Your honor, may I approach the bench?

Bob: Curt, Kim was behind the wheel of the car that Dr. Oliver struck.

Reid: "Curt"? You two know each other? What am I saying? Of course you do.

Bob: She’s gonna be all right. Uh, it was scary at the time.

Reid: Let me guess. You both belong to the same country club. Or no, your wives play bridge together.

Bob: In spite of the fact that my wife was involved in the wreck —

Reid: Your wife is fine. It wasn’t a wreck. It was a little fender bender. You’re trying to make this sound worse than it is.

Bob: Doctor, why don’t you do yourself a favor and keep your mouth shut? If I were you, I would throw him in a cell and leave him there, but that would be a great disservice to patients that might benefit from him enormous skill, which unfortunately is in direct proportion to his enormous ego. This is what I would suggest — that you release him into my recognizance.

Reid: What?

Bob: He can practice with me at the hospital under my guidance until his trial.

Reid: Can I still choose jail? Or how about a firing squad?

Judge: He’s all yours, Bob.

Bob: You find me at the hospital, and we’ll work out a schedule. You can thank me later.

Kim: You’re not serious? You’re not gonna take responsibility for this guy?

Bob: Dr. Reid Oliver is a pompous blowhard, but he is not a criminal, and I can use his skills around here.

Kim: And you want to teach him a lesson. Oh! It’s not like you don’t have enough pressure, right?

Bob: I can use him on the staff.

Kim: Oh! He’s your hostage.

Bob: Remember how Chris and I used to go around about, uh — well, he would say that the way I practiced medicine was old-fashioned?

Kim: Well, I wish I could forget how many times you two went around on that one.

Bob: Well, getting Oliver here is a real coup, no matter how I managed to do it.

Kim: He is gonna drive you so crazy. You know how you hate these hot dogs that cut out and don’t have any time for their patients. I mean, you heard how he spoke to Noah.

Bob: Bedside manner is teachable. Genius is a little harder to come by.

Kim: All this because a neurosurgeon just nicked my car.

Bob: Listen. He gave us a chance to hang out today. I call that win-win. [Laughs]

Luke: Just let me fill this out, and we will get you out of here in a minute.

Noah: Luke, you know I’m not gonna spend the rest of my life in your mom’s house.

Luke: Yeah, well, with any luck, neither will I. Look, I know we had to give up the apartment, but we’ll get another one when we’re ready.

Reid: Are you proud of yourself, Mr. Snyder?

Noah: Dr. Oliver? I thought you went back to Dallas.

Reid: Oh, did you not tell your boyfriend about your little stunt?

Luke: Well, I didn’t have time. Uh, Dr. Oliver had a little accident.

Reid: Thanks to you, I am now stuck in Oakhell for a month. Do you realize how many surgeries I’m gonna have to postpone back in Dallas? Do you care that people might die?

Luke: Well, I’m sure they’ve got you covered. And if you need a surgery fix, Noah’s still here for you.

Reid: If you actually think that I would still even consider —

Luke: Well, you know, we do have your cell phone number. So we’ll call you for a consultation.


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