Katie: Will you look at my baby?
Reid: Do I have to?

— Katie and Reid

Transcript | 20 May 2010

Luke takes Noah outside. Meanwhile Reid dreams about dinners for two and walks in the park. After Noah thinks he sees a rock splash, he gets a massive headache, forcing them to go back to Memorial. Lily lectures Reid, Reid tells Noah to man up, and then goes to sulk at Yo’s, where Luke chases him down.

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HappyInChintz72’s Reid Oliver Story Parts TBC

Anthony D Langford May 20, 2010 Parts TBC


Luke: I never thought I was the type, you know? I never even thought that I was going to fall in love ever until I met you.

Noah: That’s sweet.

Luke: No, it’s — it’s hard to explain. Um, I never thought that I was, like, one of those "Bolt of lightning, and then your life changes forever" type people.

Noah: Like with your parents?

Luke: Yeah, exactly. And then I met you, and I did have those feelings, and I felt them so strongly that I couldn’t imagine you not in my life. And I — I couldn’t see myself with anybody but you. And then the accident happened, and you started pushing me away. And I — I understand why, but it hurt me, and it changed me more than I think you know.

Noah: I know, but —

Luke: No, no, please. Just let me — let me finish, okay? And it finally got to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore, and I said that you had to either be all in or all out with me.

Noah: Luke, you had every right to do that. The truth is, I wasn’t up for much of anything for a while there.

Luke: I know that, and I understood that, even though it crushed me. But when you decided that you couldn’t be all in with me, I — I forced myself to let you go.

Noah: I’m sorry.

Luke: But the thing is, I couldn’t totally let you go. I always thought that — that we’d find a way back to each other. I held on to that, even when I knew I shouldn’t. But after a while, well, I — you can’t hold on to an idea forever.

Noah: Luke, don’t. I — I can hear how hard this is for you to admit. I already know what you’re going to say.

Reid: [Sighs] What was I thinking? As if dinners for two and walks in the park are my thing. Bonehead. Focus.

Lily: Dr. Oliver, hello.

Reid: Hello. Yes?

Lily: I was just wondering how things are looking for Noah moving forward.

Reid: Do I really have to explain the protocol of patient/doctor confidentiality with you, Ms. Walsh? You’re not family.

Lily: Noah is as much my son as Luke is.

Reid: How nice for all of you. Excuse me.

Lily: Do you really mean that?

Reid: Is there something else you want to say to me?

Lily: Just this. Treat my son right.

Reid: You have nothing to worry about from me.

Noah: I completely understand why you’re not sure about things, Luke. I mean, how can we possibly know if we’ll be able to get back the way things were before?

Luke: So much has happened.

Noah: Yeah, you’re not sure if you still love me.

Luke: Oh I never stopped, Noah.

Noah: But things are different now. How could they not be, right? I pushed you away. You started to resent it. I — I get it.

Luke: No, you don’t.

Noah: Okay.

Luke: Look — it’s not what you think. I mean, yeah, it started off that way, but it’s changed —

Noah: Do that again.

Luke: What?

Noah: Throw another stone in the water.

Luke: What?

Noah: I could see the ripples.

Luke: You could?

Noah: Yeah, d — do it again. That must have been further, right? It — it wasn’t as clear this time.

Luke: Well, don’t push yourself. Dr. Oliver says that this is a process and that it takes time.

Noah: To come this close and not be able to —

[Ringing noise]

Noah: Oh, my God.

Luke: Noah, what’s — what’s wrong?

Noah: Aah. My head. It hurts so bad.

Luke: All right, I’m taking you to the hospital right now.

[Noah groaning]

Lily: I know you don’t know me very well, Dr. Oliver.

Reid: I don’t know you at all, Ms. Walsh.

Lily: I’m not the type to interfere in my son’s personal life. But his happiness is as much my business now as it was the day he was born.

Reid: He’s a grown man. The choices he makes now are his own.

Lily: As they should be. But some choices come back to haunt you. Luke.

Luke: Noah was straining to see something, and he got a shooting pain.

Noah: It’s already all better. I just need some aspirin. That’s all.

Luke: Reid?

Reid: I’ll examine you. We’ll see what’s what.

Lily: You did the right thing by bringing Noah back here, Sweetie.

Luke: I could kick myself for this. I let him strain himself when he wasn’t ready. I never should have taken him out.

Lily: You know better than anyone that Noah can’t be told what to do. You can’t blame yourself for this.

Luke: Yes, I can.

Lily: Why?

Luke: Because I took him out there to — I don’t know. To clear the air.

Lily: About Reid?

Luke: [Sighs] All that matters is that Noah gets better.

Lily: Other things matter, too, to you.

Luke: How did everything get so complicated?

Lily: [Sighs] It usually does when it comes to matters of the heart. Let me ask you something.

Luke: Okay.

Lily: If Noah walked out of that exam room right now and said that he knew he’d been pushing you away ever since he got hurt, that he was sorry and he didn’t want to lose you and that he’d do anything for another chance at a future together, what would you say?

Luke: Well, I still love him, Mom. That hasn’t changed.

Lily: That wasn’t my question.

Reid: Well — you have both your eyes. That’s a good sign.

Noah: So I — I don’t need to be worried?

Reid: Headaches are to be expected at this point. Since it was so severe, you were right to come back right away and have it checked out.

Noah: Well, it wasn’t my idea. Luke insisted.

Reid: Well, good.

Noah: So — everything’s normal?

Reid: Yeah. It’s normal.

Noah: Funny. Nothing seems normal to me anymore.

Reid: It will.

Noah: What if this is it? I mean, really, what if this is as good as my vision gets?

Reid: We’ve talked about this, Noah. That’s a possibility, as is you regaining your vision. Patients who have surgery expect miracles. They think that post-op, they get their lives back exactly the way they had them before. But it doesn’t work that way.

Noah: So I should just accept the way things are and forget about the way they were?

Reid: Acceptance is cowardice, Mr. Mayer. I don’t believe you’re a coward. Figure out what it is you want and fight for it.

Noah: I don’t know much of anything anymore, but I do know that I still love Luke as much as I ever have.

Reid: Well, there you have it then. You know what you want, so fight for it. Something tells me you didn’t need me to tell you that.

Luke: Is Noah okay?

Noah: He is experiencing normal post-operative symptoms.

Luke: So you’re not worried? This isn’t a step backwards?

Reid: Like I just said, the headache is a normal part of recovery. As for a step backward, it’s a matter of opinion.

Luke: [Sighs] I was so worried.

Lily: I know you were, Sweetheart. But I’ll tell you something. We’re worrying about different things right now.

Luke: [Sighs] So, I hear it was a false alarm?

Noah: Yeah, I guess so.

Luke: [Sighs] I’m so relieved. Uh, you must be starving. I’ll — I’ll go to Al’s and get your favorite sandwich.

Noah: No, Luke, please don’t. That’s not fair.

Luke: No, it’s — it’s fine.

Noah: No, it’s not.

Luke: It’s just a sandwich.

Noah: Luke, please. You were really honest with me out there before by the pond, when my head was going to explode.

Luke: No, don’t — don’t even joke about that.

Noah: You were. You always are. The last few months, I’ve been a wreck. I — I’ve been taking it all out on you.

Luke: Well, I’ve been trying to convince myself that I would do the same thing if I were in your shoes.

Noah: But you wouldn’t. You’re better than me.

Luke: Noah —

Noah: No, Luke, please. I know how I’ve been. I’ve been selfish. I’ve been ungrateful.

Luke: Well, you were in pain.

Noah: And you were my boyfriend who was just trying to help, make me feel safe.

Luke: Well, yeah. I mean, all that’s true. But —

Noah: But there’s — but you don’t have to anymore. Luke, I blew it. We both know it. So just — just go.

Luke: No, I — I can stay.

Noah: No. I can’t ask you to help me when I’ve been pushing you away for so long. This accident didn’t just hurt me. You need time the same as I did. So please, just — just go.

Reid: I’m saving that for someone.

Luke: [Scoffs] No, you’re not. You know how I know that’s a lie? ‘Cause no one in this town that you know would have a drink with you, except maybe Katie — or me.

Reid: You don’t drink.

Luke: No, I don’t.

Reid: Then what are you doing here in the middle of the afternoon?

Luke: I came to play some pool.

Reid: You know what I despise?

Luke: [Chuckles] I think there’s a list.

Reid: People who think they’re better than you are because they’re sober.

Luke: Oh, then you don’t understand drunks at all. We don’t think we’re better than you. We just have to drink to feel as normal as you do without one.

Reid: What are you doing here, Luke?

Luke: I’m — I’m not entirely sure.

Reid: You didn’t want to stay with Noah?

Luke: He didn’t want me to stay. I think he’s confused about his feelings for me with everything that’s happened.

Reid: I’m not. [Sighs] I can’t do this.

Lily: Hey.

Noah: Hey, Lily.

Lily: Where’s Luke? I — I wanted to see how you were doing, but I thought that Luke was with you.

Noah: Um, I actually sent him home.

Lily: You did?

Noah: Yeah.

Lily: Did you have an argument?

Noah: No, no, no, not at all. I just, uh — I feel bad about wanting him to stay with me, about — about needing him right now.

Lily: Why?

Noah: I have been so hard on him these last few months. He’s done nothing but try and help me, and I’ve basically been pushing him away the entire time.

Lily: Sweetie, he understands what you’ve been going through.

Noah: That is no excuse. And anyway — I don’t know. Nothing feels easy anymore. It just feels like a big obligation. That’s a really lousy feeling.

Lily: I know for a fact that isn’t true for Luke. He loves you very much.

Noah: I just — I want him to feel like he wants to be with me, not that he has to be with me. Until that day comes, I — I’m just going to let him off the hook.

Lily: Noah, if you let him off the hook, he may not come back.


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